20 Best Spotify Alternatives in 2022

Best Spotify Alternatives

This article will explain what is Spotify? What are the Features, Pros & Cons of Spotify and best Spotify alternatives you should use in 2022. So, we are starting our article from Spotify introduction to the best alternatives of Spotify.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a popular free music streaming service that offers DRM-protected content from record labels such as Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, and Universal. Music may be found by searching for an artist, album, genre, playlist, record label, and direct searches. A link on a computer allows the listener to purchase selected items from partner stores. Spotify music streaming is free and limitless on all mobile devices and desktop PCs. Offline listening & ad-free playback are only available to Premium users.


Spotify’s features include Music Streaming, Music Library, Unlimited Music, Podcast Player, Smart Playlists, Offline mode, Music Discovery, Internet Radio, Personalized suggestions, and so on.
Make a Playlist, No Ads, Online Music, Offline Music, Playlist Management, Curated Playlists, Mobile compatibility, IFTTT connection, Night mode/Dark Theme,  Works offline and has an integrated Last.fm scrobbler.F

Pros & Cons of Spotify


• Spotify has a new, clean look and expands beyond streaming music to include videos, podcasts, and other features.

• Its enormous selection of community-driven playlists means you can find fantastic music for every mood, activity, or holiday.

• The free, ad-supported version is an excellent way to get started with the service and has no time restriction.


• Integrating your music files with Spotify’s catalog is a difficult task.

• There are no live radio stations, and without a Premium subscription, you can’t listen offline or choose any song you wish to hear.

• Its family plan can be more expensive than Apple Music’s.

Best Spotify

This post will inform you about the most acceptable Spotify alternatives to use. These alternatives are mentioned with features, devices on which they can be used, and overall user ratings for the application.

1. Deezer


Deezer is a fantastic option since its user interface is quite comparable to Spotify’s, but it also has roughly 70 million songs accessible, which is approximately 30 million more than its competition. It also contains a SongCatcher tool, similar to Shazam, that you can use to identify the names of the songs playing. Flow is another fantastic feature that Spotify lacks, with recommendations tailored specifically to you and songs you no longer remember, allowing you to listen to music for hours on end. The free version of Deezer works similarly to Spotify (but with less advertising between songs), but the premium version is available for $10.

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud alternative to spotify

Soundcloud is well-known for its extensive music and audio library. Between songs and podcasts, we’re talking about around 200 million files. This is primarily the favored music streaming platform for new independent artists, who you are unlikely to find on Spotify (shoutouts to electronic music lovers). The biggest downside of SoundCloud is that there aren’t many well-known, established artists.

It also works as a music social network, allowing you to share, like, and comment on entries, highlight portions of songs, create your lists and podcasts, and follow your favorite artists. All of this means that, when compared to Spotify, you may find an incredible range of content. Soundcloud features a free ad-supported version, but you can upgrade to a premium subscription for as low as $5 per month.

3. YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music has a significant advantage over Spotify in that, in addition to its extensive music catalog, it also includes millions of videos and makes use of the brilliant and powerful YouTube search engine, which means that you only need to type or say a word that identifies a song or part of the lyrics, and you will undoubtedly find it.

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Its UI is really simple and easy to use; you will find several playlists based on your mood on its main page. As a result, whether you need more energy, concentrate, relax or brighten up, you may utilize them instead of searching for specific genres or songs.

Aside from the content, there are two key benefits: you may listen to music or view videos without connecting to WiFi or mobile data. Furthermore, you may play YouTube videos in the background while using other programs without the music being interrupted till you decide. YouTube Music Premium may be purchased for as little as $10.

4. Apple Music

Apple Music

With a catalog of slightly more than 50 million songs, Apple Music outnumbers Spotify. If you’re also a part of the Apple ecosystem, you will find Apple Music’s integration with the operating system, eliminating the need for third-party programs. Aside from its well-balanced user interface design, you may browse through suggested lists, hits, genres, or personalized and updated playlists. It’s also able to follow artists and compare and comment on songs, which gives it a significant edge over Spotify.

You may use the service not just on macOS or iOS devices but also on Android and Windows but bear in mind that it does not allow you to listen to music while advertising; you can only utilize the service by paying a $10 membership fee.

5. Bandcamp

Bandcamp alternative to Spotify

It’s an excellent option for independent artists since it combines several features from a social network where you can showcase your music with an eCommerce function to sell your items. Bandcamp, unlike Spotify, allows consumers to stream your music or purchase your catalog in physical or digital media (with a commission of 10 to 15 percent ).

