Simple tips to protect expensive iPad to last you longer

If you have recently snagged a shiny new iPad, you probably wonder how to keep it running seamlessly for as long as possible. The memes might say that Apple contains a self-destruct button inside its devices that trigger after two years, but the truth is far simpler – devices wear out through extended use. Here we suggest some tips, how to protect your ipad.

Well, the iPad is known for being a reliable tablet, and thanks to its batteries with long lifespans, robust processors, and solid construction. That does not mean you cannot help things along with a few simple tips.

If you want to get an excellent lifespan from your investment, here is what you can do to keep your iPad running well past the expiration date used in the memes.

Make Sure You Stay Updated

One of the big things you can do to keep your iPad working great is to keep software updates current. Apple is always fixing bugs/errors and tweaking overall performance with updates, so installing them means you end up with a smoother feeling iPad.

Automatic updates can be set from Settings > General > Software Update, afterward tapping on Customize Automatic Updates and ensure both toggles are set to On. That all make your iPad automatically download any new updates, and install them overnight, so you don’t get interrupted while using it during the day.

You can even manually check for updates from the same set of menus, and following the prompts to check for updates.

Clear Out The Bloat


It’s too easy to fill your iPad with apps and games that you do not use, especially if you have the App Store set to mirror whatever you install on your iPhone. It’s worth checking what is taking up all the room by going to Settings > iPad Storage, letting the list populate, and seeing what’s taking up all your space.

Additionally, maybe it’s offline Spotify tracks, that series from Netflix you downloaded to view on your last plane trip, or just all the games you downloaded from Apple Arcade that you simply never really got around to playing. Whatever the bloat is, just wipe it from your storage, and your iPad will thank you.

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One last thing to remember – when you download something like takeaway menus on iPadOS, those get stored in your iCloud Drive, not on local storage. If you open the Files app & go to the Downloads folder, you can delete these and not bloat your iCloud Drive up.

Get a Bluetooth keyboard & trackpad for it

It is a fair bet that the less you touch your iPad, the less it will suffer the wear and tear of daily use. Adding a keyboard, trackpad (or mouse) to your setup moves your fingers and their damaging oils away from your iPad.

That’s even as true if your iPad touchscreen has started slowing down from inputs over time or if your device is brand new and want it to stay like that. Hurray for Bluetooth.

Baby That Battery

Any tech with a non-removable battery goes to last longer if you take care of that battery. Whether it’s lowering your display brightness, or disabling wireless communications if you are not using it (including AirDrop), limiting background app updates, or clamping down on Location services, there’s a bunch of easy tweaks you’ll make to enhance your battery drain.

It is worth checking the battery stats page every so often, just in case you’ve got a runaway app that likes to run in the background. Head to Settings > Battery & scroll down for the stats.

The biggest killer of batteries? Heat, so be cautious where you use your iPad. Direct sunlight is probably a wrong idea, so it leaves it in parked cars during summer and anywhere near space heaters in the winter. Apple says your iPad should stay between 32 & 95 degrees Fahrenheit, with a comfort zone of 62 to 72 degrees.

Furthermore, take your iPad out of any form-fitted case before you recharge, as those will confine excess heat better than an ugly sweater at Christmas.

Could You Keep It Clean?

Look, just like you’re washing your hands to keep them, and you, in good health, same goes for your electronics. Finger oils build up on your iPad’s touchscreen and remove the oleophobic (that’s water-repelling) coating that keeps your screen so lovely. Please wipe it every so often with a microfiber cloth or a disinfectant cloth, and do not forget to wipe over the speaker grill.

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Grab a toothpick to clean fluff & other gunk from inside the charging or headphone ports, so you do not push it further when you recharge. That all keep your ports in good working order for longer and keep you out of the Genius Bar.

Backup, backup, backup

Look, we really should not have to mention this nowadays, but backup your shit. That way, if the shit hits the fan, you won’t lose any of your precious data. The longer you own your iPad, the more significant chances that it will randomly stop working one day. When that day comes, you’ll be delighted for backups.

Apple makes this super simple with iCloud, so open the Settings app, click on your name at the top, then on iCloud > iCloud Backup and tap the toggle switch to On. That’ll automatically set your iPad to back itself up every night, as long as you leave it connected to Wi-Fi and also to a charger.

You can even back up manually with iTunes on your computer, using Finder on a Mac, or to your NAS if you have one supporting backups from an iPad.

Okay, now you recognize what to do to keep your iPad working great. Maybe look after physical damage by slapping a case on it, put it on a stand, so you are doing not strain your neck, and use it as a second screen for your PC when you are not browsing on the couch.

What do you think? Did you have any additional tips for keeping your iPad in good working order for longer? Let us know in the comments below or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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