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Best Webtoon Alternatives Apps For Android and iOS To Read Manga Free Online: Webtoon is one of the most popular site and app to read latest Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua Novel online for free. The app is simple and clean; you can find your favorite manga without wasting time. Furthermore, you can find high-definition manga with colors in Webtoon. Here we discuss all Webtoon and the best Webtoon alternatives apps you should use in 2022-23. If Webtoon is not working, one of the alternatives to Webtoon listed below might help you keep up with your favorite manga.

What is Webtoon?

WEBTOON is one of the most popular sites for reading and enjoying comics, manga, and manhwa straight on your mobile phone. It is a simple app purchased on the market by Naver Webtoon firms that allow people from all over the world to access a collection of comics. This comics platform allows its users to read more than 170 feature comics each week for free, including the Tower of God, Bluechair, Siren’s Lament, Heroine Chic, etc.

Official Site: https://www.webtoons.com/en/


You can download it from Google Play


WEBTOON Comics App Store

And also from App Store

Webtoon apps for Android & iOS allows users to discover over 7000 comics in action, comedy, horror, superheroes, romance, and others. It provides mobile-optimized scrolling for a continuous reading experience for users to enjoy comics with animation and music. It has comics for practically everyone, from tall to short, with the ninjas having the most complementing material. Users may also download their favorite series and read them offline.

In addition, all of the Manga and Manhwa comics shown on Webtoon are free to read and accessible in various languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and many more. Webtoon also allows users to save and share their reads on other social media networks. Unfortunately, the website is blocked in some countries, so people who love to read manga are looking for sites like Webtoon and other websites.

Is Webtoon Safe ?

YES, It is safe to read manga on Webtoon, and we want to assure you that most free manga websites are secure to access. So, avoid clicking on unnecessary adverts or popup banners on the website. Compared to many other websites, Webtoon is safe and reputable because registration is not required to access manga.

Why should you use Webtoon apps for Android & iOS?

If you want an excellent manga reading experience, Webtoon app is the place to come. For free, you’ll find all the most excellent manga stuff on this website. This platform offers everything, from the latest episodes of the ongoing chapters to the most popular manga. There are various reasons you should visit Webtoons.com to read free manga online, some of which are already stated above. In addition, if you register on the website, there is an option for reader settings where you can customize reading settings as you like.

What genres of manga can you read on Webtoon App?

Every Manga app provides a vast range of genres. At Webtoon, you may pick from various possibilities. Horror, humor, romantic comedy, sports, science fiction, action, adult, thriller, drama, war, mystery, tragedy, mythology, children, school, and many more. Webtoon has divided it into various categories to make it simpler for users to discover the necessary stuff. By classifying each manga as a unique genre, Webtoon online content loads quickly and is easier to access.

Why is Webtoons.com so popular?

Even while the popularity of Webtoon is simple to understand because it is a free platform, it isn’t the only reason.

  1. Webtoon success among manga readers may be linked to numerous reasons, including its user-friendly design, infinite free manga, manhwa, and other Comics.
  2. The Webtoons.com platform continually updates its library to provide its visitors with the latest and most up-to-date manga content as soon as it is aired.
  3. The platform offers a selection of image resolutions so that you may view your favorite manga in the greatest quality possible.
  4. Manga with English translation are also offered through the Webtoon service.
  5. Android users may use their smartphone to download the Webtoon mobile app to watch movies without interruption.
  6. You can watch your favorite manga on Fullscreen.

Why should you search for Webtoon Alternatives?

Webtoons.com is a free website where you may read comics and manga online. It is sometimes offline due to server issues and other reasons. Thus you should look for Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS. Don’t worry; we’ve created a list of best apps like Webtoons.com, where you may browse manga content focused on your interests.

What are the most excellent Webtoon Alternatives Working Apps?

This page includes the finest active Webtoon alternatives sites and apps for Android & iOS where you can read the newest manga chapters. Reading manga is a fantastic approach to having a good time. Webtoon is one of the finest and most accessible app for reading manga and comics online; nevertheless, If you can not access it due to legal concerns. We selected the 25 top Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS that will assist you in locating your favorite manga in seconds.

