PlayStation Now vs. Xbox Game Pass Subscription: Which Is Better?

PlayStation Now vs Xbox Game Pass Subscription

On this page, you will get a comparison between PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass and detailed advice on which to select. Sony has officially revealed plans to merge its long-running PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services into a three-tier subscription scheme for its consumers. The redesigned PS Now membership service will be known as PS Plus, and it will include a slew of new features and incentives for consumers, such as limited-time game trials. Given the features and benefits, Sony’s PS Now can take a shot at one of its main competitors, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.


Since the new PlayStation Plus service is about to be released, many wonder if PS Now is the same as Xbox Game Pass. If you have both a PlayStation and an Xbox, you should think about whether a gaming subscription is the best use of your time and money. You may even wonder if it makes sense to go the extra mile and subscribe to both services. Furthermore, if you want to purchase the next-generation system Xbox Series X or PS5 and want to compare gaming subscription plans for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, you’ve come to the perfect spot.


This post contrasted the wildly popular Xbox Game Pass with the redesigned PlayStation Plus membership programs. We’ve covered everything in this post, from membership plans to the PS Now versus Xbox Game Pass game catalog. It will assist you in understanding the differences between PS Now and Xbox Game Pass and determine if the new PS Plus is a viable competitor to the Xbox Game Pass.


Let us compare Sony’s PlayStation Now and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.


PlayStation Now vs. Xbox Game Pass

In the first section, we will compare the subscription plans of PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass.

PS Now vs Xbox Game Pass

PS Now vs. Xbox Game Pass: Subscription plans

Xbox Game Pass is a delight for Xbox gamers and has quickly become one of the world’s most popular gaming subscription programs. It has an extensive game library, supports various devices, and provides some of the most well-known titles as soon as they are released. As a result, gamers see Xbox Game Pass as a perk.


If you’ve wondered if PlayStation offers something similar to Xbox Game Pass, the new combined PS Now and PS Plus is the solution. In June 2022, Sony will unite the two services to establish a three-tier cloud gaming subscription service for its players.


Are you worried about what will happen to your PlayStation Now subscription? It’s worth noting that PS Now customers will be transferred to the new PS Plus membership plan, which will provide them access to all of the PS Now advantages and a slew of new ones. Please remember that PS Now will no longer be offered as a separate service.


The unified PlayStation gaming service will be known as PS Plus, and it will offer a variety of additional features for subscribers in all three subscription categories. These various approaches are intended to create a broad and diverse gaming community with diverse mindsets.


As opposed to the PlayStation, Xbox Game Pass plans are relatively simple. The basic package lets you play games on console or PS, while the premium plan allows you to play on PC, console, and mobile devices. Both cloud gaming subscription packages come with extra features and benefits. But, first, let’s look at the PS Now and Xbox Game Pass membership options.


PS Plus Subscription Plans

PS Plus Essentials – $9.99/month

The redesigned PS Plus service’s base plan has the same features and perks as the current PS Plus package. Online multiplayer access, cloud storage for stored games, two monthly downloadable titles, and unique discounts are all included. This entry-level package costs $9.99 per month, $24.99 for three months, or $59.99 each year.


PS Plus Extra – $14.99/month

The PlayStation Plus Extra plan contains all of the features of the Essential tier, as well as a library of up to 400 downloadable PS4 and PS5 titles. Blockbuster hits and memorable stories from the PlayStation Studio collection and third-party creators are among the PlayStation Plus Extra games lits. This plan will cost $14.99 each month, $39.99 for three months, or $99.99 for the entire year.


PS Plus Premium  –  $17.99/month

When it comes to the highest tier of the PlayStation Now service, it’s crammed with extra features and has the most to offer. All advantages from the Essential and Extra levels are included in the PS Plus plan. That isn’t everything. Members will receive 340 additional titles, including a collection of iconic games from the PS1, PS2, and PSP systems. Furthermore, PS Plus Premium contains PS3 titles for cloud streaming and provides limited-time trials, allowing users to sample and pick games before purchasing. Members will also be able to broadcast PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS4 games through PS5, PS4, and PC. This package costs $17.99 per month, $49.99 for three months, or $119.99 annually.


