Top 30 KissMovies Alternatives To Watch Movies with Subs


In this post you will discover the best Kissmovies alternatives to watch movies online. As we know that Kissmovies is a free internet streaming service where you can watch movies and TV series. The service is excellent for individuals who wish to watch HD movies and TV shows regularly. It also refreshes its material almost every hour to guarantee you don’t miss out on your favorite movie or TV program. Kissmovies, on the other hand, has a lot of annoying commercials. Consider using kiss movie alternatives to prevent this and have a better watching experience.


As individuals get used to spending most of their time at home and working from home, their entertainment demands must also evolve. As a result, many have resorted to Kissmovies, Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to view films, television programs, online dramas, and documentaries. Each of these applications offers thousands of these films in several languages and provides multiple subtitles.


Kissmovies is the best alternative for individuals searching for a secure and trustworthy online movie website with free access to all movies and good video quality as an added benefit. In addition, you do not have to pay exorbitant monthly membership fees to view your favorite television programs. Simply go online, choose this website, and search for your preferred movies or television programs. This guide will outline how to keep your device safe and the benefits and access ways for this video streaming service.


Official sites: and


Is it legal to use free movie streaming sites?

The presence of free streaming services is not unlawful in and of itself. It is also not illegal to just surf these free movie websites. Some of the sites we’ll discuss below are legal streaming services that own the distribution rights to the material they distribute.


It is, however, unlawful to broadcast copyrighted information unless you have the proper permission and rights. It is an example of piracy, and the repercussions may be severe. We do not recommend using these sites to watch the newest MCU movie or binge-watch the current episode. However, there are legal choices, and you may watch movies on them even if you’re on a low budget or if they’re inaccessible in your area.


Website Proxy and Mirror Sites for Kissmovies

There are several methods to reach the Kissmovies website, and they are all reasonably navigable. Copy and paste the URLs of each of these portals, and you will be led to the leading site, where you may binge-watch as many movies and television episodes as you choose. Here are a few gateways you may use to visit the website.


KissMovies Alternatives

This post explains the best alternatives available today to watch movies online legally. So without ado lets checkout the list.

1. AZMovies


It is the best kissmovies alternatives in 2022 to watch movies is AZMovies. AZMovies is an outstanding free streaming service that has been around for a long time. It has hundreds of movies and a significant monthly viewership. Unfortunately, it is pretty much all AZMovies has going for them. It just includes movies and no TV shows, and the advertising on the site may be annoying. Not to mention that AZMovies operates outside of the law; thus, we don’t recommend you go there.


2. Afdah


Afdah is a prominent free online movie streaming service that follows the minimum ad invasion trend. It has an extensive library, provides high-definition quality for all movies and TV shows, and only sometimes displays a pop-up ad. So while the name is harder to remember, the platform’s experience is not lacking. Its user interface is similar to that of kissmovies so we can say that it is among the best kissmovies alternatives. You can find many site URLs to Afdah in google like,,,,, and all sites are offering movies and TV series content.


Regrettably, Afdah remains an illegal site. It does not have distribution rights for the material it gives; thus, if you wish to watch legal stuff while streaming free movies online, look at the lawful things on our list instead. Furthermore, during our most recent inspection, the site seemed hazardous. It should be fully operating again shortly. We recommend that you read some of our other articles for the time being.

3. BounceTV – Best Alternatives


If you are looking for the top kissmovies alternatives, you must visit BounceTV.  Bounce TV is an African-American-focused digital streaming network located in the United States. It features episodes and movies with a diverse cast and aims toward a specific target. It’s free to use, has high-quality material, and the adverts aren’t too intrusive. So if something interests you and you aren’t already in the United States, all you need is a VPN to investigate. You can use NordVPN, which is especially good at unblocking US-based services.


