A Lifetime Ban For Klay Thompson Doppelganger

Klay Thompson Doppelganger

Dawson Gurley, Klay Thompson Doppelganger, a YouTube star, was banned from Warrior. Do you know that Klay Thompson has a Doppelgagger? You read it correctly. He has one. In reality, we have seen the lookalikes of several great athletes in the sports world. Sachin Tendulkar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and many more celebrities have doppelgangers. They seem to relish it. Dawson Gurley is Thompson’s doppelganger. He was observed throughout the arena before Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals. The sight enraged everyone on social media.

Story of Klay Thompson Doppelganger

Dawson “Daws” Gurley, a YouTube personality, is widely known among NBA fans as “Fake Klay” for his resemblance to Thompson. Gurley announced that he was banned from the Warriors’ home arena after being allowed through by security and shooting around “on the court for 10 minutes” before the Warriors’ 104-94 victory over the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the 2022 NBA Finals on Monday (June 13) night. The game was part of the 2022 NBA.

Gurley, like the ‘Dancing Mom,’ is a well-known clubgoer. The rest of the squad looked to be having a good time with him and cracking jokes. Not all doppelganger situations, though, are amusing. The lookalikes have sometimes caused problems for the stars and their teams. In reality, Gurley recently did something that has caused him a lot of grief. Gurley’s status has changed so drastically that he may no longer be in the spotlight. Read on to find out what happened to Klay Thompson’s lookalike.

Dawson Gurley says while talking to the media, “Technically, I did not trespass. I talked to security, went through metal detectors, and walked into the building. They welcomed me with open arms. I also never claimed to be Klay.”

Klay Thompson doppelganger Banned

Klay Thompson’s doppelganger did something unusual. During Game 5, Gurley violated security and metal detectors. In reality, he took part in the Warriors’ warm-ups as well. However, he was quickly found and removed off the field. In addition, the Warriors banned him for life for his actions. Furthermore, they have refused to return him the $10,000 he paid for the tickets.

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The Klay Thompson impersonator turned to Twitter to publish a photo of the official letter announcing his suspension. As a result, it seems that he will not be cheering for the warriors in the next games.


However, the Gurley incident has raised severe concerns about the Warriors’ security systems.

Concerns About Security

Dawson Gurley has been compared to Klay Thompson. However, the likeness is not very striking. He resembles Thompson. So, he will find it difficult to penetrate the security entirely. It raises severe concerns about the game’s security procedures. It would have been easy to prevent him from accessing the ground with sufficient security measures. Unfortunately, this did not occur.

As a result, the security preparations have been called into doubt. According to the experts, there must have been a flaw that enabled the Klay Thompson impersonator to break the system.


Gurley, it is true, is a die-hard Warriors supporter. In reality, he resembles Clay Thompson, but that doesn’t imply he’d enter the field and break the security. His conduct may have gained him a lot of attention on social media, but it is also perilous. In reality, Klay Thompson Doppelganger received a lifelong ban from the Warriors.

The event has also generated discussions about security flaws throughout the games. However, how the authorities react to these concerns remains to be seen. Also read how to watch LIVE NBA matches?


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