For nations that do not have cloud streaming (such as Singapore and South Korea), PlayStation Plus will offer a Deluxe plan that is less expensive than the Premium tier. Except for the game streaming aspects, this package includes everything the Premium plan does.


Xbox Game Pass Subscription Plans

Xbox Game Pass Console – $9.99/month

The standard edition of Xbox Game Pass costs $9.99 per month and gives you access to over 100 titles on your console, which are added and deleted regularly. It provides users with discounts and bargains and lets you get your hands on the hottest games on the first release day. This plan is also available in a PC edition, which allows you to enjoy the same features and perks on a PC rather than a console.


It’s worth noting that Xbox Game Pass Console/PC does not include online multiplayer access, which is included in all PlayStation Now subscriptions. If you own an Xbox and wish to activate online multiplayer access, you’ll need Xbox Gold Live, which costs $9.99 per month. This plan does not provide access to the Xbox Game Pass library, but it does allow for online play.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – $14.99

The most costly Xbox Game Pass tier equals the PS Plus Premium package and includes everything a gamer could want. It features all of the advantages of the Xbox Game Pass Console subscription and some enticing extras like in-game content, partner discounts, and other freebies. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows you to play games on whatever platform you choose, including consoles, PCs, web browsers, and mobile devices.


It has a more extensive library of 454 titles that are playable on all four generations of Xbox platforms. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes EA Play and Xbox Live Gold, allowing online multiplayer access. This plan costs $14.99 per month. Now that we’ve learned about the various membership options for PS Now and Xbox Series X, let’s compare them.

PS Plus Essential Vs Xbox Gold Live

PS Plus Essential     Xbox Gold Live
Online Multiplayer access    Online Multiplayer access
Exclusive discounts    Exclusive discounts
Two monthly downloadable games    Two monthly downloadable games
Cloud storage for saved games    Automatically saves your game data to cloud
$9.99/month    $9.99/month
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PS Plus Extra Vs Xbox Game Pass Console

PS Plus Extra      Xbox Game Pass Console
All PS Plus Essential perks +
a library of 400 PS4 & PS5 games to download and play
Library of 454 games available across
the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S.
Exclusive discounts Exclusive discounts
Online multiplayer access No online multiplayer access
No new titles are added as soon as they are launched Offers Xbox Studio titles on the same day of their release
$14.99/month $9.99/month

PS Plus Premium Vs Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

PS Plus Premium      Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
All perks from PS Essential and PS Plus Extra All perks from Xbox Game Pass Console + Xbox Live Gold + EA Play
Offers a library of over 700 titles Offers a library of over 400 titles
No new titles are added as soon as they are launched Offers Xbox Studio titles on the same day of their release
Supports PS consoles and PC Supports Xbox consoles, PC, web browsers, and mobile devices
Support for cloud streaming  Support for cloud streaming 
$17.99/month $14.99/month

PS Now vs Xbox Game Pass: Pricing

Pricing for PlayStation Now compared Xbox Game Pass. We’ve gone through the benefits and features of the various membership options offered by PlayStation and Xbox cloud gaming services. Let’s rapidly compare their pricing now.


PS Now Pricing

PS Plus Essential costs $9.99 per month, $24.99 per quarter, and $59.99 per year.

PS Plus Extra costs $14.99 per month, $39.99 per quarter, and $99.99 per year.

PS Plus Premium costs $17.99 per month, $49.99 per quarter, or $119.99 per year.


Xbox Game Pass Pricing

Xbox Game Pass PC costs $9.99 per month, $29.99 per quarter, and $119.99 per year.

Xbox Game Pass Console $9.99 a month, $29.99 every quarter, and $119.99 per year

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $14.99 per month, $44.99 per quarter, and $179.99 per year.


The yearly membership of Xbox Game Pass PC/Console is similar to the annual cost of the PlayStation Plus top-tier, which is laden with additional features and bonuses. Compared to PS Plus Premium, the yearly membership cost of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is relatively high. However, the monthly membership option is about $3 less expensive and allows you to play Xbox games on mobile devices and online browsers. Therefore, you should do the arithmetic and select the most excellent cloud gaming subscription package that meets your gaming needs while also fitting your budget.


