20 Best Rabbit Alternatives To Watch Play and Chat

Top Rabbit alternatives

In this article you will know about the best Rabbit alternatives available to watch videos and chat with friends. With Rabbit going out of business, over a million people are now looking for rabbit alternatives where they can watch content and interact with friends at the same time. So, if you’ve used Rabbit in the past, here are the best sites like Rabbit that you should check out.
We have made that they all work correctly and are safe to use. Also read best Anonymous Chat Websites.

Alternatives to Rabbit

Here we complied a list fo best Rabbit alternatives to watch movies, play games and chat with friends. So without ado lets check the list;

1. Netflix Party


Netflix Party’s features are similar to Rabbit’s, except it is made just for streaming Netflix content. Don’t look any further than this option if you want to watch Netflix with folks in perfect sync video playback. It operates only on web browsers, so you don’t need to install any hefty software. Netflix and chill are now available thanks to Netflix Party!


• The best-synchronized playback if you’re a Netflix customer
• Chat with your friends
• GIFs enabled in the chat

• Only valid for Netflix
• No voice message or camera support available.

2. Twoseven

twoseven rabbit alternatives

Twoseven is a video-sharing platform that allows you to watch videos with your family and friends while interacting with them via chat features. It offers a real-time experience with minimal latency and works with various popular video streaming platforms. It also includes a Chrome plugin that lets you stream videos from virtually any site.


• Supports a variety of popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and others.
• Excellent speed with no latency
• Chat with family and friends
•  Among the best Rabbit alternatives you shoul try.

• No support for audio messages is provided.

3. Watch2gether

Watch2gether alternatives

Watch2gether is a Rabbit alternative that lets you listen to good music, watch fantastic videos, and even do some Amazon shopping on the sidelines all at the same time. The live sync playback option is fantastic, and there are no delays while streaming TV or movies like Jessica rabbit, Peter rabbit etc. However, it lacks Rabbit’s online virtual machines, which support even slow upload speeds.

• Listening to music, watching videos, and shopping are all combined in the chat .
• GIFs are available in the chat
• Amazing real-time playback


• No voice message or camera support is provided
• Does not support most prominent streaming platforms.

4. SyncLounge

synclounge alternatives

SyncLounge isn’t an identical alternative for Rabbit, but if you’re a Plex user seeking fantastic live sync video playback, you’ll enjoy it. SyncLounge makes it simple to watch Plex with your friends and broadcast your Plex library. Instead of depending on Plex servers, it uses its server to send data to other users.


• The best-synchronized playback for Plex users
• Stream the Plex collection to watch with your family and friends
• Option to chat with your family and friends

• There is no audio message or webcam support available.

5. Metastream

metastream alternatives

Metastream takes one of the top slots on the list because of its incredible live sync playback. Its proprietary technology provides a superb live streaming experience with nearly no latency like other top Rabbit alternatives. Metastream is a joy to use because of features like video queuing, on-screen chatting, and integrated user management. Although it lacks some of Rabbit’s notable features, like audio and camera support, its other features more than compensate.


• Supports a variety of major streaming platforms
• Awe-inspiring live sync playback
• The ability to chat with family and friends

• There is no audio message or webcam support available.

6. Syncplay

syncplay alternatives

Syncplay lets you co-play downloaded content on computers running all major operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows. If you enjoy playing downloaded content, it is a good site among other Rabbit alternatives since you can play it offline using Media Player Classic and VLC, and Syncplay can broadcast the playbacks in private rooms. Share this private room with your folks so that you can all enjoy the content together.


• Best alternative for viewing downloaded content • Available for Linux, macOS, and Windows
• Compatibility with media players such as Media Player Classic and VLC

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• There is no interactive feature such as group chat.

7. Airtime

Airtime Alternatives

If you’re looking for a Rabbit alternative that works flawlessly on Smartphones, Airtime is the best app to use. It features practically every interesting Rabbit feature, including listening to music, viewing YouTube together, and group messaging with GIFs, animated stickers, and so on. It can adjust up to 10 users in one room, which is plenty for your friends or family to watch video content together. It is best smartphone Rabbit alternatives you must try.

• A excellent Rabbit alternative for smartphone viewers
• The ability to share GIFs, voice notes, and stickers

• On Android, it can be a little sluggish.

8. Parsec

parsec alternatives

Parsec is a game streaming app that may also broadcast video content. You may also ask your friends to join you for video streaming, and they will be able to watch content in real-time without experiencing any latency issues. Your friends may remark in real-time and interact with you while you’re streaming games. On the other hand, Parsec is not made for streaming video content. Is is best Rabbit alternatives and gaming streaming spot to enjoy with family and friends.

• Streaming content to watch together easily
• Synchronized playback is fantastic
• Option to chat with family and friends
• Best suited for video game streaming

• No audio message or webcam support

9. myCircle.tv

myCircle alternatives

MyCircle.tv allows you to play videos directly on the site, and members in the room may see them in real-time. You can receive URLs from various websites, and they will all play properly in sync. It incorporates many video streaming sources, including Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube. The group chat option, which now includes emoji support, adds a much-needed interactive element to this Rabbit alternatives. If you are looking for myCircle alternatives consider other sites and apps on the list as myCircle alternatives.


