Top 10 Video Editors for Mac M1 Chip

Top 10 Video Editors for Mac M1 Chip

In this post you will discover the best Video Editors for Mac M1 to edit videos for Youtube and other sharing platforms. Video editing is never an easy process; it takes patience, inventiveness, and zeal. Meanwhile, choosing a decent video editor is vital because you must check several factors before purchasing the best one for your needs. When we try to choose a video editing software for Mac, the task becomes much more complex.

So don’t be concerned! Following some brainstorming on Google and several forums, we have compiled a list of some of the best video editors for Mac M1 on the market. Patience and attentiveness are equally vital as competent video editing software for a video editor. On the other hand, choosing the best one is an easy chore. This guide will inform you about the best editing software for Mac M1 Chip PC.

The Best Video Editing Apps for Mac M1

You can edit videos on your Mac M1 using various software, but choosing the best one is challenging. However, we have created this guide to help you select the best from our list. So, let’s get started and see which one best meets your needs.


1. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro Mac M1 Chip

If you are looking for the best Video Editors for Mac, Apple’s Final Cut Pro program is a game-changing piece of software. It is one of the finest Mac M1 video editors since it allows you to produce, edit, and generate high-quality video.  In addition to powerful digital editing features, Final Cut Pro supports practically every video format, and its easy user interface allows you to focus on delivering your narrative.

However, in my view, Final Cut Pro is the best program for Macbook users. But, yes! It may takes a little time to learn how to use this program if you are converting from Windows to macOS for the first time. However, it is a program that can be used by both beginners and pros who want to learn more.

Moreover, you don’t have to be worried about the features because it has all of the tools needed to edit and share videos. But, of course! To execute this software, you must have a Mac running macOS 10.13.


  • It has a magnetic timeline
  • Clips may be altered non-destructively
  • Clips may be moved, cropped, and reordered without causing collisions or synchronization issues
  • Employing compound clips
  • VR control
  • Titles in 2D and 3D


2. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements

Premiere Elements 2022 is the most recent version of the video editing software, which is available for both Mac and Windows. If you want to reduce your videos fast, you may use this software. However, you may do fun projects or mix numerous media into a single clip or video with Adobe Premiere Elements. It is one of the best Video Editors for Mac on our list.

It is incredibly easy to use because of its easy editing with automation and AI. Also, if you are a beginner and have no clue how Premiere Elements works, you do not have to worry because it includes step-by-step editing and creation instructions.

When it comes to services, Premiere Elements has a lot superior support networks than any other editing software in my experience. Furthermore, because they provide two-way contact alternatives for their paying consumers, such as phone and live chat with Adbove authorities, your questions are answered within a few minutes.


  • Animate the overlays for more fun.
  • Make changes to the shadows and highlights.
  • Use double exposure to generate stimulating effects.
  • You may also use animated mattes.
  • You can even make time-lapse videos.
  • Add animated sky to your images to make them come to life.
  • Include freeze frames and motion titles.
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3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Anyone who wants to edit videos may use Adobe Premiere Pro. Consequently, Premiere is suitable for everyone, from novice web developers updating their sites to professionals editing polished TV advertisements. No doubt Adobe Premiere Pro is the world’s best Video Editors for Mac and Windows.

With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can produce videos in seconds by mixing clips, making transitions, and creating seamless slideshows. Furthermore, Adobe Premiere Pro assists an editor who has just begun his work as a beginner’s editor in learning how to edit a video’s audio and graphics.

Furthermore, Adobe Premiere Pro will help you make, refine, and edit your projects easily. It also allows you to add audio and video effects, make titles, modify the colors and lighting, and ultimately export your projects to any screen in any format after completion.


  • The development of two projects at the same time
  • Motion graphics templates
  • Collaboration on projects.
  • Creating VR videos for editing
  • The VR Rotate Sphere feature is supported
  • Audio editing for virtual reality
  • VFX
  • Graphics and titles for video


4. Avidemux

Avidemux Mac M1 Chip

Like other best Video Editors for Mac, Avidemux, developed by SourceForge, could be your best bet if you’re new to video editing. On the other hand, Avidemux is an open-source, free video editing application popular among beginners.

Avidemux may be used to encode or optimize videos for various speaker configurations. It is also an excellent choice for basic video editors, but others with more features may be preferred.

So it’s up to you if you like this editor or not. However, if you are still perplexed, you should check a look at the features listed below:


  • Cutting
  • Making a copy of any image or video
  • Eliminating video portions
  • Individual section saving
  • Filtering
  • Applying filters to videos
  • Audio filtering
  • Codecs


5. DaVinci Resolve


DaVinci Resolve has all the tools you’ll need for cutting, keyframing, color grading, and audio if you’re a video editor, producer, or editor-in-training. The application’s free version is likewise highly competent, although it has a steep learning curve. We think you should try this best video editor for Mac. You’ll love it.

