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In this article you will know about iMessage on iPhone, how can you text someone who has blocked you? A complete guide step wise instructions on iMessage not delivered error solution. Texting is a method that allows people to communicate with others without having to meet with them physically. It is one of the advantages of technology.

Even though texting may be used to communicate, there are times when you cannot text a specific individual or person, most likely because you have been blocked. This essay will show you how to text someone who has blocked you on your iPhone.

How to Check if You Have Been Blocked on iPhone

One disadvantage of being blocked is that you are not notified when you are blocked. It means that someone can block and unblock you without your knowledge. Even if you are not notified, there are several things you should be aware of to determine whether or not you have been blocked. Please note in mind that the ways I’ll be introducing to you are not infallible because, in cases when the person is out of coverage, inaccessible, or has Do Not Disturb switched on, you may seem to be blocked as well. Also read article on how to protect the Personal Data of your iPhone.

You Receive an Automated Message

It is the first red sign you should check for to see whether you have been blocked on your iPhone. Each time you send a message, you will receive an automatic message. If you receive such a message, it means you are not blocked, as these automated messages are typical when someone activates the Do Not Disturb mode. Only numbers that are not blocked can receive automated messages.

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If, on the other hand, you send a message and do not receive an automatic message back, you may have been blocked. Read the next red sign to look out for below to verify your allegations about being blocked.

Your iPhone Message was not Delivered

The second red flag to check for is whether or not your message was delivered, which can help you determine whether or not the person has blocked you. If you use iMessage to send a message and it does not indicate Delivered beneath the text bubble, it might signal that that person has blocked you.

Also, note that you’ll only get the delivery notification on your most recent iMessages in a string of delivered messages. Still, you won’t see Delivered on the most recent text in a conversation if that text hasn’t been delivered. So, if all of your previous messages have been delivered, save the most recent ones; you may have been blocked.

iMessage not delivered error solution

The iMessage Not Delivered Error Solution

It is another excellent approach to determine if you have been blocked from sending text messages. After sending a message, you’ll get an error message that says “iMessage Not Delivered Error” beneath the text box. Enable SMS text messages on your device in this situation. When SMS messages are enabled, your iPhone will attempt to send the text using your cellular plan each time you receive the iMessage Not Delivered Error. You may also send it again manually instead of using iMessage. The catch is that if you send the text manually and do not receive a delivery indication, it might signify that you have been blocked on your iPhone. Check best iPhone recording apps.

To send the SMS manually, follow the steps given below:

  • Locate the text containing the Not Delivered problem and tap on the red information button.
  • There will be three options available: “Try Again,” “Send as Text Message,” and “Cancel.” Select Send as Text Message.
  • Once you’ve done this, your device will attempt to send the message again.
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If you have gone through all of the red flags above and are sure that you have been blocked, it is best to accept the person’s choice. However, if the information to be passed along is critical, continue reading to learn how to text someone who has blocked you on iPhone. Also read to know how to Fix iPhone Alarm Volume is Low or Loud.

How to Text Someone Who Blocked you on iPhone

You’d have to reset the caller ID on your iPhone before you could text someone who has blocked you.

Why are you being forced to do this?

The solution is relatively easy. It’s simple because you’ll need a phone number or an email address before you can block someone. As a result, if you have another email address that the person isn’t aware of, you can send the iMessage.

To know how to text someone who has blocked you on iPhone, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Navigate to your iPhone’s Settings (the gear icon).
  • Go to Messages.
  • Select Send & Receive.
  • Tap “Add another email” under “You can be reached by iMessage at.”
  • Enter and verify your email address.
  • Once the email has been validated, pick the new email address under “Start new conversations from.”

Because the new email hasn’t been blocked yet, the recipient will receive it when you send a message. Congratulations if you followed the procedures and were able to send a message successfully! You now know how to text someone who has blocked you on iPhone. Also read article on why is My Phone Not Allowing Me to Make Calls?

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