5 Solutions To Hiring The Right SEO Agency

If you know that your website can benefit from higher rankings on Google and get more organic traffic from search engines, then your business strategy is on the right path. You can achieve all this by hiring the right SEO agency in your area. In this article, we’re going to go over the five secrets to hiring the right SEO agency.

You must pay attention here because Google, Yahoo, and Bing continually update their search engine algorithms.

Unless you’re working with the right Agency, you could get stuck with a scam artist who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

They won’t be able to help you, and at worst, they could get you taken off Google, Yahoo, and Bing completely.

So let’s just get started with these five secrets:

1. Look out for Cookie Cutter Pricing or Low-priced SEO

Companies and people who offer cookie-cutter pricing for advanced SEO just don’t know the business well. The truth is is that every single business is different from another business. So, agencies that offer cookie-cutter pricing or low-priced SEO often use old techniques that aren’t beneficial these days.

Just think about it if you’re working with a company for 495$ a month. They’re essentially making 125$ a week. Do you think somebody can have a meaningful impact on your business for that low price? Probably not!

Hiring The Right SEO Agency

2. Can They Rank for Difficult Keywords?

Another critical factor when evaluating an SEO company is finding out if they can rank for themselves. The easy way to find this is just to search whatever city you’re in Plus SEO.

This is a term that SEO companies fight tooth and nail to be at the top of those results. Now for my company, one of the countries that we operate in is Thailand, and so if you search SEO agency in Thailand or Thailand SEO, you’re going to find our website among the top sites.

This is how you can check if the company is capable or not.

3. Just because somebody works with Websites does not mean that they know SEO

A lot of website designers and developers will claim that they can also help you with SEO. But that is entirely false.
That’s the equivalent of going to a doctor for brain surgery, and the doctor does a great job when doing your brain surgery. Then you ask the same doctor for heart surgery.

Website designers do a lot of times; they’ll just claim they know SEO even though that is not their specialty. So make sure that the person that you’re working with really specializes in SEO.

4. They say that social media and blogging is the only way to rank your website

We came across a lot of agency owners who have said this to us. The truth is social media and blogging do play a part when it comes to ranking websites on search engines.

However, it is not the number one factor. If somebody or an agency is pushing these products on you and saying it’s the only way to rank, that’s an unambiguous indication that they’re going to charge you for additional services.

5. Make sure that your Agency is not outsourcing SEO work to a third party

Nearly more than sixty percent of agencies outsource their SEO work to a third party. They do this to manage more number of clients & speed up the SEO process.

Sometimes they find a particular website complicated to rank, and finally, they outsource it to a third-party agency or a freelancer.

They usually find a meager price third-party Agency or freelancer, yet they can make a reasonable sum of money as they are charging us a higher rate.

These third-party companies or individuals may jeopardize your website with low-quality backlinks and may get your website banned from Google in the long term.

So, never go for the companies which outsource their work.

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