How to Show Profile Picture Instead Video Zoom Meeting

How to Show Profile Picture Instead Video Zoom Meeting

This article will explain how to show profile picture instead video zoom meeting for mobile apps and computer. You just need to follow some easy steps and that’s all. Zoom is a popular and helpful remote meeting and video conferencing solution. However, not everyone is comfortable uploading a video until it is absolutely necessary. Some people prefer to show a picture rather than a video during a meeting. How does one go about doing so? Let’s find out how to show a picture instead of a video in Zoom in this article.

While it is simple to disable the video in Zoom, it is usually replaced by your name. Even if it’s only your name, a picture is always preferable to text. So why not maintain it that way?

Let’s show a closer look at how to use a picture instead of your name and video in Zoom meetings.

Show Picture Instead of Video or Name in Zoom Meetings

It is not difficult to show your picture in Zoom. In Zoom, you must upload a profile picture. You wouldn’t have done it as a new user on Zoom. So the moment has come. If the video is turned off when you set a photo, it will show on the screen to replace the name.

Here are the detailed steps for both mobile apps and PC.

Keep Picture Instead of Video or Name in Zoom on PC

In Zoom on PC, there are two ways to change or add a picture.

1. Before Attending a Meeting, Upload a Photograph

To do so, launch the Zoom app and click the top-right corner of your name initials. From the menu, choose to Change My Picture.

You will be directed to Zoom’s web version. On the picture icon, click Change.

Then, click Upload and add a picture. Adjust the image to show only the region you want to show. Finally, click the Save button. Also read our article on useful apps to make remote work efficient.

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Please remember that the picture should not exceed 2MB in size.

After you’ve saved it, launch the Zoom desktop app. Your image will be seen in the upper-right corner.

Then, when you are going to enter a meeting, disable your video by selecting Turn off my video, or when you are in a meeting, click Stop video. You can also stop the video by right-clicking on it and selecting Stop Video.

To enable or disable the video, Use this Alt + V (Windows) and Command(⌘)+Shift+V (Mac).

Your image will take the place of the video.

Repeat the steps to change or remove the picture.

2. Add a Picture into a Zoom Meeting

Right-click on your video preview screen if you are already in a Zoom meeting. From the menu, select Add or Edit Profile Picture. When you stop the video, you will see your picture.

Show Picture Instead of Video in Zoom Mobile Apps

To start, open the Zoom app on your Android or iPhone.  At the bottom, tap the Settings tab. Tap on your name.

Tip: If you’ve previously saved an image, tap on it to see it in full size.

add an image in Zoom

Then, tap on the Profile photo and either select an image from your collection or add a new one.

Show Picture Instead of Video in Zoom Mobile Apps

Now, either disable your video before joining a meeting. In a meeting, you can also stop the video by tapping the Stop Video option at the bottom.

Stop Video

How to Remove a Profile Picture

If you are unable to entirely remove the profile picture from Zoom mobile apps, you should use its web version. Go to for further information. Sign in with your Zoom account. At the top, click My Account. Then, beneath your picture, click Delete.

Show Profile Picture Instead of Video in Zoom Meeting

Profile Picture Tips & Tricks

Here are some helpful hints for taking images with Zoom or to show profile picture instead video zoom meeting.

View the Profile Picture of Someone Else

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When you’re in a meeting, you can view a participant’s profile picture by pausing their video. It is only feasible if you are the meeting’s host. To do so, right-click on the video preview screen and select Stop Video from the menu that appears. Because they will be unable to do so on their own, you will need to grant them permission to show the video again.

Hide Participants Who Have a Profile Photo

You can hide such players from the screen if they have their video disabled and you only see their profile picture or name. They will still be a part of your video and will be able to see it if it is turned on.

To hide non-video participants, right-click on the window preview of the person in your meeting. Hide Non-video participants by selecting Hide.

To see them again, go to the top and click on Total non-video participants. Show Non-video Participants should be selected.

How to View Someone Else Profile Picture on Zoom

Always show the profile picture

Zoom has a good function for joining your video switched off all the time, so you don’t have to disable it every time you join a meeting. As a result, others will only see your profile picture.

To do the same, launch the Zoom app and go to the Video tab by tapping the settings icon.  Select the checkbox next to ‘Turn off my video when joining a meeting.’

Show Profile Picture in Zoom Meeting

If your internet connection is poor or you simply do not want to show your video, displaying a picture instead is a wonderful option. However, avoid using unpleasant photos as your Zoom profile picture.

So, this is our article on how to show profile picture instead video zoom meeting and hope you enjoyed our post. Find out how to fix it if your Zoom profile picture doesn’t show up during meetings in our next article. Read our article on random online chatting.

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