Is Reddit Down? 20 Best Reddit Alternatives

Best Reddit Alternatives

In this post you will discover the best Reddit alternatives social network communities. Reddit bills itself as the “front page of the internet,” which accurately represents this platform’s popularity. The venue is the 7th most popular website in the United States based on traffic. It’s a top twenty website worldwide as well. Reddit is best described as a news aggregation platform with a rating system and social networking features. Millions of users interact on the website every day.


As a result, individual subreddits can focus on any subject imaginable. Within these subreddits, moderators enforce the rules amongst their users. Users can converse with each other and upvote content they like. Content that receives enough upvotes may make its way onto the Reddit homepage. Although Reddit is quite popular, alternatives like the following websites exist.


Best Reddit Alternatives


In this article, we have curated the top sites like Reddit if you want to visit and get involved in their countless discussions or engage in communities that might interest you. The ranking below is in no particular order.


1. Quora




Quora is a question-and-answer social platform that features a Reddit-like layout for posts. Users can pose their questions and provide detailed information in a given post. The community then responds to their queries with facts or opinions based on the initial question. From there, the community can upvote or downvote answers. It is unquestionably the top Reddit Alternatives on our list.


It ensures the best answers permeate to the top of the list, and lackluster responses fall to the bottom. Users must use their real names to help promote the credibility of each answer posted on Quora.


2. Digg




In its current form, Digg is a news aggregation platform. The site curates the most popular content on the internet to disseminate to users. Most content on the platform involves science, politics, or viral content. Users can read through the content and upvote their favorite content to influence the homepage. If you like Reddit politics communities you must join Digg as it is one of the best Reddit alternatives on this list.


Digg previously offered a more robust upvoting and downvoting system, inspiring the creation of Reddit many years ago. News aggregation remains Digg’s current focus, and minor social features are still available on the platform, like the ability to share content.


3. Steemit




Steemit is a blogging and social media platform with blockchain features. Users publish and curate content on the platform based on personal interests. In the process, they receive STEEM tokens for their contributions and upvotes on popular content. Most of the content on the platform centers around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Payout of STEEM tokens allows users to earn currency for their contributions while building communities with like-minded individuals. It is the greatest social new community to join today, as well as a reputable Reddit alternative.


4. Saidit




Like specific Reddit alternatives, Saidit attempts to capture the magic of Reddit’s early days. As a result, the platform features a design quite similar to Reddit’s older design. Users can create an account without providing an email address for added security and privacy. When it comes to “upvoting,” Saidit instead relies on “Insightful” and “Funny” designations.


These options allow users to decide which type of content they want to browse at a given moment. In addition, each community within Saidit features its IRC chat window, an excellent feature not found on other platforms.


5. Ovarit




Ovarit is a Reddit alternatives that caters specifically to women. The platform allows users to create subcommunities, known as Circles, and discuss within them. Typically, all content on the platform caters directly to women’s interests and empowerment. People of all genders can join the forum, but women drive most of the discussion on the platform.


Ovarit takes an overall positive approach to discussions and topics with vital moderation tools to prevent abuse or harassment. The platform is currently in Beta and continues to grow its user base. Men and women alike are invited to join the community and start a discussion.


6. Hive




Hive is another blockchain-based social platform with Reddit stylings. On the forum, users can discuss various topics in various communities. Various apps and cryptocurrency wallets can be connected to Hive, allowing various blockchain features among users. One may claim that it is the best possible alternative to Reddit.


Individual users may tip each other in cryptocurrency while discussing topics they’re passionate about. As a result, more and more blockchain-related features continue to be introduced on the platform, and its audience has grown.


7. Minds




Minds is a social media platform designed to empower open discussions. Reddit-like features can be found here, but the platform attempts to be the anti-Facebook. After signing up, users can create their profiles and share content with other users. Discussions can be started amongst users, whether in public or private. If you are still looking for the finest alternative to Reddit, then you should check out this website.


Users earn tokens while participating on the site, which can be used to upgrade their profiles and boost their overall audience reach. Fans of individual users can tip USD or cryptocurrency to reward their preferred users. The content policy of Minds prioritizes the First Amendment and a community jury moderates content.


8. Uptrennd




More than 140,000 people use Uptrennd to post content and discussions. The platform runs on blockchain technology and allows users to transact using 1UP. With the 1UP token, users can reward each other for posting excellent content. Content creators receive these rewards and continue to give back to the community. If Uptrennd is not working for any reasons you can consider other sites on the list of best Reddit alternatives.


Posts can cover almost any topic imaginable, and the most famous content is rewarded accordingly. Much of the talk on the platform involves cryptocurrency, but other issues also receive attention.