As a result, you’ll have to figure out how to use this editing program on your own. You must be surprised to learn that DaVinci Resolve is one of Hollywood’s most popular video editors.

It enables you to edit and add visual effects, motion graphics, color correction, and audio post-production for Mac, Windows, and Linux!


  • Editing
  • Color correction
  • Visual effects
  • Motion graphics
  • Audio post-production are all available.


6. Lightworks

Automatically QC your video

Lightworks is a great way to get started with video editing on your Mac M1. It is simple editing software that lets you edit, cut, and attach one or more videos, audio, and pictures. It can play a lot of different formats of videos. Lightworks is the famous Video Editors for Mac M1 Chip.

I highly suggest it, and believe me; you will not be disappointed if you get this software for your Mac M1. It is strong, but it lacks the features that help beginners learn how to use it that other programs do.

It implies you’ll have to learn how to use the software. However, it is also used to edit certain well-known Hollywood films, like Pulp Fiction, The Kings Speech, and the most famous Wolf of Wall Street.


  • It has a real-time effect.
  • Multicam editing at its best.
  • Multimonitor output;
  • Support for several file types
  • Video may be exported to Vimeo (H. 264/MPEG-4) in resolutions up to 720p HD.
  • Up to 720p HD (H.264/MPEG-4) video may be exported to YouTube.


7. VN Video Editor

VN - Video Editor

VN Video Editor is a simple, ad-free editing application with no watermarks. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows; however, it is primarily intended for usage on mobile devices. It includes a user-friendly interface, rapid video imports, and sophisticated editing features to make editing more productive. It is most reliable tool and in the list of our best Video Editors for Mac.

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As a result, even if you are a beginner, you will have no trouble getting started and creating a fantastic video straight immediately. Videos made using VN are simple to manage and generate.

When you use VN to edit your videos, you will be able to show off all of the beautiful moments that you captured or photographed. Additionally, you may quickly edit 4K videos by adding to the fun of creation.


  • VN makes video editing incredibly simple
  • Seamless Connection
  • Multi-Segment Editing
  • You may use VN to add dramatic filters to your videos
  • Include subtitles in your videos


8. Filmora

Wondershare Video Editor

With Wondershare Filmora video editing software, you can produce spectacular videos using several sophisticated editing tools. Furthermore, thanks to Wondershare Filmora’s user-friendly design, video editors of all ability levels may become exceptional editors. Of course, it’s one of the top Video Editors for Mac M1 Chip on our list.

Filmora hits the appropriate blend of features and ease of use among video editing software applications. They also provide a beginner’s guide on using this application to edit videos on your mobile.

Wondershare’s Filmora supports both Windows and Mac when it comes to compatibility. So, let’s have a look at its features:


  • Editing in 4K resolution is supported.
  • The ability to edit GIFs
  • Eliminate all sounds.
  • Color adjustment.
  • A text editor with rich features.
  • Audio/video mixer
  • Video stabilization.
  • Scene detection is automatic.
  • An audio equalizer.


9. Camtasia

Best Screen Recorder

Techsmith’s Camtasia software provides a easy user interface that simplifies editing videos and recording screencasts. It gives designers the power to quickly and easily produce excellent training videos. It is now available for both macOS and Windows. You should try these Video Editors for Mac M1 Chip from our list of the best 10 Mac Video Editors.

However, it makes it easier for Windows and Mac users to record professional-looking videos. As a result, it is our final choice. If you need easy-to-manage and simple video editor software, you should consider this because it contains everything a beginner editor needs.


  • Over 75 new transitions are included.
  • Motion Blur has been introduced, as has a corner rounding effect.
  • Lottie support has been added (JSON).
  • Media clips can be personalized.


10. iMovie


In the industry, iMovie is referred to as a nonlinear editor. However, suppose you seek the best video editors for Mac M1. It would help if you thought about this in such a case because you may use it to cut and edit videos, audio, and graphics without making their uniqueness.

Today, these advanced technologies are used to edit nearly all Hollywood films. However, Apple made the user interface so essential to demonstrate that they recognize that not everyone who creates videos is a professional video editor.

So, you can check out the URL provided below to download this editor software and let us know what you think of it.


  • Video color settings may be changed and improved;
  • Video clips can be chopped and rotated.
  • Shaky Videos can be stabilized.
  • You can also add video transitions and speed up or slow down clips.

So this is our post on the top 10 video editing software for Mac M1.  Please add us if we neglect to include any other helpful editing tools in this guide. Also read the best VLC Alternatives For Windows, Mac and Linux.

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