4. Cineb


We can consider it in the list of best kissmovies alternatives; However, Cineb is a relatively new free streaming service striving to establish itself in this industry. It has a beautifully simple design, high video quality, and low commercial intrusion, making it a great site to watch movies online! Furthermore, it has a “Trending” section on the main page and a reasonable number of categories but is poorly populated. Cineb’s content customization attempts to attract new viewers. It is constantly on top of new releases, posting information as soon as it can get its hands on it. However, since Cineb, like other free streaming sites, lacks distribution rights to its material, watching movies and TV series on this platform is illegal in many countries. Furthermore, the site’s formatting is off.


5. Crackle


It is also the best kissmovies alternatives to watch movies in 2022. Crackle, sometimes known as “Sony Crackle” since Sony bought it in 2006, is a relatively unknown free streaming service. It is unfortunate since it is entirely legal and offers an expansive library. In addition, it provides free movies and TV series from well-known studios such as Lionsgate, MGM, Sony Pictures, and DreamWorks. However, it is only accessible in a few countries, so if you want to watch Crackle from anywhere on the planet, you will need a VPN to get a US IP address.


6. FlixTor


FlixTor is one of the greatest kissmovies alternatives for streaming and downloading movies, we have today. It is a well-known free streaming service. We’ve already discussed it in our post on how Flixtor works and if it’s legal (it is). It has a user-friendly interface, high-quality movies and TV episodes, and a large selection. If you search for a title on FlixTor, you will nearly always find it in high quality. The advertisements are also not overly invasive.  Contrary to widespread misconception, Flixtor is not a real streaming service. Piracy is defined as watching your favorite piece of media on it. ; As a result, we advise you to use one of the legal options on our list instead.

7. GoStream


Another best websites to watch movies, such as GoStream is not like the bulk of the other things on this list. It looks to be the same thing – free things, many ads, reasonable quality, and a large selection. GoStream, on the other hand, is limited to movies. It implies that no TV programs will be accessible to site visitors.


At first glance, this may not seem to be a problem for most people. However, given the availability of market rivals offering both movies and TV shows, it’s not surprising that GoStream isn’t everyone’s first choice for free internet streaming. Not to mention that it lacks distribution rights. It is the best alternatives on our list.

8. Internet Archive

archive as KissMovies io alternatives

Are you a fan of golden-age media productions? Then, the Internet Archive is the place to go. All of the material on the site is legal, including classic films in the public domain; therefore, no distribution rights are necessary. But unfortunately, the Internet Archive offers nothing if you’re looking for the latest summer smash. As we all know that IA is among the best alternatives reddit.

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On the other hand, if you appreciate vintage movies, you should give them a go. If you still need persuading, consider that the Internet Archive has no advertisements and is completely free to use. Finally, the Internet Archive includes significantly more than just movies. There are millions of multimedia productions that have historical value.


9. IMDb TV

imdb as KissMovies io reddit

It is the best alternatives reddit 2022 to watch movies online, TV show, director, or actor, you’ve come across IMDb. It’s a movie database. The service’s free streaming platform is IMDb TV. Like Peacock or Tubi, it lets peopleew movies legally and freely online. However, it is only accessible in the United States, so you’ll need a VPN like NordVPN to access it. Following its takeover by Amazon, IMDbTV no longer has its website. Users may, however, continue to enjoy its selection on Amazon.


10. Movies Found Online

moviesfoundonline as KissMovies io alternatives reddit

The next free movie streaming site on our list is Movies Found Online. It has a fantastic range of free movies spanning from cult classics to contemporary independent films. There are also animated shorts and films, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and TV shows on the website. However, people dislike it since they are assaulted with commercials before they can even begin viewing their favorite program or movie. If you are looking for the top alternatives reddit you are at right place.

11. MovieStars – Top Kissmovies Alternative Site

moviestars not working? OR GONE? Visit MovieStars as it is among the best alternatives reddit. It is a relatively unknown free streaming site. It obtains 10% of its competition’s audience on a good day, yet we’ll include it on our list due to its low ad invasion. Anyone annoyed by obtrusive advertisements while viewing movies online might like MovieStars. However, it does not own the distribution rights to any movies or TV shows available on the site. Furthermore, MovieStars does not seem to be up to speed on new releases. As you’d expect from a free streaming service, a new video takes time to emerge on their website.