Best WEBTOON Alternatives and 25 Apps like Webtoon

In this post you will discover the best Webtoon alternatives apps and websites for free comics and manga.

1. Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader is the best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS that enables users worldwide to enjoy a next-generation comic reader packed with unique features directly from their phones. The Astonishing Comic Reader app has a collection of simple and attractive interfaces that allow you to explore and read all of your favorite comics on your device. This application has revolutionized comic book reading because of its great zooming and straightforward navigation method. This user-friendly comic reader also enables users to save their favorite comics in their favorites list and share the pages that have most delighted them with family and friends.

Google Play

2. Branch

Branch - Comics Cartoons Webtoon and Hellopet

Branch is another unique app and Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS that provides a space where you do not need to be a master-level artist to create comics. It is a highly customized app with many useable images. Branch webtoon is a user-friendly environment where both readers and creators may connect. It introduces a new approach to producing comics while on the go and without the need for top-tier drawing skills. Branch – Hellopet, Webtoon, Comics, and Cartoons allow you to bring characters to life with interactive elements like appearing, vanishing, and moving. It also allows you to include your photographs from the library in the tale you will disclose.

Google Play

3. Comico


It is a widely used application that is likely the most popular online Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS in Japan, and it is now available in Indonesia. Comico: Komik Online #1 Paling Popular Dari Japan is a well-known product of NHA Entertainment Singapore Pte Ltd., providing free and best-in-class premium, serial-serial comics. Comico comic offers you the most interesting in various genres to engage you regularly with original and up-to-date information. This application enables users to access a library of over 70 well-known comic publications from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Korea, among other places. You may quickly explore your favorite and top trending titles from its vast library of titles and enjoy reading the best content every day.

Google Play    |     App Store


comics and cartoon maker

COMICA – Free Webtoon Comic allows you to view a wide range of outstanding comic masterpieces enjoyable for you. Since COMICA, you will never be bored, even if you do not have an internet connection – Free Webtoon Comic allows you to enjoy comics offline by downloading your favorite comics. Aside from that, COMICA – Free Webtoon Comic will enable you to enjoy 100 new comics from well-known writers and some talented rookies in Korea. Sweet, romantic, humor, anime, horror, superheroes, and more genres are easily accessible. So, download COMICA – Free Webtoon Comic and begin reading your favorite comic online or offline.

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Google Play

5. Challenger Comics Viewer

Challenger Comics Viewer

Like other best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS, Challenger Comics Viewer is another intuitive market released by The Challenger Inc. that allows people to enjoy advanced comics, PDFs, books, and manga viewers directly from their cellphones. Challenger Comics Viewer is an easy-to-use app that automatically loads and displays pages without effort. This application supports JPG, PNG, WebP, BMP, GIF, a few more image formats, and PDF, CBT, TAR, CB7, DjVu, EPUB, ZIP CBZ, and a few others. Its primary features include automatic page loading, multi-touch zooming, scale filters (such as Bilinear, Bicubic, and Lanczos4), vertical and horizontal scrolling, border cropping, customizable actions tap to go to next or previous page support, and much more.

Google Play

6. ComiCat


Meanlabs Software introduced ComiCat, a widely used, slickest, and most robust comic reader and catalog management. ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer) scans your device and neatly arranges all of your comics on a virtual bookshelf for fast or easy access. This application allows you to manage, read, and enjoy your entire collection of comics right from your bookshelf and enjoy a plethora of options to maximize your comic reading experience regardless of whether your comics are on the downloaded folder, SD card, Cloud, device storage, or anywhere else. It is one of the most well-liked and effective Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS available online.