9. Ruqqus




Ruqqus is a Reddit alternative that doesn’t allow censorship in any form. Users can create their communities, known as guilds, but they cannot remove content within them. Only the person who made the post can delete it.

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Since censorship is impossible by design, individuals can post whatever content they want. Furthermore, there are no mechanisms for users or guild creators to censor another user. The platform removes illegal content through its admin team to avoid legal issues. In addition, Ruqqus believes in and promotes free speech like no other platform.




communities win is another Reddit alternatives that does away with censorship. Instead, users can create individual communities to discuss specific topics within. From there, they can upvote the content they like. The most popular content inevitably hits the homepage like similar platforms.


Moderation teams exist for each community, but freedom of speech is the priority in most communities. allows most types of content as long as no laws are broken. The overall community grows in numbers, and thousands of discussions are posted daily.


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11. Raddle




Raddle is best described as a Reddit-like platform for anarchists and radical leftists. The site decries the nature of authoritarian regimes, whether nations or other social media. Initially, the site existed as a subreddit on Reddit. Unfortunately, the subreddit was banned without an explanation, and now exists to cater to anarchists.


That may sound negative, but the platform promotes anti-authoritarian values. Furthermore, moderation is performed transparently, and the site protects users’ information with proper security measures.


12. Poal




Poal wants its users to have their say on all subjects and discussions. Therefore, an individual can create subs based on their topic of preference. They choose the moderation policy and what’s posted within their sub. Content can be commented on or upvoted based on preference. Poal errs on the side of free speech, and moderation is relatively lax in most communities. No illegal or spam content is allowed on the platform for obvious reasons. Instead, users can post whatever opinions they have and discuss them with like-minded users. That is the reason it is among the best Reddit Alternatives.


13. Gurlic




Gurlic provides an exciting twist on the Reddit formula. Various communities and topics are available on the platform. However, all content must be linked directly to a proper URL. No paywall-enabled content can be listed on the platform. Media posted on Gurlic needs to lead to a direct link or download file. We can say that it is the best free Reddit alternatives for communities, publications and galleries.


Gurlic aims to provide users with access to art, culture, technology, and science topics. Users can share content, post comments, and upvote specific posts like other platforms. Most content on the forum is high-quality and thought-provoking.


14. Flote


flote app


Flote advertises itself as a social network without censorship. The platform hits back against extensive tech censorship and vague community guidelines.Each user receives access to encrypted messaging and a guarantee of free speech on the platform. No user information is sold to third parties, either. Of course it is the reliable Reddit alternatives with many other features.


Flote allows users to post whatever content they want and upvote the content they love. Plus, tips can be made to content creators with Bitcoin. In addition, new features are introduced to the platform regularly to cater to users.




read cash features more than 60,000 users as of today. The platform allows users to create communities and engage with each other in discussion. Users can tip each other in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency, unlike other websites. Since the site’s inception, more than USD 300,000 has been listed via BCH. In-depth posts and deep discussions result in more tips and higher rewards. Users shouldn’t depend on the information, but they can find deep discussions on the platform. Most discussions focus on cryptocurrencies, but other communities are available as well.

You must visit as it is one of the best Reddit alternatives community on internet.


16. Retalk




Retalk is a social platform that focuses on the civil discussion in the political arena. However, the platform caters to those in the center and center-right of the political spectrum. Users create their communities and self-moderate with a variety of included tools. In addition, Retalk attempts to limit harassment and off-topic conversations through various means. However it is the top Reddit alternatives you should join today.


Nonetheless, left-leaning potential users may not feel at home on this platform. Most communities focus on political topics, and former Reddit users should feel at home. Right-leaning users can discuss with like-minded individuals from around the world here.


17. Hacker News




Hacker News is a social platform focused on entrepreneurship and computer science. The venue is a haven for users interested in hacker culture and features robust moderation features.

After signup, users cannot downvote content or flag content until they’ve accumulated enough positive karma. If you are looking for the best Reddit alternatives, Hacker news is a site for you to join.


Moderation is quite strong on the platform, and most users invest heavily in the topics they enjoy. Hacker News attempts to mimic the experience of Reddit as it existed in its infancy. A large variety of communities and subject matter is covered here. You will find very high-quality content as well.


18. Plozee




Plozee is a community platform to get and share insight. Instead of posting ‘comments’ or ‘answers,’ users on Plozee share insights about situations. The idea is that by focusing on insights, users can look at a situation from different perspectives and may even view it in a way they hadn’t considered before. How can we miss it in the list of best Reddit alternatives.


Users can upvote and downvote insights to ensure the best contributions get visibility on the platform. Quality of contributions is cultivated on Plozee; providing references and citations are encouraged. Unlike other platforms with character maximums, Plozee requires a character minimum to contribute an insight. We feel there’s more value from a descriptive, in-depth insight instead of a single word or 1-line contribution found on other platforms.