12. MyBundleTV

mybundle as KissMovies io alternatives reddit

It is one of the top kissmovies alternatives for watching movies. MyBundleTV is a very different streaming platform from the others on our list. It does not host any of its videos. Instead, it’s a free movie streaming website that may help you find a platform where you can enjoy certain pieces of media. It’s akin to a free movie streaming directory or listing site. People use it to find the most significant source of internet amusement. With a vast directory like MyBundleTV, visitors are sure to find the 4K movie they’re looking for! However, remember that not all movie sources featured on the site are free.

13. Music HQ

musichq as KissMovies io alternatives reddit

Visitors are searching for Kissanime, kisscartoon, is there a kissmovie/tvshow? Yes, here are the best websites to watch movies sites similar to kissmovies. Music HQ, despite its name, is not a music streaming service. Instead, it’s a free movie and TV show streaming service with a robust search engine and a Night Mode if that’s essential to you. The most excellent part is that there are no pop-up ads, simply the odd banner ad. As a result, music HQ stands out due to its exceptional user experience in free streaming services.


However, advertisements are still prevalent on the site, and since Music HQ does not hold the distribution rights to the music they showcase, it is illegal to stream anything on it. Therefore, we recommend that you choose one of the reliable solutions on this list.

14. PopcornFlix

popcornflix as KissMovies io alternatives reddit

If you are looking for the Kissmovies alternatives to Watch Free Movies in 2022? PopcornFlix is a free movie streaming service with a user-friendly layout. It’s also really simple to use on various devices, which is uncommon for illicit streaming services. It is mainly centered on movie series; therefore, moviegoers will be dissatisfied. However, it is still free of commercials, making it an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to catch up on the newest episodes of their favorite show, particularly if you’re going to watch them while on the go. However, we do not recommend PopcornFlix since it is not a legal method to watch movies online for free. Nevertheless, this is one of the most popular Popcorn Time alternatives.


15. Peacock

Peacock as alternatives reddit

Alternatives to 2022 for watching movies, We’ve written extensively about Peacock. We have an article on how to access it from anywhere on the planet, and it’s one of the sites where you may watch free movies without violating any laws.Peacock started in July 2020 and provides an extensive library of free movies and TV series. Everything is free if you don’ mind seeing adverts. If you want to skip advertising, you may subscribe to Peacock TV for $4.99.


Keep in mind that Peacock is only available in the United States. If you want to access it from anywhere else on the planet, you’ll need to use a VPN to change your IP address. NordVPN is the most excellent solution for accessing free streaming sites in the United States.


16. PlutoTV

Pluto TV as alternatives

PlutoTV is among the best KissMovies alternatives to watch free movies with Subtitles. It does not have a subscription plan; thus, you may only view it for free. The good news is that there is very little advertising. There will be the occasional interruption in your material, but there will be no pop-ups or banners. If you are not from the United States, you will need to use a VPN, such as NordVPN, to obtain access.

17. SolarMovie

solarmovie as alternatives

It is one of the greatest alternatives to watch movies in 2022. SolarMovie, like Cineb, is a newbie to the business, but it’s swiftly gaining attention owing to its personalization. Users will appreciate how simple it is to filter media by genre, country, and release date, with several categories such as anime, fantasy, mystical, sci-fi, and much more. However, this may be a double-edged blade at times. SolarMovie’s user interface may look daunting, owing to the deep personalization and categorizing of free movies and TV shows. Not to mention the platform’s advertising, but it’s still an excellent service for anybody searching for free streaming. You can found many URL for solarmovies like,,, and


18. Streamm4U

streamm4u as alternatives

Best website to watch movies similar to Streamm4U joins our list of the top free online movie streaming services because of its ad-free collection. However, it doesn’t have the most accessible movies, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, and not all downloads are high quality. Therefore, it isn’t anyone’s first pick while looking for free movie streaming services. However, since it is free, people continue to use it. Streamm4U is a fantastic free streaming solution for individuals who despise commercials. However, bear in mind that Streamm4U is not a legal platform. Therefore, accessing the site and consuming copyrighted content on it is forbidden and may result in legal penalties.


