Latest Best 20 Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2022

Latest Best 20 Airtel Free Internet Tricks

In this page, you will know how to get the latest 20 Airtel free internet tricks? A complete guide with step-wise instruction for your convenience. Airtel has created several improvements to its recharge and data programs. And, when the Jio offers grew in popularity, Airtel became obligated to improve their data efficiency, making it simple to induce airtel-free internet data, calling minutes, and jackpot offers.

We will continue to offer working tricks verified as working free airtel internet tricks. Currently, we will provide working tricks that will assist you. However, if you know of any tricks or have a problem, please get in touch with us, and we will work together to find a solution.

There you have it! Most of the tricks listed here are just for prepaid subscribers, so don’t try them if you have a post-paid connection.

Requirements to use Free Airtel Internet trick

The following are the necessary conditions for using the Free Airtel Internet trick:

1. APN- 3G enabled Airtel SIM card (you can use a zero Rental Airtel Plan)

2. Wynk Pack is now active on your Airtel SIM.

3. 0 rupees SIM Card Balance ( To be safe side).

4. If your speed is limited, use a small 3G pack.

Trick 1. Airtel Wynk Free Internet Trick 2019

Click Here to Download Wynk Application.

• Now, after installing the app, run it with the Active Data Pack that you obtained.

• Now, on the wynk app, go to MY ACCOUNT and select TRY FREE.

• Select the Wynk Freedom Plan, which is entirely free.

• Download Tunnel Guru for Windows or Droid VPN for Android.

• Connect to the Internet using the APN:

• The main task now is to Open Tunnel Guru or PD Proxy and navigate Settings, then Options.

• Click on Advanced Settings and then Find Parent Proxy.

• Use Parent Proxy as a Put IP:, Port: 3128

• Now, go to Headers and click: Host:

• Finally, connect it to the TCP 443 Port.

• You will be linked!!! Take advantage of Airtel’s free Internet.

Note: This trick has been proved to work in Delhi, Haryana, and the northern states of India. Try it in your state and let us know whether it works for you. If it doesn’t, try it with a Delhi SIM card.

Terms and Conditions for free Airtel Wynk Internet Tricks

• Your Airtel Sim Card must have a minimum balance of one rupee.

• Your smartphone is capable of 4G and 3G connectivity.

• Because this is a new working trick that allows Wynk users to get free internet data, Your smartphone has the Wynk Music app installed.

Trick 2. Airtel Droid Vpn Trick 2019

• Click here to download DroidVPN.

• After downloading, visit this DroidVPN link and create a new account: Register.

• If you already have an account on Droidvpn, you can use it here for Airtel Tricks.

• Now, open the DroidVPN app and go to Settings under Droid VPN.

• Now, select the connection protocol > TCP.

• Set Proxy Settings to Enable.

• Enter as the Proxy Server address.

• Also, port as ->> 3128

• Now, click HTTP HEADERS and type HTTP HEADERS.





You can select any free server from the list above in Settings.

Trick 3. Airtel Troid Vpn Trick 2019

• Download and Open Troid VPN

• Select Any Free Server From Troid VPN.

• Set Port as TCP

Rport – 443

Lport – 0

Now Go to Advanced Settings.

• Tick the box next to (Use Proxy for TCP Connection) and enter the following settings:

Proxy host – or

Port – 3128

Host – Host:

When you’re finished, press the save button and then connect it (it will Get connected instantly)

• If the previous settings do not work, try the following:

Open TroidVPN >> Select Any Available Free Server and >> Set TCP Port as

Rport – 443

Lport – 0

Now Go to Advance settings.

Set DNS –

Must have a checkmark on (Use Proxy for TCP Connection)

Proxy host – or

Port – 3128

Host – Host: or Host:

When you’re finished, press the save button and then connect it (it will Get connected instantly)

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Trick 4. Airtel Free 1GB 4G Data Trick 2019

It is the most recent trick. It is available in practically every state of the country (prepaid sim only).

How to Get a Free 1GB Data Plan on Airtel Prepaid Sims.

• Dial 52122 from your Airtel SIM card.

• It will be disconnected automatically.

• Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a confirmation message. (Sometimes immediately.)

• Dial *121*2# to see your data balance.

Trick 5. Airtel Free 10GB 4G Data Trick 2019

• It is a user-specific trick.

• Dial 5999555 from your Airtel phone.