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19. Grepless




Like other best Reddit alternatives, Grepless allows users to post whatever content they want to showcase. Everything is listed in a Reddit-styled layout, and the users perform content moderation. For a given post, users upvote content they like, which filters to the top of the homepage. Less popular content falls lower in the rankings and may even fall off the homepage.


Grepless utilizes a reliable method for moderating content on its platform. Furthermore, most of the content includes funny videos and random musings. Therefore, users may feel quite comfortable using the platform casually and for a good laugh.


20. Dojo Press


dojo press


When visiting Dojo Press, users might confuse the website with a subreddit. Dojo Press provides various posts on martial arts and general topics unrelated to martial arts. It’s a somewhat niche platform that looks like Reddit. However, martial arts fans may find helpful information here, and they can share their opinions with like-minded users. Dojo Press may be considered a bit more niche than some potential users would like. You can consider it the best Reddit alternatives.


21. Darto




Darto allows users to create and join online communities. The platform promotes discourse and conversation among passionate users. In a given community, powerful moderation tools keep harassment off the platform. In addition, users add their content and opinions to the communities they join. It is the best Reddit alternatives, you should join community now.


They can then follow both their communities of choice and users they like to engage with. Currently, Darto features a layout that’s quite reminiscent of Reddit. This clean and simple layout makes navigation quite simple. As a result, the user base on Darto continues to grow, and some prevalent communities exist on the platform today.


FAQ – Reddit Alternatives

What are best  Reddit alternatives?


Gizmodo, 9GAG, Digg, Quora, and Tumblr are Reddit’s main rivals. Reddit is a website for social newsgathering, online content ranking, and debate.


What is Reddit?


Reddit is a social news site and forum where content is democratically evaluated and promoted by site users voting. The website’s name is a spin on the phrase “I read it.


What Can We Learn About Local Politics From Reddit?


To better comprehend comparative urban politics, we turn to Reddit, a social media, news, and discussion site. We question whether city subreddits are discussion forums for local politics and what we may learn about the significance of local themes and local politics from the content of these subreddits. We observe that individuals discuss issues such as taxation, police and crime, homelessness, and education. For local politics, social media, and political issues, join Reddit forums such as r/politics, r/ukpolitics, r/AustralianPolitics, r/PoliticalDiscussion, r/CanadaPolitics, r/worldnews, and many more.


What is Removeddit?


Removeddit is a site where you can examine deleted Reddit comments and topics. To view all deleted comments, go to any Reddit topic and replace the Reddit in the URL to removeddit. It is accomplished by comparing the comments saved in Jason Baumgartner’s Pushshift Reddit API to those from the Reddit API.

How does Unreddit function?


The community chooses Reddit as a content aggregator. It is a social network where users submit content that other users ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ depending on how much they like them. If a post receives many upvotes, it rises in the Reddit rankings, allowing more people to view it.

Which site is superior, Quora or Reddit?


Reddit is a social media platform that organizes content by the community. Quora is a question-and-answer site where people may submit questions and get replies from other community members. Quora offers many notable benefits to Reddit, including the capacity to have more in-depth debates on specific subjects.


Is Tumblr superior to Reddit?

Reddit provides additional content from the communities you are a member of for interacting with topics. On the other hand, Tumblr enables you to follow anybody and get the content of the page you are following.

What age range is represented on Reddit?

According to a poll of US citizens done in early 2021, 36% of those who acknowledged using Reddit were between 18 and 29. Reddit use is influenced by users’ ages, with older users reporting lower levels of involvement.

Is Reddit superior to Facebook?


Users may even explore all subreddits without registering, which is impossible on any social networking site, including Facebook and Instagram. Though anonymity may be a severe issue on the Internet, this is not the case with Reddit. You can check out the best Reddit alternatives mentioned above.


How can I regain access to the old Reddit?


How do I return? Concerning the redesign? Go to your user settings (top right dropdown, choose user settings), and at the very bottom, there should be an option that reads “Opt out of the makeover.” You may also go to


Will the old Reddit always remain accessible?

Reddit has said they have no intentions to retire the previous look ( However, new improvements may not be made.


How can I go back to the old Reddit?


Go to, go down to the bottom, check “Opt out of the redesign,” and confirm “Opt out.” To re-enable old Reddit, go to and scroll to the bottom, checking “Use new Reddit as my default experience” and then clicking “Save.”

All of these websites are like Reddit in some way or another. Some of them attempt to mimic Reddit while improving its core features. Similarly, specific options seek to imitate older versions of Reddit and avoid heavy content moderation. Other platforms inject blockchain features into the mix to reward users in various ways. For example, millions of people use Reddit today, but these alternatives prove there are other options. Also read article on best Anonymous Chat Websites.

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