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This article will explain how to Open Google Assistant settings and change Google Assistant settings? A complete guide to open Google Assistant settings on Android, iPhone, and Google Home. We all want our offline and online lives to be simple. However, even if Google Assistant excels at this, its developer, i.e., Google, appears to have other ideas. It is because, while all other apps make their settings easily accessible, discovering Google Assistant settings feels like a challenge assigned on a reality TV program.

I may have overstated, but the settings are tucked away. And if like many other users, you don’t know how to launch Google Assistant settings, you’ve come to the proper place. First, we’ll show you how to activate Google Assistant settings on your Android phone, iPhone, and Google Home in this post. Then, if you read to the end, you’ll find some more tips.

View Android Settings

On Android phones and tablets, there are three ways to launch Google Assistant settings.

1. Make use of Google Assistant

Launch Google Assistant on your phone by saying ‘Ok Google’ (if enabled) or by pressing and holding the home button to open Google Assistant settings.

2. When Google Assistant appears, tap on the compass icon at the bottom of the screen.

Use Google Assistant

3. You’ll be sent to the Explore screen. At the top, tap the profile photo icon—select Settings from the menu.

Google Assistant

4. tap the Assistant tab. Congratulations! You’ve arrived at your destination.

Assistant tab

2. Utilizing a Google App

1. Download & Install the app on your phone, then open the Google app on your phone tap the More tab at the bottom. 

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2. Select Settings, than Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Settings

3. To change the settings, tap on the Assistant tab.

3. Making Use of the Command

You can even instruct the Assistant to open the settings for you. For example, launch Google Assistant and type the command ‘Google Assistant Settings.‘ Google Assistant will tap you to the Settings option listed below. To view the settings, tap on it.

Google Assistant Settings Using command

It is simplest and easiest way to open Google Assistant settings using command.

Google Home Assistant Settings

Although the previous ways for Google Home and Home Mini allow you to access Assistant settings, You might also use the Google Home app.

To do so, follow these steps: 

1. Go to the Google Home app on your Android or iPhone phone to open Google Assistant settings.

2. At the bottom, tap on the user symbol.

Assistant Settings on Google Home

3. On Android phones, tap Settings, located under General settings. On the iPhone, tap More settings under the Google Assistant name.

4. You will be sent to Google Settings in both circumstances. Change the required setting for Home and Mini by tapping on the Assistant tab.

Open the Assistant Settings app on your iPhone

While Google Assistant comes pre-installed on most Android phones, it is only accessible on the iPhone via downloading the Assistant app.

To access its settings, follow the following steps:

1. launch the Google Assistant app.

2. In the Assistant, tap the profile image icon in the upper-right area.

3. On the following screen, tap the Assistant tab. Take advantage of the Assistant settings available here.

Change Ok Google Settings

Open Google Assistant by saying ‘Ok Google’ (if enabled) or by pressing and holding the home button on your phone. Then, scroll down and tap Phone under the Assistant tab.

How to Change Ok Google Settings

By uttering the above commands, you can disable accessing Google Assistant. If Google doesn’t recognize your voice, you can retrain it or erase it by heading to the Voice model option. If the problem persists, try these remedies to open Google Assistant settings.

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1. Make Typing Mode the Google Assistant’s default input mode

If you don’t want to engage with the Assistant using your voice, you can type the commands instead. Launch Google Assistant to do so. It will begin listening for your command, signified by four wavering dots. Tap the dots to bring up the keyboard icon.

Alternatively, wait 3-5 seconds for the swinging dots to come to a halt. Following that, the keyboard symbol will appear automatically in the bottom bar. Tap it to bring up the keyboard. Now, type the query into the search box and press the enter key on your keyboard.

Go to Assistant settings, as indicated above, to designate typing as your preferred input mode. Next, scroll down and tap Phone. Then, under Preferred input, tap Keyboard. Repeat the steps and select Voice to return to the previous mode. 

2. Change the voice of Google Assistant to male

Because of psychological reasons, the voice of virtual assistants, like Google Assistant, employ female voices. You can, however, have a male voice or a different version of a female voice for Assistant if you choose.

Instead of providing you alternatives like “voice 1,” “voice 2,” “male 1,” “female 1,” and so on, Google employs colors to distinguish the voices. Unfortunately, Google gives colors to voices at random, and you must select a color to change the voice.

Go to Google Assistant Settings to do so. Then, under the Assistant tab, tap on the Assistant voice. To preview and select the voice, tap on the color.

So that’s how you change Google Assistant settings. Unfortunately, after tinkering with its settings, Google Assistant may not always speak the answers. So, follow these steps to fix the problem and get Google Assistant to reply. Read our article on how to change default Google Account.

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