19. Tubi

tubitv as alternatives

Tubi Best kissmovies alternatives 2022 to watch movies/series online. It is another platform that owns all of its broadcasting rights, making it a legal streaming service. As a result, Tubi enables you to watch free movies without violating the law. This platform, which Fox Corporation owns, has been operational since 2014. It contains material from major entertainment firms such as Paramount, MGM, and Warner Bros. Tubi, like Peacock, is only accessible in the United States; therefore, you’ll need to use a US-based IP address to access it. However, you may use NordVPN to watch hundreds of free movies and TV episodes on Tubi.


20. Tiny Zone

TinyZone as alternatives

While the user interface is modeled on YouTube, Tiny Zone remains a popular free movie streaming service. It’s simple to use, the advertising isn’t too bothersome, and it includes many movies and TV episodes. It is unquestionably the best kissmovies alternatives site.

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Considering the speedy loading time and little to no buffering, even on slow connections, it’s easy to see why it’s still considered one of the finest free movie streaming sites. However, remember that the items for sale do not have distribution rights.


21. USTV Go

ustvgo as KissMovies alternatives

 It is the closest thing to a real TV experience on the internet. USTV Go provides cable-exclusive content from almost every US network. It’s all completely free, and there’s no annoying advertising when you watch TV on your computer. Unfortunately, the visual style of USTV Go is somewhat archaic. There isn’t even a logo. As a result, it’s tricky to navigate, and you’re sure to make errors. Furthermore, since it lacks the legal permission to distribute cable material online, viewing video on USTV Go is considered piracy. You can consider USTV Go as top kissmovies alternatives to watch movies.


22. Vudu

vudu as KissMovies alternatives

If you are still searching for Kissmovies alternatives & competitors, Vudu is an excellent legal alternative to Kissmovies. Unfortunately, it does not have a vast library. As a result, you will most likely be unable to find the most current releases here as soon as they become accessible on other streaming platforms. Nonetheless, it remains one of the top free streaming sites that only offer publicly accessible material.


It’s a fantastic way to watch movies online without being constantly interrupted by advertisements. Unfortunately, Vudu does not make all of its material accessible for free watching, but you may use it to purchase or rent certain movies and TV shows at meager prices. As is traditional, there is a catch. Vudu is only accessible in the United States. If you live elsewhere, you’ll need a VPN to watch it. Given that you need a US IP address, you may want to try NordVPN.


23. VexMovies

vexmovies as KissMovies alternatives

VexMovies provides free access to a vast selection of HD entertainment, including movies and TV shows. It gives nothing special compared to the other things on the list, yet it ranks lower owing to a considerable disadvantage. It hasn’t been updated since 2018; thus, it’s not the best location to learn about new versions.


Aside from that, it has no ads and a relatively wide selection, making it an excellent pick for anybody looking for the most satisfactory free movie streaming service. That is unless they want to watch anything that was released before 2018.


24. VidCloud

vidcloud as KissMovies alternatives

Although its collection isn’t very impressive, VidCloud is routinely updated with fresh episodes of popular programs. VidCloud isn’t the first place to go for a timeless masterpiece. Nonetheless, because of its non-intrusive advertising, it joins our list of the top free movie streaming sites. Similar sites & apps like includes Vidcloud. There are many URL for Vidcloud in google like,, etc


25. Xumo TV

xumo as KissMovies alternatives

We hope you enjoy the list of KissMovies alternatives to watch free Movies online. Xumo TV is another legal streaming service; however, it offers significantly less content. In addition, because a vast corporation does not support it, Xumo has difficulty attracting a broad audience. Nonetheless, it provides VODs and live material and is accessible through some media.


