Why is Technical SEO Important? Complete Guide For Beginners

Technical SEO

When adhering to an SEO optimization strategy, we typically refer to two primary areas. The first is on-page SEO, and the second is off-page SEO. Technical SEO is occasionally presented as a standalone category; by default, it belongs to the on-page SEO group. In this post, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of technical SEO basics and best practices and how to conduct a technical SEO audit. You will also gain a deeper understanding of on-page technical SEO characteristics and their significance in website optimization.

What Is Technical SEO? Guide To Basic Settings

What is technical SEO?

The phrase relates to the technical parts of the website optimization process, as its name implies. In reality, technical SEO encompasses various techniques and traits strongly intertwined with backend operations. All these are performed to improve the website’s online performance and visibility.

Advanced Technical SEO is frequently misunderstood as a distinct category of optimization approaches, yet, it is an integral aspect of on-page SEO. Furthermore, it is normal because any adjustments to the website’s technical aspects are made immediately on the backend.

Most problems and concerns related to on-page technical SEO are not immediately apparent. Time is required to collect and analyze data to evaluate the efficacy of technical SEO and identify areas for development.

Technical SEO checklist

Numerous aspects influence how technical SEO for beginners is performed on a certain website. It extends from the size of the website’s photos to the qualities of the website’s server. Below is a summary of the most typical technical SEO considerations that attempt to enhance a website’s performance.


It would help if you routinely examined both the internal and external links on your website. For example, create the dofollow link list to check the linking profile routinely and take action if any links are no longer active.

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Consider using best technical SEO tools if your website is so voluminous that manually examining the links is impractical. These may be complete SEO tools or standalone backlink checkers for discovering broken links on your website.


Even though other significant search engines are used globally, most people still use Google to find what they need on the Internet. As soon as Google mandated that all websites use the HTTPS extension of the HTTP protocol with the Secure portion implemented, most websites began to improve their cyber security. It is achievable simply by implementing the SSL protocol on your website’s server. It creates a secure communication connection between a server and a client on the web, preventing any dangers from intruders.

If you do not yet use the HTTPS extension, now is the time to improve your website’s technical SEO performance. It is a necessary step because Google gives priority to secure websites. Customers are the focus of search engines; hence their primary priority is the user experience.


Using XML sitemap and robots.txt files is another component of technical SEO that can significantly increase your ranking. Typically, each of these papers is generated automatically within your website’s domain.

You must pay close attention to the XML sitemap, which provides all the information about your website’s structure. It is used by search engine crawlers while assessing and ranking your website. The robots.txt file offers additional instructions for crawlers, so they know which pages to index first, which ones to bypass, and which remarks to consider.

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Content quality

In addition to other suggestions for reviewing on-page technical SEO, you will also discover the recommendation to review the website’s content constantly. Even though it may appear unimportant, content quality has a significant impact on a website’s rating.

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You must ensure that all the information on your website is accurate and current. If not, users who visit your website and see outdated information will go immediately. Also, as you start to build more links, you must frequently verify that all of these links are in functioning order.

Page load speed

The rate at which a web page loads is one of the most prevalent characteristics of SEO. Users are unlikely to wait more than a few seconds for the page to load before leaving the website. Such visitor behaviors will not affect Google’s user experience index values, which are currently crucial. Therefore, quick-loading pages are prioritized by search engines for placement at the top of the result pages.

How to perform a technical SEO audit in 2022?

Even in 2022, as the times and dynamics of the internet market evolve, technical SEO’s basics will remain unchanged. Therefore, ensure that your website is hosted by a respectable company with outstanding technical features. Additionally, examine and adhere to the most recent cyber security guidelines.

As the level of competition is quite high in 2022, it is essential to pay close attention to the aspects that affect user experience. For example, your website should load quickly, be user-friendly, and have current information to attract attention.

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