• The lucky recipients will receive 10 GB of data valid for ten days.

Trick 6. Download the Airtel TV app to get a free 1GB internet connection for three days

• First and foremost, download the Airtel TV APP. Click Here.

• After downloading, install and open it.

• Then, Enter your Airtel Number and validate it with OTP. (On the mobile number you entered, you will receive an OTP.)

• At the same time, you will receive 1GB of free Internet data.

• That’s it; you now have free 1GB 3G/4G data.

Airtel Free Data Offer Terms and Conditions:

• You will receive 1GB of data for free.

• To receive free data, download the Airtel TV App from the Google Play Store.

• You will receive 1GB of data immediately.

• This offer is valid to all users, so there is no need to worry.

• Only available to Prepaid Users.

• The data is valid for three days.

Trick 7. Airtel Free 500 MB 4G Internet Trick 2019

To get your free Airtel data, simply follow the steps below.

• Download the MyAirtel app or update it if you already have it installed on your device.

• Navigate to the Apps section.

• Look for the Airtel Movies app in the list. There is also a banner offering 500 Mb of free data.

• Select it and install the movie app.

• Then, using the same Airtel mobile number, register on it.

• You will receive a notification confirming the 500 MB 4G data deposit within a few minutes. This particular trick is valid to all Airtel prepaid customers.

Trick 8. Airtel Postpaid Trick

This trick is only applicable to postpaid subscribers. And will only be available to a limited number of people.

To get this offer on your sim card, follow the steps below:

• Sign in to the “my Airtel app” with a valid postpaid number.

• You will see a banner offering free 60GB 4G data.

• If prompted, download the “airtel tv” app as well.

• For the following six months, you’ll get 10 GB of data every month.

• Then, using the same Airtel mobile number, register on it.

If you have not been initiated, you can use the same offer by texting SURPRISE to 121.

Trick 9. Airtel’s Free 1.2 GB Data Offer

If you use this trick, you will acquire 1.2 GB of Airtel internet data for free. You must download the following four apps before proceeding with the steps below:

• Open your browser and navigate to

• Enter your mobile number.

• Install My Airtel App first, followed by Wynk movies, music, and games.

• For each downloaded app, you will receive 300 MB of free data.

• In summary, after downloading all four apps, you will receive 1.2 GB.

Terms and Conditions the offer is only valid to Airtel Prepaid customers.

• The 1.2 GB of data can only be used between 12 AM and 6 AM.

• Even if you have already installed any of the above apps, you are still eligible for this offer.

• The 50% data cashback would not be applicable.

Trick 10. 30GB Airtel Free Internet Trick Plus Airtel VoLTE Beta Program

Get Free 30GB Data via To refresh your mind, the Airtel VoLTE Beta program is now LIVE in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Kerala, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh.

To access the free internet tricks, follow these steps:

• Open the offer page by clicking here.

• To validate, enter your Airtel mobile number.

• Enter the one-time password (OTP) that you received on your smartphone.

• Provide feedback on your VoLTE experience to receive 30GB of free Airtel data.

• It’s that simple!

Trick 11. Earn 15 Rs Free Talk time Every Month

• Airtel has launched a reward tune service that you will hear while making outgoing calls. You will be paid 5 paise for each ad heard, with a monthly limit of Rs 15 set.

• Obviously, this is a small sum, but it is better to have something than nothing; also, there is no effort required here; all you have to do is listen to sponsored advertisements.

Dial 50080 or *580# to activate this offer.

Trick 12. Airtel Unlimited 3G Downloading Trick for Android

• Ensure that you have a low balance (preferably less than 1 or 2 Rs).

• Install Opera Next 7.5.3 Handler on your Android device.

• Place a checkmark in front of the “remove port” option.

• Select “real host” as the proxy type.

• Enter as the proxy server.

• Enable the data now and enjoy free unlimited internet access.

Trick 13. Get 500 MB for free if you live in Gujarat or Maharashtra

• Simply dial *129# and select the third option, “popular bundle or popular pack.”

• Choose the fourth internet pack choice and the 98Rs (500 megabytes) package.

• Press 1 to enable auto-renewal.

• Only working in Gujarat and Maharashtra circles. (Try it with a low balance of fewer than 98 Rs.)

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• You can even utilize it several times for additional data benefits.

• Please hurry! It could stop working at any time.