Google Play

7. Crunchyroll


It should go without saying that it is the best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS. Crunchyroll is a cutting-edge entertainment app that allows users worldwide to enjoy the world’s most extensive collection of anime. Crunchyroll – Everything Anime is an endlessly entertaining app created by Ellantion, Inc. that will enable you to enjoy everything anime straight on your mobile phone. It is your place for easily streaming over 25k episodes and a library of over 15k hours of the best and most recent anime series. In addition, it enables you to begin viewing your favorite anime content immediately for free, or you can join up here for a 14-day trial of its premium membership to enjoy its full range of features.

Google Play    |     App Store

8. Comixology

Comics & Manga by Comixology

ComiXology is another fantastic app that allows you to browse through a collection of over 100,000 digital comics, manga, graphic novels, and other items from Marvel, Image, DC, and other publishers. You may start a month-long trial of ComiXology Unlimited and pick from a collection of over 10,000 comics, manga for US-based clients, and graphic novels. It is a subscription-based website that allows you to read hundreds of your favorite comics, graphics, and manga from Civil War, Avengers, MS. Marvel: No Normal, Attack on Titan, Ninja Turtles, Sega, Adventure Time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Peanuts, Transformers, and other famous franchises. You should go to the website since it deserves to be on the list of the best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS.

Google Play    |     App Store

9. DC Comics


DC Comics is another best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS and one of the world’s largest English-language comic book publishers. It is jam-packed with fantastic comic features, including Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Bat Man, The Flash, and many other popular characters. For decades, this application has delighted users with fantastic tales from the DC Comics Universe in many languages worldwide.

Google Play    |     App Store

10. Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics allows you to enjoy all of your favorite comics at the touch of a button, wherever and whenever you choose. This user-friendly application provides international users access to the fascinating stories from Hellboy, Canon, Avatar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity, Mass Effects, and many more. Dark Horse Comics is also an intriguing app if you’re seeking Manga like Criminal Macabre, The Goon, Sin City, Dragon Age, Halo, Tomb Raider, and Empowered. Dark Horse Comics uses cloud-based technology, and its purchase is made through the Digital Store. It may be read on your laptop, tablet, desktop, or mobile browser. It is one of the most popular Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS to read comics.

Google Play    |     App Store

11. iComics


This app is for you if you don’t want to use Webtoon, As the most excellent Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS. iComics is a universal app developed by Tim Oliver that allows everyone to enjoy a DRM-free comic reader on iOS and other devices. IComics – Digital Comic Reader is a fantastic app that includes user-friendly features for comic book fans worldwide. It allows them to read comics from their collection easily and swiftly. It makes it extremely easy to load comic files onto your mobile devices and begin reading them right away since it supports all major comic formats.

App Store

12. Izneo


It is another excellent application and best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS for viewing and reading comics, manga, and BD. Izneo, Read Manga, Comics & BD is a fantastic app that enables you to read digital comics, manga, and BD on the go on your phone or tablet online and offline. In addition, this app allows users to see HD albums on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and more.

Google Play    |     App Store

13. Komik Reader

Komik Comic Reader

Komik Reader is the first comic and manga reader and an easy collection organizer created specifically for Android Tablets and Android Smartphones. This free application supports CBR, CBZ, image, ZIP, 7Z, PDF, and many other comic formats, allowing you to enjoy comics in nearly any format. Kaycha is an easy-to-use app that intuitively helps people worldwide see manga and comics from their mobile phones. This application provides a comic collection browser with thumbnails and allows you to quickly discover the comic you want to read from your comic library. Komik Reader – Free also enables users to zoom in on a specific piece of the page rapidly. it is a one-of-a-kind Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS.

Google Play

14. Key Collector Comics

Key Collector Comics Database & Price Guide App

Key Collector, Comics, is another user-friendly application that has entered the market to provide a fantastic database and a pricing guide that focuses just on key issues. The Key Collector Comics Database & Price Guide app combines everything you need as a comic book collector and highly sought-after problems such as speculation books into a single resource. This application allows you to create a wishlist of your most essential concerns and even organize your merchandise. In addition, it provides important issue notifications directly to your phone, informing you of what is new, hot, trendy, or increasing in value in the comic book age. It is the most excellent Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS to read comics in mobiles.

