Why is My Phone Not Allowing Me to Make Calls

Why is my phone not allowing me to make calls

This article is about to fix; why is my phone not allowing me to make calls? A complete guide with the five best fixes for Android not making or receiving calls. We’ll go over some of the most likely causes of this, as well as possible solutions. Of course, we are aware of the fragmentation of Android models, and our solutions cover a wider variety of models, if not all.

Possible causes Android is unable to make or receive calls

1. The initial source of this issue is a lack of network coverage. Check your smartphone’s cellular network bar to see how strong the signal is in your area. If your network reception is poor, consider moving to a different place to improve your network reception.

2. Check to see whether you have ‘Do Not Disturb’ enabled on your smartphone since this may cause incoming calls to be blocked or silenced. 

3. Additionally, if you cannot receive phone calls from a specific contact, check that the phone number has not been blacklisted. If you can’t call a particular number, call sure the individual hasn’t blocked you; check to contact the person with a different number.

4. The problem could be caused by a simple glitch that can be resolved with a simple device reset. So, restart your phone and see if everything returns to normal.

5. Malware could be at blame for this issue. If you discovered that you couldn’t make or receive calls after installing an app, delete it and see if everything returns to normal. If you’ve tried all other options and your Android smartphone still won’t make or receive calls, proceed with the techniques within the next section.


5 Best Methods to fix Android not making or receiving calls

 In this article you will know about how to fix if my phone not allowing me to make calls? Follow the step below to resolve this issue.

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1. Disable Airplane Mode

Check that your device’s Airplane Mode is turned off. If it is turned off, but your Android phone is still unable to make or receive calls, try enabling Airplane Mode and then disabling it after a few seconds.

This is how to Disable Airplane Mode by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane Mode in the Android Quick Settings menu.

If you can still make calls on your Android smartphone after setting and disabling Airplane Mode, proceed to the next step to fix android not making or receiving calls.

2. Check the SIM Card

If you put your SIM card(s) incorrectly, your Android handset may not make or receive calls. You have the option of physically removing your SIM card(s) and double-checking that they are properly inserted into the SIM tray/port as advised by the manufacturer. Then, you can check to remove and reinsert the SIM card to see whether you can now make phone calls. Also check our article on, how to track mobile location by phone number.

3. Reactivation of SIM Cards

Why is my phone not allowing me to make calls? You can deactivate and reactivate your SIM cards instead of ejecting them. It may resolve any phone-SIM card issue that prevents you from making or receiving phone calls. How to deactivate a SIM card on your Android handset, follow the steps below.

1. Open the Android Settings menu and launch to ‘Network & Internet.’

2. Tap SIM cards.

3. Now, tap the SIM card that is unable to make or receive phone calls. 

4. To deactivate the SIM, toggle the On button and tap OK on the prompt. It will deactivate the SIM, and you should receive a prompt when the process is complete. To proceed, tap OK.

Please remember that you can only deactivate a SIM card if you have numerous SIM cards on your phone. When you try to deactivate your phone’s lone SIM card, you’ll get an error message that says, “Error: can’t disable all the SIMs.”

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4. Toggle the SIM card to reactivate it on the same SIM configuration page

When the operation is finished, you should receive a prompt. To proceed, tap OK. Now, try making a phone call to see if the remedy resolved your problem.

 5. Clear Empty the Dialer Cache Data

Clearing the cache data in your dialer app may also help you get your phone back to making and receiving calls.

1. Open the Settings menu and launch to ‘Apps & notifications.’

2. Tap ‘See All Apps.’

3. Scroll through the list of applications until you find the Phone.

4. Click on ‘Storage & cache.’

5. Tap the Clear cache option. Now, open the dialer and see if you can make (and receive) calls.

Please remember that clearing the Phone app cache data will not remove your call history or contacts, so you have nothing to worry about. Hope this method will fix android not making or receiving calls issue.

Make contact with the Network Carrier

Suppose your phone can make and receive calls with another SIM card. Now, you should contact your network carrier — using a different number or through social media channels — to confirm that the impacted SIM card is active hasn’t been blacklisted. If the SIM is active, you may be given important information to help you resolve the issue with your SIM card. Read this article to fix Android connected to WIFI but no internet.

This is our article on solutions to, Why is my phone not allowing me to make calls? Hope any of the above mentions method will works to fix your Android. If none of the previous techniques worked, you should reset your phone to factory settings. If it also fails, the issue is almost undoubtedly hardware-related. The problem could be caused by a malfunctioning antenna or a faulty SIM port. Who can say? Visit an approved smartphone repair shop to inspect your device for any hardware damage. Also read our article on, How to protect the personal data of your iPhone.

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