MES Software: The Best 15 Manufacturing Execution Software of 2022

MES Software

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) provide complete control over the shop floor, scheduling and monitoring, and recommendations for improving quality and performance. Capable MES solution software, also known as manufacturing operations management (MOM), assists with many large manufacturing projects, such as maximizing throughput and resource consumption. reduced manufacturing cycle times, less garbage and rework, and a greater capacity to satisfy quality objectives consistently

MES Solution Software Advantages

The complexity of program capability and the variety of capacities vary substantially between MES solutions. Understanding what to look for in commercial MES solutions is a critical first step in laying the groundwork for an evaluation process that will lead to the best system. A combination of these characteristics will ensure that you get the most out of your MES solution system.

Manufacturing Execution Systems Offer Numerous Benefits.

Manufacturing organizations of all sizes and types rely on MES solution software as a crucial IT resource. The advantages of MES solution software are the same for factories that build items to order, stock, or both. MES solution software is vital for all three types of enterprises because it coordinates the complete scope of manufacturing execution activities. As a result, production planning, job release and resource optimization, production workflow management, and quality management improve. Therefore, MES solution software can be beneficial.

MES software suppliers

Because of just-in-time inventory, inventory holding costs were lowered, and regulatory compliance standards were enhanced. As a result, executives that want to make the most of their MES solution software should start here. It informs them about key features and benefits, maps system scope possibilities, examines the relationship between MES solutions and upcoming technology trends, outlines a step-by-step procedure for analyzing MES solutions, and recommends several popular products from leading MES software suppliers.

1. Logix Factory

Throughout its 20-year lifetime, Aegis Software’s MES solution system has been changed multiple times. The primary features are new product introductions (NPI), logistics management, production management, analytics, integration capabilities, and device management.


Provides an ERP and a standalone MES solution, helping them to position themselves as a reputable and versatile software supplier in the manufacturing business.

MES Software Provides Pain Relief

High investment costs: Companies used to have more money. Many MES solutions must be changed more frequently than in the past. According to some estimates, $5 is spent on services for every $1 spent on a license. This might easily exceed the cost of software investment, not to mention the expenditures associated with keeping the system operational (like support down the road or upgrading it).

Changing a company’s culture is tricky: When you start adopting new software, you may encounter a lot of pushback from workers who are used to the way things are or extremely satisfied with how things are today. Even if the advantages of a new system are clearly stated, certain floor employees or supervisors may be hesitant to change since they will have to spend hours learning a new method and making mistakes. In manufacturing, this would most likely slow down output throughout the learning phase, making meeting client orders on time more difficult.

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How to Select and Evaluate solutions

More critical business decisions must be made than selecting an MES solution. These decisions will have a more significant impact than any other business decision on how manufacturing processes are designed, communicated, implemented, and improved. Following a pre-determined software, selection strategy allows for better coordination of software selection activities among project stakeholders and increases the likelihood of selecting a suitable program.

Create an accountability mechanism. A single individual should assign the final primary responsibility for optimizing factory management systems. Before attempting to obtain software, this task should be explicitly allocated.

Recognize possibilities Accountable leaders should keep an eye out for software technology improvements and the organization’s business plan.

Processes must be evaluated. A well-structured study of critical manufacturing processes and systems should be performed regularly to identify weaknesses that can be corrected with better management technologies.

Examine the business case. When a significant opportunity to overcome a process flaw is recognized, executive or organizational support should be sought.

Prepare for the project’s implementation. Basic project planning activities include selecting team members, defining the scope, deciding on the project approach, and developing a timetable.

Formalize your goals. Formalize your goals with your team’s assistance to select the best solution and create success goals.

Alternatives for sourcing and reviewing: Engaging with top solution providers allows you to study future product possibilities and opportunities for process improvement that would otherwise go unreported.

Fill out the selection requirements. Then, after carefully considering all choices, write down specific feature requirements, cost specifications, and vendor expectations papers for the project.

Assess and select the best proposal—request pricing and service level deliverables from all competitive vendors. Then, calculate the best options’ return on investment and choose the best option after thoroughly assessing capabilities.

The Best 15 Manufacturing Execution Software of 2022

1. Hydra MES



Businesses utilize HYDRA, a fully integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES), to collect and analyze critical data on production, human resources, and quality management. Manufacturers can use HYDRA to capture real-time data from their stores…


2. Bluestreak

Bluestreak is an integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Quality Management System (QMS) built mainly for the Service-Based Manufacturing industry. It connects quality control to individual operators.



In manufacturing, the shop floor is where the money is made. That is why accurate, real-time visibility into your production and factory floor is critical in today’s industrial world. The IQMS Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables.


4. AutoSuite

AutoSuite MES connects your controller and business systems across your organization, transforming production data into usable data. In addition, this scalable solution offers customization options when combined with library-based content.

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Because MES understands that manufacturing is not a “one-size-fits-all” industry, this software is designed to assist small businesses in increasing efficiency and lowering expenses. As an MES, IMCO provides visibility, precision, and control over today’s business operations.


6. FactoryPRO

Software for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). SolSemUSA created FactoryPRO to aid in managing things from birth to death. Various sorts of applications are classified into five groups: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) describes the process of managing a product.


7. Wonderware MES/Operation

Industrial automation systems can run for extended periods on their own. Still, they must be taught what to manufacture, where to manufacture, when, and how to create it. This is determined by the production strategy of the plant, which plant managers and operators implement.


8. FactoryLogix

FactoryLogix, a modular and device-based manufacturing software solution that interacts with and enhances every aspect of your production process comprises many different pieces. It was designed from the ground up to integrate cutting-edge technology with the knowledge and experience of its employees.


9. Epicor Advanced MES

Epicor Advanced MES (Mattec) is a factory execution system that monitors production and performance data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you in boosting capacity and profit. The system collects information directly.


10. Macola

Macola has provided software to thousands of small and medium enterprises and distributors for over 40 years. Our products help organizations increase revenue, decrease expenses, reduce risk, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer happiness.


11. E2 Shop System

The E2 Shop System helps store owners successfully manage all elements of shop operations while also controlling profitability. In addition, the fully integrated E2 Shop allows you to be concerned about your front office or shop floor.


12. Mattec

You can maintain a close check on and regulate your production and process manufacturing in real-time when you utilize Mattec’s manufacturing execution system. The system increases output by giving accurate, real-time manufacturing data for all of your plants 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


13. Skulocity

Skulocity’s applications all work together to help you operate your business more efficiently. Skulocity now supports, among other things, eCommerce, CRM, and wireless warehouse management.


14. Priority ERP

Priority offers customized systems to meet the needs of its key vertical markets, which include manufacturing, professional services, customer support, retail (with an integrated point of sale, the critical link between the front and back office), healthcare, and others.

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15. Flexware MES

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are also known as data collection solutions, shop floor execution systems, and manufacturing operations management (MOM). Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) collects production data from multiple locations.

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