Just don’t expect much variety in terms of material. Furthermore, first-time users may be confused by the user interface. When you visit the site, Xumo will instantly show the live material being broadcast.


26. YouTube

youtube as KissMovies alternatives

Youtube, Facebook, and Reddit are the major social media networks directing visitors to It is the best KissMovies alternatives to watch latest and classic movies online. It is simply the most extensively used video streaming platform on the Internet. However, you may not realize that it often includes full-length movies and TV shows.


You’ll have more success looking for older, more obscure titles on the platform. The FBI Files, for example, has whole seasons accessible on YouTube in different playlists. There’s also a lot of unique content from independent developers, such as the Fool’s Day short.


27. YesMovies

yesmovies as KissMovies alternatives

Kissmovies io alternatives includes Yesmovies to watch movies online. It has a user-friendly appearance, simple navigation, and a vast selection of thousands of free movies and TV series. It’s a popular service for free movie streaming, and it even has customization options, such as a favorite list.


Aside from that, looking for titles is simple. First, you’ll see a search bar to assist you in finding what you’re looking for. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the industry standard — a page loaded with various titles. The main disadvantage is that YesMovies’ commercials are pretty intrusive. You’ll have to close pop-ups left and right before you can watch your favorite TV show or movie. Furthermore, it is an illegal site; thus, we do not endorse it.


28. Yify TV

Yify TV as KissMovies alternatives

Yify TV has a vast collection and a simple user interface. It also has subtitles, making it a fitting addition to our list of the top free movie streaming sites. Apart from that, it’s an ad-filled shambles with no distribution rights to the material it transmits. Visitors choose Yify when the title they’re seeking isn’t available elsewhere. But, aside from an exclusive movie or TV show, no one would go there, particularly since it’s prohibited. Yify TV is a reliable Kissmovies io alternatives site to watch and download movies with subtitles.


29. Yidio

yidio as KissMovies alternatives

Yidio isn’t your average streaming service. But, like MyBundleTV, it’s a directory where you can find the sources for any movie or TV program. It is featured in our list of the top free movie streaming sites even though it does not save anything on its servers. The media sources are sometimes accessible, but Yidio is always free. The most significant difference between Yidio and MyBundleTV is that Yidio’s user interface is a bit out of date. Aside from that, the sites provide essentially similar content suggestions. You can say that Yidio is among the best Kissmovies io alternatives sites.


30. 123moviesgo

123moviesgo as KissMovies alternatives

123moviesgo is a well-known movie website with a vast library. In addition to the current titles, adding new material to the site is simple. They’ve even leaked unreleased material. This extensive library is a valuable asset. It also has an easy-to-use interface, a clean design, and video material of good quality. Are you looking for alternatives reddit? 123moviesgo is a best choice for you.


The only concern is with the user experience. Ads may be annoying at times, and attempting to start a show can be tedious – you’ll have to go through a few commercials before you can enjoy the material you’re searching for. Furthermore, 123moviesgo does not own the streaming rights to the programs they provide, making usage of the platform illegal.


FAQ – What Happened to Kissmovies?

How can I get into Kissmovies?

To visit the Kissmovies website online in 2022, do a Google search, and you will discover several links, or read this post for the current URLs.


Can free movies be seen on the Kissmovies website?

Yes, you may view all movies for free on Kissmovies in 2022, but keep on the website that they provide pirated material, which is illegal in many countries.


Is it permitted to visit the Kissmovies website online?

No, it is illegal to visit the Kissmovies website in many countries. Hence, we recommend using the most satisfactory VPN service to access these sites.


How to locate alternatives to

You may search Google for Kissmovies alternatives or similar sites or see the page for additional details.


Is Kissmovies android app available?

Yes, the Kissmovies Android app is available for download from the Google Play Store.


These kissmovies alternatives can help you avoid spending money unnecessarily on a few movies. Instead, you may put your worries to rest and unwind with your loved ones or by yourself by viewing free movies on Kissmovies. Also read article on Zoro Alternatives – English Dubbed Anime.

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