13 Free and Paid Keyword Position Tools

Free and Paid Keyword Position Tools

The article will explain what are the best free keyword position tools for tracking and research competitors keywords. Free keyword position tools will always be beneficial to any site owner. There are numerous free keyword tools available to help you enhance your SEO. This essay is for people who wish to accomplish precisely that without spending thousands of dollars on keyword research for their websites. Keywords are essential to your website’s success in Google rankings. However, if you have the necessary tools and know-how to utilize them, it is not difficult to accomplish this.

Best Free Keyword Position Tools for Tracking and research Competitors’ Keywords

SEO is considerably more complicated than it appears. The success of a website is mainly dependent on the owner’s ability to manage SEO. With the proper SEO implementation, any website may appear successful and respectable, resulting in increased traffic. These free tools are excellent for practice.


If you want the most basic free keyword position tools. This is the tool you’re looking for. It’s an online tool that allows you to track keyword placement in Google search engine results. Enter the keyword to be checked, as well as the domain name and keywords, and the tool will show the position of that specific keyword in Google. That’s all.

Google Keyword Planner

Probably the most popular keyword research tools. It’s completely free and works in tandem with Google AdWords. Before you can utilize this tool, you must first create an AdWords account, which is also free. This tool is famous for a reason other than that it is free. It’s convenient, easy, and simple to use. With this tool, there is virtually no learning curve. You can use this tool to its full potential in just a few minutes.

This tool makes it easy to search for new keywords in which you might be interested. The keywords provided by this tool will be the most relevant to your business. Investigate keywords to find which ones are being searched the most. You may easily limit the keyword list to the most popular ones. You can also get bid estimates with this tool. Keyword Planner will provide you with bid estimates for each keyword you search for. Determine your advertising budget with ease. Also check, best Campaign Management Software.

Google Keyword Planner can provide information in a much more detailed manner than other Google search tools. This tool, however, has limitations. You can’t see how your site ranks in other search engines. This tool is ideal for the initial phases of a website’s SEO. There’s no reason not to use this tool at some time over the life of your website. Without a doubt, the best free keyword position tool.

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Another simple and accessible tool. The user interface is simple; enter your desired keyword and domain. Choose between Google and Yahoo for your search. Select a location. Choose a device, and that’s it; you’ll have your results right away. Despite its simplicity, it is a viral tool.

Google Trends

A highly underappreciated tool for such a great one. This tool is simple and free to use, and the data it provides is detailed depending on how you wish to utilize it. Put in a keyword, and you can see how much traffic the keyword received in a given time and which locations.

Free Keyword Position Tools

Google Trends also has a beautiful visual that shows the history of any keywords. View the most popular keyword in each country or region. You may quickly see “recently trending” keywords and search for popular keywords from any year. This tool can be influential in people who understand how the industry works.

Keyword Tool

An excellent substitute for Google Keyword Planner and other keyword research tools. This tool has an astounding 99.99 percent success rate. If you have multiple numbers of keywords to research, this tool may provide up to 750 keyword recommendations for each search term. This tool can also extract valuable and profitable keywords that Google has hidden. The best part is that it’s completely free; you don’t even need to make an account.

It works in the exact way as Google Autocomplete does. Keyword Tool makes recommendations depending on your keyword search. It pulls Google keyword recommendations and displays the results in an easy-to-understand format. If you want to get more out of the tool, there is an advanced version available. It could be the best free keyword position tool available.


Another simple, accessible, and online keyword rank checker. There is no need to create an account. Enter up to ten keywords, identify your domain, select one of the dozens of accessible search engines, and, last, decide whether you want to use a desktop or mobile device. That’s just how it is; feel free to utilize this tool whenever you wish.


Smallseotools is a comprehensive SEO toolkit. Enter the URL, keywords, and up to ten keywords per line to conveniently monitor and track the position of keywords.


Simple and free keyword position tool with thousands of registered users that conduct over 100 queries per domain every month. Allow users to save their ranks to a new tab. As a result, you don’t lose any primary data when you re-scan. It is simple to use. Copy and paste your URL and keyword list to get all of Google’s keyword rankings. With all of its features, it’s a pretty remarkable free tool. A keyword tool can provide you with all of the information you require.

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If you want more from the tool, RankTank also has a paid version or features. However, the free version will suffice for your purposes. To obtain this tool, you must first become a member.

ahref Keyword Rank Checker

Every SEO professional should be aware of how well their sites rank for their goal keywords. They must also maintain track of their competitors’ standings. This can be done manually by entering searches into search engines. However, this takes time and can be wrong. Fortunately, there are a plethora of fantastic tools that can accomplish this for you automatically.


A tool that performs a thorough study of your keyword and assists you in determining whether you should enter for it.

Analyze a single or a group of keywords in a single click:

  • Most latest statistics for up to 100 keywords at the same time
  • Keyword list export and import is easy.
  • Integration with additional Semrush tools

The Hoth

The Hoth, as among the free keyword tracking tools available, works a little differently than others due to the fact that you do not have the option to see your rankings for certain keywords.
Alternatively, they show your top traffic-generating keywords together with other useful information.


At our marketing agency, we use Moz to track the efficacy of our link-building efforts. However, with Moz Pro, you also gain access to their different keyword research tools, including a keyword list tracking tool. You will be able to access statistics that might help you improve your SEO strategies, such as monthly traffic information, keyword difficulty, SERP Features, and more.


Do you currently have a PPC campaign running? Then you may have heard of SpyFu as one of the best tools for spying on your competitors. While this is what they are best known for, they also provide other great keyword tools, such as rank tracking, to help you improve your game not only on the paid side but also in SEO.


Each of the free tools featured below will meet your fundamental requirements for a good SEO tool. Especially for websites that are still in their early stages of development. Each tool should be sufficient to improve your website’s ranking and traffic. Because they are free, there is no need to worry about paying for maintenance monthly or yearly. Concentrate on developing your website and increasing traffic. Free keyword position tools will always be beneficial to any website owner. Also check solutions to hiring the Right SEO Agency.

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