• Integrated Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube
• Good synchronized playback
• Option to chat with family and friends

• There is no audio message or webcam support available.

10. AnimeParty

AnimeParty alternatives

If you and your friends enjoy anime, this is one of the best Rabbit alternatives you’ve been looking for. It’s just a simple service that lets you create a private room to share with your friends so that you can all watch anime together. The group chat option adds a much-needed interactive element. The synchronized playback is excellent and streams smoothly. No doubt it is best Rabbit alternatives in our list.


• Great synchronized playback
• AnimeParty’s collection of anime content
• Option to chat with family and friends

• Only suitable for anime fans
• No voice message or webcam support

11. Rave

Rave alternatives

Rave is an excellent new alternative to Rabbit that works well while watching content on mobile phones. You can watch videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Google Drive, just like Rabbit. Without any problems, the synchronized playback works well. It has voice chat capabilities but no video chat.

• Supports various popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Google Drive, YouTube, etc.
• A good Rabbit alternative for mobile phones
• The ability to communicate with your family and friends via voice and text chat.

• Does not support video chat while watching content.

12. Kosmi

kosmi altrenatives

Kosmi lets you have virtual hangouts with your friends and family. You may quickly establish rooms where you can chat, connect by microphone and webcam, and perform other streaming activities without joining up or installing the app. So it is best Rabbit alternatives you shouldtry now.

• Supports numerous primary streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc.
• It’s excellent to have synchronized playback.
• It’s also lovely to chat with your family and friends.

• On Android, it can be a little sluggish.

13. AndChill

And Chill alternatives

Like other best Rabbit alternatives, AndChill lets you establish public or private chat rooms to begin watching videos with anybody in the world. The user interface is simple, and you may share audio and video files with a single click. When you visit the site, you will find many open chat rooms. Before entering a chat room, you will learn what the other people in the room are viewing.

• A variety of chat rooms to pick from
• Synchronized playback is fantastic
• The ability to chat with family and friends

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• The site does not work on mobile devices.

14. Simulchat

simulchat alternatives

Simulchat lets users build private chat rooms to share files, play games, and watch movies, among other things. You can even make video calls to friends and family while you’re watching content together. You will not be able to access other websites such as Netflix or Amazon, but you will be able to share and watch videos with your family or friends. You must first register by creating an account before using Simulchat’s services. It is the free website and also a best Rabbit alternatives.


• The service is free to use
• It is a simple website
• It enables text chat

• You will be unable to access sites such as Netflix or Amazon.
• It may take some time to register.

15. TogetherTube


TogetherTube is a video-sharing website that lets you watch videos with your family and friends. It offers a real-time experience with minimal latency and works with various popular video streaming platforms. It supports a variety of sites, including SoundCloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube. Members of a chat room can vote on videos. You can play the video with the most votes. It is in the list of best Rabbit alternatives.

• Excellent synchronized playback
• Supports various popular streaming services such as Netflix, Vimeo, and YouTube
• Option to chat with family and friends

• The option to vote on videos may be inconvenient.

16. ShareTube

ShareTube alternatives

ShareTube is a simple application that lets you watch YouTube with your family and friends. It’s pretty simple to use: establish the room, share the YouTube video URL there, and the content sync for you all to watch together. The group chat tool gives a much-needed interactive option. It is the one to choose if all you want is to watch YouTube videos. It is the best app and it is among the best Rabbit alternatives.

• Great app for viewing YouTube together
• Well synchronized playback
• Option to chat with family and friends

• Only valid for YouTube
• No audio message or webcam support

17. Synaptop


Synaptop, a web-based application that allows you to see synchronized videos with your family and friends like other Rabbit alternatives, it is a terrific alternative to Rabbit. This one is also free, but you must first register by creating an account. After creating an account, you may begin adding applications. These apps allow you to watch videos, TV programs, and movies.

• Completely web-based program that does not require downloading
• Collaboration is even feasible for your work projects
• Simple to use and seamless user experience

• Movies may only be chosen from the titles accessible on the site.

18. Caracal Club

caracal alternatives

Caracal club is a service that allows you to access the web without interruptions. Like many other services, Caracal Club is used to create private and public rooms. However, like Rabbit, it does not offer voice or video chat. It is the best premium Rabbit alternatives.

Price: free for the first month, then $5 per month after that.


• Unrestricted web browsing
• A chat option is provided.
• There are free private and public rooms accessible.


• No voice or video is messaging accessible.

19. Hearo.Live

hearo alternatives

Using Hearo.Live as Rabbit alternatives, you may watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and videos with your friends. It, too, allows you to broadcast videos and join in discussions, much like Rabbit. Unlike some Rabbit competitors, it is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.


• Design that is innovative and responsive
• It supports all of the most popular streaming providers and is simple to use and install.

• Only available on mobile devices

20. MyPopcorn


MyPopcorn is a contemporary platform that allows users to view the most current world blockbusters for free. It, like Rabbit, allows individuals from all over the world to see the same movie at the same time. It is, however, not as well-known as other Rabbit alternatives.


• A great movie library is available.
• The UI is elegant and user-friendly.
• Free access and the building of private rooms


• Some changes are still in the works.

So, go ahead and pick your favorite Rabbit alternatives from our list immediately and start having fun with your friends and family. Also read article on Random Online Chatting and article on Senior People Meet Login.

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