If you are a musician, the premium version allows you to send private messages to your fans, see the location of your buyers and how they reached you, batch upload audio to the platform, add videos to your music and related merchandise, send VIP songs through private links, configure a custom domain, connect your profile with Google Analytics, and disable some songs so that they cannot be listened to for whatever reason.

6. Funkwhale


When it comes to Open Source and Self-Hosted alternatives to Spotify, Funkwhale is one of the most popular solutions. You may maintain control over your music library without fear of it being removed off the platform for any reason. Unlike Spotify, Funkwhale is made up of several individual websites or “pods” (sometimes known as “servers” or “instances”) where you may upload your library to be broadcast to mobile devices or shared with friends. Funkwhale is 100% free, providing the user with an experience free of tracking and advertisements.



Tidal is a beautiful alternative to Spotify if you’re primarily concerned with audio quality, as it offers both regular sound and HiFi quality ($19/month). It also supports official videos in a significant portion of its catalog. Furthermore, it allows you to choose playlists from other platforms and move them to Tidal, which is a massive benefit if you want to switch from your typical streaming music app to Tidal without losing your music. On the other side, you will be able to attend special events with artists and purchase tickets to their performances before they go on sale to the general public on numerous occasions. Read our article on how to Convert 4k Youtube videos to mp3.

8. Jamendo


Jamendo is a community built around “free music,” which means that, unlike Spotify, artists may upload their music for free, and their fans can download it for personal use under a variety of Creative Commons licenses, making it both accessible and legal to download.

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Jamendo Licensing can provide licenses with supporting paperwork for business use (in advertising videos, documentaries, sounds for internet pages, or other multimedia projects). As a result, a certificate provided by the platform is received, which verifies the music’s provenance and permits dealing with any third-party claims. All of their albums are available for streaming in MP3 or OGG Vorbis formats and downloads via the BitTorrent and eDonkey networks.

9. Jango


While Spotify focuses primarily on music and podcasts, Jango works more as free bespoke internet radio and social network. You may create your radio stations based on artists or bands and personalize them by rating them or adding additional artists, determining what type of content is ideal for your radio station. You may also explore the suggested catalog or refine other users’ stations.

10. Ampache


Ampache is a web-based audio streaming program and file organizer that allows you to access your music from virtually any internet-connected device.

11. Yandex.Music

Yandex Music

There are almost 20 million tracks. Customized playlists or playlists based on a topic. The app will select hundreds of tracks based on your musical preferences. Check out current albums from your favorite artists or discover new hits in your favorite genres.

The most excellent Spotify substitute. It features the same amount of western artists but costs a third of the price. The English interface is excellent, and the playlist artworks are superb.

12. Koel

Koel Spotify alternative

A functional personal music streaming server. You must pay if you wish to utilize the mobile apps.

13. Subsonic

Subsonic Spotify alternatives

Subsonic is a free web-based media streamer that gives you instant access to your music and videos. You may use it to share your music with friends or listen to it while working.

14. RadioSure


The “RadioSure” provides the most comfortable radio listening experience. The key criteria are that it should be essential, dependable, and operate. The free version’s station database is updated once a week, whereas the subscription database is updated daily.

15. Radio4000


Radio4000 allows you to discover user-curated radios worldwide, manage your online music library, and share it with everyone anonymously. Everything is free and open source.

Spotify’s library is not locked; it is open. The data you have on Radio4000 is your data. It is possible to export it, manage it, and remove it. Discogs metadata may be added to your tracks, and this relationship is kept in your library. Listening to other people’s radios can help you discover a lot of new music.

16. Napster


Napster is the ultimate digital music service, with limitless on-demand streaming and MP3 downloads. Enjoy any song from Napster’s multi-million song library and discover new music with tailored recommendation features.

17. Madsonic


Madsonic is a web-based media streamer and Subsonic jukebox fork. Madsonic is a Java-based application that operates on most platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, OSX, and Unix variations.

18. Earbits

Earbits Spotify alternative

Earbits is an internet radio platform that makes it easy for artists and music fans to create and find significant relationships. There are no advertisements, commercials, or fees. A team of editors hand-picked over 300 channels of high-quality music.

19. Spotify-qt


It was inspired by Spotify-tui, a Spotify client written in Qt that serves as a simpler, lighter alternative to the official client. You’ll need an actual Spotify client running, such as spotifyd, which can be customized from inside the app, much like Spotify-tui.

20. CloudPlay

CloudPlay Spotify alternatives

CloudPlay is a music player that searches for and plays free music from sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, exfm, BandSoup, iTunes, Jamendo, and hundreds of radio stations. Discover fresh playlists from sites like Console.fm, and others.

So, This is our article on Spotify and best alternatives of Spotify. What is your favorite music app? share with us in the comments section and also read our article on VLC alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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