Trick 14. Using the Moto E, you can receive 2GB of 3G data

Here’s the most recent Airtel trick for getting 2GB of 3G data. Follow the following steps:

• You’ll need a Moto e first-generation Android phone and two Airtel sim cards.

• If you don’t have a moto e, utilize its build prop file (for advanced users only).

• We’re presuming you have a Moto e phone. Insert your first Airtel sim card into sim slot 1 and turn on mobile data.

• Navigate to this page and click the “activate 1GB data for 2 months” offer.

• You will receive 500 MB of 3G data per month for two months.

• Repeat the process with another sim card and sim slot 2.

• So, utilizing this 3g trick, you will receive 2 GB of data for a total of two months.

Trick 15. Airtel Free Internet Handler for the Opera Mini

• First and foremost, download the Opera Mini handler and follow Airtel free internet tricks of this article.

• Once downloaded successfully, install it on your smartphone.

• Next, navigate to your mobile internet settings.

• Navigate to the Access Points option and create a new Access Point.

• Fill in the blanks on the new access point’s settings.

Name: Airtel Internet
Port: 80

• Click the Save button.

• Now, turn to the internet and open the Opera Mini Handler app from the homepage.

• It may take a while the first time.

• When the loading is finished, click the Accept button, and it will be ready to use.

• Enjoy!!

Trick 16. Airtel Free Internet Handler for the Uc Browser

• First and foremost, download Uc Browser Handler.

• After downloading successfully, install it on your smartphone
• Turn on your mobile data
• Launch the UC Browser Handler
Scroll down and click Remove Port.

• Now, on the Proxy Server, select Real Host.

• Fill in any proxy server

• Click the OK button, and you’ll be able to use this UC browser without an internet connection.

• Use the free Internet.

Trick 17. Latest Working Airtel Tcp 2019

• Use Pd Proxy For Setup
• Use TCP Port as – 3128 port
• Get Proxy List From –
• Unlimited Host Trick – To create a new host as your own, add anything before, such as:

  • even

We understand that it is awkward, however, it is working perfectly in the east (India).

Trick 18. Airtel Proxy Setting for Computer (PC) / Laptop

In this Airtel free internet tricks follow the steps below;

• Launch Firefox.

• Navigate to Tools

• Options > Network > Setting

• Manual setting

• Use any proxy from the above-mentioned proxy lists.

Proxy address: ( or as above)


Port: 80

Homepage: ( or above described Hosts)

Note: If your loading speed is slow, deactivate JavaScript. You will notice a significant change.

Trick 19. Working Airtel Free Internet – Uc Handler Trick 2019 (APN)

• Go to Your Mobile Setting > Network Setting > Access point Names

• Now Create New APN as below

• Enable your mobile data.


Port: 80


• Save the above settings now.

• You must now download any UC handler from Google.

• Now, open the UC handler and configure it, as shown below.

Proxy Protocol: http

Proxy Server:

• Save and open the UC Handler settings.

• Browse the web for free with the Airtel 3G Trick.

Please keep in mind that there is a 250 megabytes limit per proxy server. Please change it to another free host, such as




Trick 20. Airtel WebTunnel Vpn Trick 2019

• First, download the Web Tunnel Vpn app

• Once you’ve installed web tunnel VPN on your Android smartphone, Open the app and make the following changes.

• Configure the Web Tunnel VPN app as follows.

Header Host:

Server: Choose any accessible server (Use server 9)

Proxy Host: (or) (or) any free airtel host

Port: 80 o The next column selects:

Fastest HTTP:1

• Now press the connect button.

• You’re finished.

You will be connected shortly. You can now follow instruction of Airtel free internet tricks and get 3G/4G internet from your Android device.

Note: Please keep in mind that the WebTunnel VPN app has a daily limit of 250 megabytes. As a result, you can only use 250 megabytes of free internet per day. To avoid balance deduction, keep your Airtel sim balance at zero.

Working Free Airtel Internet Hosts 2019

You can even change it one by one to see how effective and fast it is.


100% Working Free Proxy For Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2019

• OR
• OR next
• OR
• or
• (resume supported)

Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2022

Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2022

So, This is our article on how to get latest 20 Airtel free internet tricks? Hopefully the above mentioned Airtel free internet tricks will works for you. Read our article on how to fix Android Connected to WIFI but No Internet.

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