Google Play    |     App Store

15. Manga Rock


It is the most popular and best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS for free comics and manga reading. Manga Rock is a highly efficient and on-the-go app for all of your most probable, fashionable, or new manga reads at any time. Manga Rock: Best Manga Reader app has a massive manga library with thousands of manga titles and high-quality graphics (that keep on updating timely). You may accurately discover new manga, all the hidden gems, and famous writers through its editorial collections and suggestions. It allows you to have a smooth reading and learning experience while personalizing and managing things the way you want.


16. Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is another fantastic app that features the world’s most complete and popular superheroes and allows its global users to read hundreds of comic books. Aside from reading, Marvel Comics allows you to download comic books featuring your favorite characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, etc. With Marvel Comics, you may access your most likely items on any of your mobile phone or tablet device with the push of a button and enjoy browsing your favorite material. It provides you access to a library of over 13,500 comic books featuring the world’s most famous and popular superheroes. It allows you to experience yourself in your favorite celebrities’ best stories and series like never before. As a result, it is the best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS.

Google Play    |     App Store

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17. Pop Comics

POP Comics

POP Comics is an ultimate publishing platform for reading and sharing the manga or comics that you develop and own for 100 percent. This application enables anyone to become a professional comic or manga author by posting their work straight on this platform to improve their renown. Aside from that, one may use this comics and manga reading app in any way they choose. POP Comics enables its users to enjoy finding excellent new manga and comics. You can effortlessly read or share your favorite comics and manga from any location or platform. You can read and share your favorite comic books for free and on the go. Finally, it is the best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS for socializing with family and friends while reading or watching comics and manga.

Google Play    |     App Store

18. PageFlip


PageFlip is a popular free webcomic reader app and the best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS that allows you to bookmark the comic strips you’ve been reading automatically. It enables users to create an excellent comic reading list and effortlessly see comic strips on their cellphones in the manner they were intended. You can read comics in full-width panning and even zooming capabilities, allowing you to read comics naturally in the way you like. This application will enable you to easily browse and see your favorite web cartoons and comics, making your entire group of friends envious.

Google Play

19. Spottoon


Spottoon is a fantastically mobile-optimized digital content delivery service and publisher and one of the Huffington Post’s Local-Global Partners. You can effortlessly maintain your comic library and even improve it by adding more and more of your favorite collections while you’re on the go. You can quickly sync your devices with your Spottoon.com account to read whenever and wherever you like. It is intended for a fluid scroll from panel to panel and has a pageless style to provide a comfortable cinematic reading experience. It is one of the most well-known and great Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS on our list.

Google Play    |     App Store

20. Tapas


It is a beautiful comic, story, and novel reading app for readers all over the globe that allows you to forget yourself reading excellent stuff. Tapas – Comics, Novels, and Stories are a Tapas Media, Inc. offers that will enable you to carry tens of thousands of webcomics, stories, and novels in your pocket. This application provides a collection of comics and the like from thousands of global creators so that you may enjoy reading novels and comics from bestselling and up-and-coming writers all over the world. We can’t leave it out of our list of top Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS.

Google Play    |     App Store

21. TappyToon

Tappytoon Comics

TappyToon Comics & Webtoons is a visually appealing app that will enable you to discover trendy comics and your new passion. This application is jam-packed with top comics from various genres, including romance, girlfriend, action, fantasy, comedy, action, humor, etc. Using this beautifully designed comics app, you may read comics ranging from hit series like Bloody Sweet to brand-new adventures like Automata. TappyToon Comics & Webtoons is one of the most significant places to find all of the latest wave comics, and you can even download it to see for yourself. It is one of the most excellent Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS to watch and read your favorite comics.

Google Play    |     App Store

22. Tory Comics

Cover art ToryComics

Tory Comics is a highly selected and maybe the world’s first Webtoon platform powered by TonyComics. It is a highly tailored app that allows its users to enjoy worldwide webtoons and comics in a range of languages worldwide. It provides you with one of the simplest methods to enjoy webtoons and comics in your hands and the fastest-growing comic and webtoon fan community. If you’re searching for a free Comic and anime streaming service, this is one of the best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS.