PS Now vs. Xbox Game Pass: Games library

Content is key, and both gaming subscription services provide a large and diverse content collection. When it comes to the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass game lists, the Premium tier of PS Plus features an extensive portfolio of over 700 downloaded and streaming games from all periods of PlayStation. It implies you’ll be able to play games from the original PlayStation, the PlayStation 2, the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation 5. Since the PlayStation has been on the market for over 25 years, it undoubtedly has a more extensive base for first-party titles. The PlayStation Studio catalog’s blockbuster successes and legendary tales are accessible in the new PS Plus Premium tier. It covers games such as God of War, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, and others. Furthermore, PlayStation Plus includes a bevy of third-party titles and award-winning jewels such as LittleBigThings, Red Dead Redemption, Batman Arkham, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, etc.


The company hasn’t announced the entire list of new PS Plus games, but the renamed PS Now will undoubtedly feature popular titles such as Spider-Man, God of War, Returnal, Death Stranding, etc. Furthermore, Sony pledges to update its game collection to keep gamers interested continually. PS Now is an excellent choice for gamers looking for an extensive game collection. When it comes to the Xbox Game Pass game collection, the membership now includes over 400 titles from all Xbox platforms, dating back to the original Xbox. Microsoft, like Sony, is constantly expanding its game collection. As a result, Xbox Game Pass offers a diverse selection of first-party titles, including Gear of War, Forza Motorsport, and Halo. Furthermore, since Microsoft purchased Activision and Bethesda, Xbox Game Pass also includes award-winning properties such as Redfall, Wolfenstein, and Doom. Moreover, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get access to a library of complimentary Games with Gold games every month.


When comparing the amount of material on PS Now to Xbox Game Pass, Sony’s PlayStation easily outnumbers Microsoft’s Xbox. However, when it comes to the game library, it’s important to consider the quality of the games and their availability. And Xbox Game Pass has emerged as the clear winner. However, while PlayStation Now offers an extensive game catalog, players will have difficulty locating the freshest and most excellent AAA titles in the months of their release. The PlayStation Plus service does not provide day-one releases (as described further down).


The Xbox Game Pass may feature more minor titles, but it more than makes up for it in terms of quality. In addition to its complete first-party portfolio and certain high-value first-party games, Xbox Game Pass provides free downloaded access on the first day of release. Now, this is where Xbox Game Pass surpasses PlayStation Plus. The most noteworthy example of this was the launching of Forza Horizon; It had a massive player base on its first day of release. Sony claims that Day 1 releases will impact game developers and, as a result, game quality. It is something we will only see in forthcoming IP releases.


PS Now vs. Xbox Game Pass: Cloud Storage

All PS Plus subscription packages provide up to 100GB of cloud storage. It lets you store your game progress in the cloud and then download it to any other console that has that game installed. So, for example, If you’re playing a game on your PS4, you can save and upload your progress to the cloud, and after that, download it on your friend’s PS5 and continue playing from where you left off.


Compared to PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass does not even charge for cloud storage. In addition, you don’t need to be a member to store your game data in the cloud. When you connect to the Xbox network while signing up for the Xbox service, saved games are automatically held in the cloud. As a result, when you login into another Xbox console using your Xbox profile, all of your saves will be accessible to that system. It’s also worth noting that each game has its own storage space on your Xbox system, and your cloud storage grows in tandem with your game collection.


PS Now vs. Xbox Game Pass: Day One Exclusive Game Releases

Access to today’s exclusive game releases is one of the key distinctions between PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass easily wins in this category. All Game Pass plans provide Xbox Game Pass users with free downloaded access to all first-party and specific third-party titles on the first day of release. It is one of the most compelling features of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. As a result, whether it’s fan-favorite blockbusters like Halo or Forza or returning IPs like Hellblade, Xbox Game Pass users will easily get access to them right away. It’s difficult to say no to such an enticing offer. It makes the Xbox Game Pass a more appealing choice for players obsessed with new games and who want to get their hands on the hottest releases as soon as they are released.

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Now, let’s look at how PS Now differs from Xbox Game Pass regarding first-day access to new games. Unfortunately, Sony has chosen a different path and will not provide first-party titles at launch, not even to Premium tier members. PlayStation CEO Jim Rayan has rationalized this by stating that if they combine such first-party games with subscription plans, it may result in less investment in its Studios and may negatively influence game quality. Whatever the reason, Sony’s new PlayStation Plus service cannot compete with its opponent. It alone may entice more people to use Xbox Game Pass rather than PlayStation Now.


