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Picuki Instagram

This article will know everything you want to know about Picuki Instagram editor and viewer. We have listed the best Picuki alternatives as Instagram viewer applications you must try. Instagram is, without question, one of the most popular social media platforms today. It is a free picture and video sharing network that allows people to interact with their friends, family, celebrities, companies, etc. Like other social media sites, Instagram users may like, comment on, and bookmark other people’s posts, as well as send direct messages to their friends.

You must have an Instagram account to view other people’s profiles. You won’t see other users’ photos, videos, or stories unless you have an Instagram account. But don’t worry, Picuki now allows you to browse Instagram anonymously without logging in.

We’ve talked about everything there is to know about Picuki in this post now. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Picuki?

A complete guide on Picuki, the ultimate Instagram editor and viewer. In easy words, Picuki is a viewer and editor on Instagram. It allows people to edit Instagram photos and view Instagram profiles, stories, posts, followers, locations, and tags without logging in for an indefinite amount of time.

Picuki is a safe and secure service that never keeps Instagram users’ personal information. It is an entirely free platform. Picuki allows people to check their own and their posts’ profiles, stories, followers, and the accounts they follow. In addition, it will enable people to search for trending Instagram content, tags, likes, and comments on every Instagram post.

This website also has some excellent capabilities, such as altering other people’s posts, applying filters, modifying brightness, saturation, contrast, cropping, and so on.

What Is the Purpose of Picuki?

Picuki can be used for a variety of purposes. The primary reason for using Picuki is that it allows you to view Instagram profiles anonymously without logging in. You may even download one-of-a-kind Instagram photos and videos from this page.

Picuki includes an excellent editing tool that allows you to apply filters, add text, and modify an image’s saturation and brightness. Furthermore, it is a free and secure service that does not monitor your activities.

How to Browse an Instagram Account without logging in using Picuki

Picuki may be used to browse an Instagram account without logging in.

You may browse Instagram without logging in by following these steps:

• Open web browser and go to the site https://www.picuki.com/.

• In the search box, type the username of the Instagram person whose profile you want to view.

• Once the search results are displayed, select the relevant profile from the list.

• You may now browse and view all of the publicly shared posts by the account.

How to Use Picuki to Browse Instagram Posts Using Tags

Follow the steps below to browse Instagram posts using tags with Picuki.

• First, Navigate to the Picuki page.

• Enter the hashtag you want to look for in the search box.

• When the search results show, click on Tags.

• You’ll get more hashtags results; click on the one you want to see.

• You may now see all of the posts posted publicly with the same hashtag.

How to Use Picuki to Edit Instagram Photos

Follow these steps to edit Instagram photos using Picuki:

• Go to Picuiki.com and type the username of the person you want to edit the photos for.

Select the user from the search results.

• In the post area, click the photo you wish to edit.

• At the bottom of the image, click the Edit button.

• You may now edit the image by tweaking the brightness and applying filters. It also allows you to add stickers and text to the image.

How to Use Picuki to View Trending Instagram Content

• Navigate to Picuki’s official website to view hot Instagram posts.

• From the upper right corner, click Trending.

• On the next page, you will discover all trending posts from the previous day.

• To view prior trending posts, you can also select Yesterday or This Week.

Picuki Image and Video Download

Picuki makes it simple to download photographs and videos. The steps are as follows:

• Locate the user profile using the search box.

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Select an image or video to download by clicking on it.

• Select the Download option at the bottom of the image/video.

 How to View IG Stories Via Picuki Without Login

Here’s how to view Instagram stories with Picuki without logging in:

• Navigate to the Instagram profile of the person whose story you wish to check using Picuki.

• On the profile, click Stories.

• At the bottom, click the Story icon.

• You may now check the Instagram stories shared by the same individual.

Top 10 Instagram Viewer – Picuki Alternatives

Are you looking for the best Picuki alternatives? Here we list the top ten Picuki alternatives for your convenience. Almost all influencers and celebrities engage with their followers on Instagram by revealing their social lives. Therefore, businesses, marketers, companies, and bloggers would be interested in learning what posts or stories perform well for these high-profile persons to adapt them to their content strategy. It is now much more achievable guilt-free, owing to these 10 Instagram viewer applications you should try.

1) Picuki


Lets first talk about Picuki and then we will discuss about Picuki alternatives. Picuki allows you to browse and change or update Instagram stories, profiles, posts, followers, tags, and locations without logging in as an Instagram editor or viewer. In addition, Picuki allows you to check your posts and your friends’ followers and profile posts. You may even check the profiles that your friends are following.

Picuki is an online tool that is entirely free to use. What makes this app even more appealing is the ability to modify Instagram photos and then download them to share with your contacts. In addition, you can search for and view trending Instagram content (profiles and tags) all in one location.

2) Inflact


As best Picuki alternatives, Inflact stands out as a free Instagram viewer app, Instagram Story viewer, and photo downloader for Instagram that you may use indefinitely. By typing the profile name into the search window, you may view all active Highlights and Stories of any public Instagram account without leaving a trace.

You may view Instagram posts without joining up and view the content of users who have banned you. Furthermore, because Inflact is an Instagram Story viewer, you may save a Story to any device with a single click and automatically download Story updates.

Inflact’s revolutionary Story Viewer for Instagram also records every new Story published by a person you monitor for a monthly charge. You may monitor up to 100 profiles and gather their Stories in your Inflact profile. Autosave subscription rates start at $3 per month for three profiles, $9 per month for ten profiles, and $49 per month for 100 profiles.

Finally, Inflact is a photo downloader for Instagram. You may save Instagram photos and videos from your account or any public one. The downloaded photographs and pictures will be preserved at their original resolution.