This application enables anybody to join in sharing beautiful stories with friends who speak your language and become a popular transWriter, and spread fandom all over the world. Tory Comics – Free Comic WebToon has a more extensive collection with no exclusive publication, allowing you to enjoy tens of hundreds of free webtoons and comics every day and whenever you want.
Furthermore, it will enable you to save your whole collection of webtoons and comics into your library with a single click. You may even select from various groups based on your style and preferences. So, download Tory Comics – Free Comic WebToon to enjoy lots of free comics and webtoons and gain your fans and even money as a TransWriter.

Google Play    |     App Store

23. Webcomics – Daily Manga


WebComics – Daily Manga is another fantastic application released by SideWalk Group Inc. into the market. It is a well-known licensed manga and comic reading platform that allows users to view all types of comics and manga on the go via their mobile phones. This application provides a touch of fresh comic updates regularly, never letting you become tired of the same comics every day. WebComics – Daily Manga offers full HD comic strips and a collection of over 500 licensed-based comics created each year. Its unique and ultimate technology speeds up website loading and saves network bandwidth. Web Comics also enables its users to share their fantastic ideas with other authors and fans in the comment area. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS on our list.

Google Play    |     App Store

24. KakaoPage


Kakaopage is a visually attractive comic service that allows anyone to swim across the ocean of comics and novels with a single click. It will enable users to read their favorite novels, manga, manhwa, comics, and other content daily. NeoBazar Inc. produced this application via which you may read comics primarily about romance. You may read all of the worldwide hits on comic romance in the same manner that you would like a print book. It is undoubtedly one of the most excellent Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS and  website on our list.

Kakaopage  – Free Webtoon Comic, Novel, Manga, and Manhwa app allows users to enjoy a collection of over 110 Webtoon from some of Korea’s and Indonesia’s finest writers. Aside from that, Web Comics offers hundreds of Indonesian novels that are either unpublished, have previously been published, or are currently in the works. It updates its comic collection daily, allowing you to enjoy new and fresh comics anytime. There are many exciting tasks for the creator exclusively in the Kakaopage challenge, and there are numerous benefits to logging in every day. So, download the Kakaopage – Free Webtoon Komik Novel Manga Manhwa app and enjoy your favorite content.

Google Play

25. Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs
Read the manga posted by the original author. A specially designed viewer provides the greatest manga reading experience.There are two reading modes: Horizontal and vertical Advanced Settings are available directly in the viewer for extensive customization. Smart speed optimizer to conserve battery life and data use. Model for Day/Night to read Comics. It is also the best Webtoon alternatives apps for Android & iOS.

What are most popular Manga on Webtoon?

There are many popular Manga and Manhwa on webtoon like; True beauty, Down to earth, Heartstopper, Windbreaker, Let’s play, Tower of God, Diluc, Subzero, Everything is fine, Jungle juice, A business proposal, Lore olympus, Solo leveling, Goth boyfriends, Genshin impact, Bat family, Get schooled, God of highschool, boyfriends webtoon and many more

What are the Best Sites Like Webtoon?

You can consider Mangabuddy, Mangakisa, MangaReader, Toonily, MangaClash, MangaGo, MyReadingManga, MangaBat, MangaKatana and Manga4Life as top Webtoon alternatives sites.

Final Words Webtoon Alternatives apps for Android & iOS

Webtoon is a popular website and apps for Android & iOS for Manga and Manhwa fans, but the unavailability of its streaming will in no way affect the viewers’ enjoyment. The above free alternatives to Webtoon for reading manga will continue to serve its dedicated fans and serve to the community so that it continues to expand. The best alternatives to Webtoons.com listed above are all worthy options. It also provides uninterrupted access to all of your favorite manga. Try out websites and apps like Webtoon to check which one works best for you. We found Webtoon a safe site to read manga and manhwa online. We strongly recommend to use VPN service to read manga on any site.

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