PS Now vs. Xbox Game Pass: Supported platforms

In this post you will know the difference between PlayStation Now vs. Xbox Game Pass. When deciding whether the new PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass is superior, we must first understand the covered platforms. Members of the Xbox Game Pass PC and Xbox Game Pass Console subscriptions may play over 100 titles on PC and consoles. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, on the other hand, adds support for Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing subscribers to enjoy Xbox titles on multiple platforms. In addition, android phones and tablets can access the Xbox Game Pass app via the Xbox Game Pass app, Chromebooks can access the Chrome browser, and iOS/iPadOS/Mac devices can access the Safari browser. As a result, you may play Xbox games from anywhere with a strong internet connection.


When we compare the new PlayStation Plus service to the Xbox Game Pass, the Premier tier allows you to stream games using PS5, PS4, and PC. On the other hand, Sony made no mention of its support for mobile devices. It’s unknown whether the firm will provide a mobile app similar to Xbox Cloud Gaming. As a result, it may dissatisfy portable players.


PS Now vs. Xbox Game Pass: Backwards Compatibility

When comparing PS Now versus Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, it’s critical to consider backward compatibility with their respective devices. Microsoft’s Game Pass lets you play games on Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One consoles. Therefore, it implies that the Xbox Game Pass is incompatible with earlier Xbox systems such as the original Xbox and Xbox 360. Xbox Game Pass subscribers may select titles from the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


When it comes to the new PlayStation Plus, Sony has opted to take a completely different approach. The new PS Plus service will feature older titles from Sony’s back catalog for the PS, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5. These games will also be available for download on your devices. However, there is a catch. The PS Plus membership will not contain all of the titles released on each PlayStation platform; instead, members will be able to choose from an exciting game library that is frequently updated. It’s lovely to see that the redesigned PS Plus is backward compatible with all PlayStation generations. Consequently, Sony may be able to attract more gamers and build a large base under the PlayStation Plus umbrella.


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Final Verdict: Which is better, PlayStation now or Xbox Game Pass?

The last issue is, who will triumph, PS Now or Xbox Game Pass? As you can see, both cloud gaming subscription services bring a lot to the table and have their own set of advantages & disadvantages. PlayStation Plus boasts an extensive game collection, online player access in each tier, cloud streaming support, and enticing quarterly and annual membership rates. Coming to Xbox Game Pass, it provides an unrivaled value in terms of game catalog, first-day access to new releases, and compatibility with more platforms.


PS Now may be a better alternative for customers looking for a fantastic streaming subscription service that provides online multiplayer access at a reasonable price. Also, if you’re a patient player who isn’t obsessed with playing games right away, PS Now is a fantastic alternative. If you’re wondering which PS Plus membership plan to choose, we’ve attempted to make it as simple as possible for you. PS Plus Essentials is ideal if you’re satisfied with your existing PS Plus plan or want a simple gaming subscription plan for your system. PS Plus Extra will pique your interest if you wish for a massive game library chock-full of PS4 titles. Furthermore, if you want to play vintage titles from the PS3, PS2, and PS1 and cloud streaming and try before you purchase trials, Sony’s PS Plus Premium premium has you covered.


On the other hand, Xbox Game Pass is all you need to play Xbox games on Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass may be the best choice for players who cannot wait to get their hands on AAA titles from major studios such as EA as soon as they are published. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has everything you could want. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the best option for multi-platform support, cloud gaming, Xbox Gold Live, and EA games. Additionally, users who wish to play games on PC/console but aren’t interested in Xbox Gold Live or online multiplayer can choose for Xbox Game Pass PC/Console.


More significantly, you should select a service based on the ecosystem you have invested in or want to invest in. For example, if you own an Xbox Series X, it makes sense to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass to get the benefits of both your console and the subscription service. On the other hand, PlayStation owners should opt for the updated PS Plus subscription to get the most out of their gaming setup. Finally, if you’re a severe gamer with two consoles in your cave, you may subscribe to both services.


So this is our article on how to choose between PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass? Hope you enjoyed the post. Which game is subscription service your favorite? Are you a subscriber to PlayStation Now or. Xbox Game Pass? Please leave a remark in the space below. Also read article on how to Factory rest your PS4?

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