How to Record PC Screen? Best Screen Recorder Windows

How to Record PC Screen

This article will explain How to record PC screen and What are the best screen recorder for windows 10? Whether you want to share your knowledge of editing videos with your friends or explain how to advance to the next level in a video game, recording the PC screen (Record PC Screen) may be the best option because it is easy, simple, and very explicit.

The big question is, do you know what steps to take to get there? If you answered no, don’t worry; several Windows and third-party options are available. Do you own a Mac? We’ll also go over the alternatives for macOS.

A Quick Guide to Record PC Screen

• On a Windows 10 PC
• Using PowerPoint
• Windows Alternatives
• On a Mac

How to use computer screen recorder? Almost all computers come with microphones and webcams, but they don’t always come with software that allows you to record your computer screen easily. We want to provide you with various alternatives if you’re going to use a free program that is already included or an application packed with professional-level features.

If this is not what you are searching for, we can also recommend the best screen recorders and editing software. You can also read our articles on the best ways to take a screenshot on a PC, a Mac, or a Chromebook.

Screen Recorder For Windows 10

If you do not like to download any additional software to screen capture for windows 10, some of the applications you already have installed may record your screen, even if that is not their primary purpose. Here we show you some that you are likely to have access to and assist you.

How to Record Your Screen With Game Bar

To use this feature, your computer must support one of the encoders listed below. The majority of modern graphics cards or processors will assist them:

• Intel Quick Sync H.260 (Intel 2nd Gen or newer CPU)
• Nvidia NVENC (most Nvidia GeForce 600, Quadro K series or more recent)

1. Click the Start button, then the gear icon in the Start Menu. This brings up the Settings app.

2. Select a game.

3. In the Game Bar, make sure Record game clips, screenshots, and streaming using Game Bar is turned on.

4. Create a default keyboard shortcut for the method to open Game Bar: G + Win. If you see a message asking if the app highlighted on your screen is a game, select Yes.

5. The Game Bar appears near the top feature of the screen. It has buttons for accessing various overlays, such as sound, performance, and capture.

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The feature capture overlay in the Game Bar should be enabled by default. If that doesn’t work, go to the Game Bar and click on the webcam icon. Then, in the capture overlay, press the round Start Recording button. To stop, click once more.

Please keep in mind that the Game Bar recording function does not work with the desktop or File Explorer. It should, however, work with games and other types of applications.

Another option is to use the Windows + Alt + R key combination to start and stop recording with the Game Bar enabled. All video captures are saved as an MP4 file in the Videos/Captures folder.

How to Use PowerPoint to Record Your Screen

Did you know you could use PowerPoint to record your screen? True, the most recent versions include this helpful feature. This is how you can do it step by step:

1. Navigate to the Insert tab and select Screen Recording from the Media panel.

2. Select the screen area you like to record by clicking Select Area. If you want to record the entire screen, use the keyboard shortcuts Windows + Shift + F.

3. Click on the Record button, or press Windows + Shift + R at the same time.

4. To stop the process, click the Pause button, which replaces the Record button. To end the capture, click the square Stop button.

5. To save the recording on your computer, right-click on the video in PowerPoint and select Save As. From the pop-up menu, select the Save Media As option. To save your recording, follow the on-screen instructions.

When you’re finished, save the video as a separate file to access or embed as needed. After that, the editing and control options are limited, but it’s an excellent option for quick recording, especially if you’re preparing for a presentation.

Also, don’t overlook PowerPoint’s enhancement tools, including reshaping the video, adding a border, and adding effects such as shadows, glow, and more.

Professional Screen Recorder For Windows

If you want a better recording experience from an application designed specifically for more professional and game-oriented clips, you should download one of the following applications.

OBS Studio (Free)

OBS Studio, one of the most advanced free screen recording applications, is completely open-source and allows unlimited full-screen recording without watermarks.

It has built-in streaming features for those who want to have a live audience while recording and has excellent hardware support, so 60 FPS recording is entirely possible.

Because it is more comprehensive than some freemium applications, it may take a little longer to configure. However, it remains the best free screen recording app available today.


Bandicam is a simple free screen recorder for windows software that allows you to capture anything on your PC screen. With Bandicam’s screen recording functions, you can easily record your computer screen for video tutorials, including voice recording, camera overlay, real-time drawing, scheduled recording, and 24-hour long-term recording.

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Snagit (From $50)

Snagit is a program geared toward beginners rather than gamers, with many recording features designed to showcase products and create marketing videos or hands-on features.

So, if you want to make a video that includes multiple video types, graphics, and screen recording, Snagit is a great option.


Record Your Mac Screen

macOS Screen Recorder

There is a function in macOS Catalina that allows you to record PC screen and take “screenshots” with the MacOS screen capture tool.

Step 1: To bring up the screenshot toolbar, press Command + Shift + 5.

Step 2: The toolbar will be displayed. There are two sets of buttons: three on the left to take a screenshot and two in the center to record the screen. Please select whether you want to capture or record the entire screen or a portion of it, and then click the appropriate button on the right side.

Step 3: When you’re finished, click the record button in the top-screen menu bar. The button is shaped like a circle with a square inside it.

Quicktime Player

If you’re using an older version of macOS, you can always use QuickTime Player to record raw screen recording (as well as audio recording). QuickTime recordings are difficult to edit in posts, but they are one of the simplest recording methods on macOS. Lets check, how to record PC screen using Quicktime player;

1. Begin by launching Quick Time Player. It’ll most likely be in the Launcher.

2. A window may or may not appear on the screen. Instead, select File from the menu bar’s upper left corner.

3. In the drop-down menu, click the New Screen Recording option.

4. A pop-up window will appear asking for permission to record the computer screen. Follow the instructions after clicking the Open System Preferences button. You may need to restart QuickTime Player.

5. The QuickTime toolbar is the same as the macOS capture utility. Click Options to add or remove mouse clicks, use the built-in microphone, and specify where the video will be saved.

6. You’ll notice two sets of buttons this time: three on the left for screenshots and two in the middle for recording. Then, click the Full Record Screen or Record Selected Portion button on the right, followed by the Record button.

7. When you’re finished, go to the menu bar and click the stop recording button, as shown below. If your Macbook has a Touch Bar, you can also tap on the appropriate symbol.

8. To save the recording, go to the menu bar, click File, and save from the drop-down menu. Choose a suitable location and name.

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