How To Unsync Google Chrome Account From Any Device

How To Unsync Google Chrome Account

This post will teach you how to simply Unsync Google accounts on different devices like Windows, Mac, and Google Chrome. Every user often bookmarks a few pages or websites for later use or stores passwords across several devices using your Google Chrome account.

Even while this might be useful, it’s no secret that Google collects many data. When you turn the Google sync feature, all data is shared and available across your linked devices.

If you don’t want to maintain it this way, you can always unsync it on specific devices. This guide will show you how to unsync your Google Chrome accounts or disable the feature. Read article on Google Chrome Components Page.

How to Deactivate or Unsync Google Chrome Accounts

Because you’re undoubtedly using Google Chrome on several devices, we’ll go through step-by-step instructions on how to turn the sync feature in Google Chrome across various platforms.
First, we’ll look at:

How to Unsync Google Accounts on a Windows or Mac

In this first step, we’ll show you how to unsync your Google Chrome accounts on Windows and Mac computers:

Unsync Google account on Windows

1. Go to Google Chrome Now; click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of Google Chrome.

2. Click “Settings.

Unsync Google account on Windows

3. On the next window, click the “Turn off” button next to your Gmail ID.

gmail ID

4. When prompted to confirm, click “Turn off” or “Clear and proceed.”

Here’s how to manage Google sync settings on Windows

Now, if there are any items you don’t want to unsync, go to the “You and Google” tab and click on “Sync and Google services.” Click “Customize sync,” and then select or deselect everything you want to maintain with the sync feature across all of your devices. It simple and easy to Unsync Google Chrome account from your Windows 10 11. Read article on how to Fix Chrome Won’t Open in Windows 11.

Turn off Google account sync on your Mac

To Unsync Google Chrome account on Mac you need to follow the steps below,

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1. Launch the Google Chrome app on your Mac.

2. Click on the top-right corner circle that generally contains the initial letter of your name.

3. Now, click “Sync is enabled.”

4. Select the “Turn off” option.

5. To confirm your selection, click “Turn off” once again.

To change the Google sync settings on your Mac, manage these steps.

If you want to keep particular bookmarks, pages, or passwords synced across all devices, much as in the Windows instruction above, click “Manage what you sync” and then select or deselect anything you want.

NOTE: If you want to unsync Google Chrome accounts on Linux or disable the sync Google account feature on Chrome OS, the instructions are much the same as in the tutorials for Windows PC.

Unsync Google Accounts on Android and iOS Devices

Here’s how to disable Google Sync on your Android or iOS phone.

Google account is not synced on an Android smartphone.

1. open the Google Chrome app on your Android smartphone.

2. In the top corner, click the three vertical dots.

unsync Google Accounts setting Android

3. Select “Settings.”

4. Now, click “Sync.”

Sync everything

5. Slid the blue button next to “Sync everything.” The button color must be grey to know if you’ve successfully unsynced your Google account on Android.

unsynced your Google account on Android

To change the Google sync settings on your Android phone, go to Settings > Google Sync.

Again, if you want to keep particular tabs, pages, or passwords synced on Google to connect your phone to other devices, you may manage the settings accordingly.
Here’s how it works:

After clicking “Settings,” go to “Sync and Google services” and then Manage Sync Deselect “Sync everything” and add or delete items you don’t wish to sync. This is the best and easiest way to Unsync Google Chrome account.

Turn off Google Chrome account sync on your iOS device

1. Open the Google Chrome app on your iOS device.

2. Select the three horizontal dots in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

3. Select “Settings.”

4. Next, click “Sync and Google Services.”

5. Toggle the blue toggle next to “Sync your Chrome data.” The switch should be white.

6. Finally, press “Done” to remove your Google Chrome account from iOS.

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To manage Google sync on iOS

Alternatively, if you want to keep particular tabs and passwords synced between devices, click “Manage Sync” and select or deselect whatever you want to Unsync Google Chrome account.


Why do people use the Google Chrome Sync Feature?

Most of us save specific tabs for work or even for pleasure at times. It’s quite inconvenient to re-enter or search for those pages on different devices. The same is true when we despise saving some social media passwords again and over. Although the Google Chrome sync feature has many advantages, it is not always secure for your online privacy and security.

It is because when you click the Google sync button, you may inadvertently sync all of your activity, passwords, search history, personal tabs, and other data on other devices. What is the issue? There are two explanations for this.

We occasionally use the same Google ID across several devices, including your work PCs. If you store something personal and fail to sign out of your account, anyone using the same device will have more access to it.

As well as saving bank account details, credit card information, personal bookmarks, and more – sometimes without your awareness. That why wee need to Unsync Google Chrome account for the safety purpose.

When it comes to Google recording your data, there is no such thing as a line. Keeping this in mind, what happens if your device is stolen? They have easy access to everything. Of course, using Google Chrome has its advantages, but if you’re concerned about data gathering and privacy, there are several more secure browser choices to consider.

Make use of a VPN

Because most users are concerned about Google recording too much personal information, especially when you sync your accounts, you might take additional security and privacy precautions.
Most individuals use security software, and a VPN service is now among the finest.

Using the methods provided above, you now know how to Unsync Google accounts on various devices. The sync feature has advantages, such as saving time when reopening stored tabs or bookmarks, but it also has drawbacks. In any case, if you want to leave something synced up, you may pick or deselect items as needed.

So this is our article on Unsync Google Chrome from all devices you have. Hope this article will helps you, Read article on how to Change Default Google Account.

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