3) Dumpor


Dumpor is an Instagram viewer and analyzer. Its algorithm allows users to analyze your or another brand’s Instagram statistics. Without logging in, you may also view and monitor Instagram content anonymously. We can say that Dumpor is also the best Picuki alternatives web app you must try.

You may use the statistics to investigate Instagram profiles, hashtags, stories, followers, stories, locations, and more. You may also download an infinite number of Instagram stories, videos, and photos for free. Dumpor is a web app for social media research that evaluates the social media influencer (SMI) atmosphere as a marketing tool.

4) StoriesDown


StoriesDown, a free online app tool, allows you to input any Instagram username and retrieve data on that account’s recent posts and current Stories. However, it only works on public Instagram profiles like other Instagram viewer applications. If a profile is set to private, you won’t see information about posts or stories.

One fantastic feature of this app is that when you click on the Stories page after typing your IG login, a link to download that Story is made accessible to you. You’ll also be notified when the Story has been published. We added Storiesdown in our list of best Picuki alternatives.

5) Gramhir


Gramhir is an Instagram analyzer as well as a viewer like other best Picuki alternatives. Their system makes you analyse the statistics of your own or another person’s Instagram account. For example, you can check the account rate, which indicates how popular an Instagram account is. When you access Gramhir’s website, popular Instagram profile statistics appear immediately.

Exploring Instagram profiles, hashtags, followers, posts, stories, locations, and everything else is more than doable with statistics. Because you have access to statistics, you can forecast how many likes and comments you will receive on your new posted posts.

Of course, examining and monitoring another brand’s or company’s IG content is done indefinitely and anonymously. Gramhir is a free web tool that allows you to share content with your social network friends.

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6) Instaxyz


InstaXYZ is a fast, safe, and free Instagram viewer. It allows you to check all Instagram accounts and hashtags and view all media, comments, and data.

When you access the site, you’ll get a list of popular Instagram tags and users. This reduces the amount of time you spend deciding which account to monitor or assess. That hashtag list also makes it easy to decide what kind of content to publish. Of course, your company’s brand will always be relevant. We can not neglect Instaxyz in the list of best Picuki alternatives.

7) Fullinsta


Fullinsta.photo is another excellent resource for seeing any Instagram profile, videos, or photos. In addition, Fullinsta allows you to browse Instagram as a guest, allowing you to peruse and enjoy much of what Instagram has to offer. You must try Fullinsta as best Picuki alternatives once, hope you will love it.

A web-based Instagram profile viewer leverages the Instagram API to display users and viewers the content they want. However, remember that this is not a recognized or certified product, but with Fullinsta’s assistance, you may browse Instagram safely.

To use, open the website link and input the Instagram hashtag or handle you want to browse through. The matching account will then be displayed, and the complete profile will be shown. This Instagram viewer is a quick and easy method to view the content of any celebrity, public figure, or brand.

8) IGLookup


Like best Picuki alternatives, IGLookup is an Instagram viewer app that allows you to view private Instagram photos from any Instagram account without issuing a request. You can swiftly check on their photo changes while being anonymous.

The free web-based Instagram profile viewer guarantees that their tool is legal, safe, and secure, as well as easy to use. There is no requirement to download any program.

9) Watchinsta


Watchinsta allows you to view pictures and videos from any Instagram profile with its software-integrated website. In addition, you may view IG profiles, both private and public, on any device or operating system for free.

What’s nice about this app is that you may export it as a .zip file after viewing confidential material. In addition, Watchinsta makes you recover or retrieve files and communications. Furthermore, the app automatically checks for changes because the creators regularly review and update this Instagram profile viewer. So we added Watchinsta in the list of Picuki alternatives.

10) InstaDP


InstaDP is a free web-based tool beyond just an Instagram profile viewer and Instagram story viewer. The app also functions as an Instagram Reel viewer, Instagram Post viewer, and Instagram Stories downloader. It is the best Picuki alternatives web application.

If you want to see a brand or celebrity’s post in large size, for example, this app is for you. This Instagram viewer allows you to zoom in on the profile photo to see it in its full size. This feature is helpful if you’re attempting to find out who a specific Instagram user is, especially when IG profile photos are too tiny. You will always receive full-size HD posts whether you use the tool on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

This tool also allows you to download Instagram stories. Input the username of any IG account, search for it, and download. InstaDP’s collections feature accessible if you want to create a collection of all the posts and stories you enjoy. It’s akin to Instagram’s Pinterest boards. You may make albums and add your favorite posts to them.

The best thing is that this feature is entirely private. Nobody sees your collections, and no one receives notifications when you save pictures.


Is Picuki anonymous?

Yes, Picuki is entirely anonymous since the owner of the Instagram profile will never learn about your views, personal information, or the date and time of your visits, as these facts are never recorded.

Why isn’t Picuki working?

Picuki is becoming more famous by the day, and as a result, the website is receiving a lot of traffic. Therefore, when traffic increases on the same server, some functions may cease to function. However, retrying after a short time or clearing the browser or app cache may resolve the issue.

How can you correct a Picuki error?

A Picuki error can be quickly resolved by refreshing the page, clearing the app and website cache, or waiting for some time.

Is Picuki safe?

Yes, Picuki is safe, and it is also legal to use Picuki to browse public Instagram accounts anonymously.

Is picuki.com a free website?

Picuki.com is, indeed, a free Instagram viewer and editor. Without logging in, you may browse and edit public Instagram profiles. Furthermore, you can do it indefinitely.

So this is our article on Picuki.com. A complete guide on how to use it properly to download photos and videos and search for a person using hashtags at Picuki. If there is anything else you would like to say, please write it down in the comments below.

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