Install Chrome Extensions on Android

Install Chrome Extensions on Android

This article is about how to install Chrome Extension on Android. It is the most asked question; Can Chrome extensions be installed on Android?  Given that Google created both Google Chrome and Android, you’d think you’d be able to use Chrome to its full potential. Sadly, Chrome extensions are not compatible with the Chrome browser on Android devices.

Sure, Chrome on Android has a “Desktop” mode, but it only changes the website you’re viewing and doesn’t perform like the regular desktop Chrome browser, which is packed with add-ons and features.

Now that’s out of the way, tell us how you use your favorite extensions on your mobile device? The simple work is to use another browser, and there are dozens of them available for Android. Also check, How to Enable Chrome Flags, 10 Best Flags To Improve Your Browsing Experience.


How to Install Chrome Extensions on Android

Like many of its competitors, Chrome uses the open-source Chromium platform for its browsers. The simplest way to circumvent Chrome’s limitations while retaining regular functionality is to use a Chromium-based Android browser that supports extensions.

Yandex is one of the more popular options. There is no need to sideload any files because this browser is available in the Google Play Store. Yandex also provides full Chrome Web Store support. It is the best place to begin if you use Chrome Extensions on your Android device. Here’s what you should do.

1. Get Yandex from the Google Play Store.

2. Once installed, tap on the “address bar” at the top of the screen. Type “” without quotation marks.

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3. When the Web Store opens, tap the “search bar” and type the extension name. Note: To zoom out, use two fingers because you’ll most likely see the desktop version.

4. In the upper right-hand corner, tap “Install.”


Your extension is now available in the Android web browser for use whenever you want. Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with Yandex because much of the content is Russian. So, if this isn’t the browser for you, we’ve listed some alternatives in the following section.

Other Android Browsers that Compatibility with Chrome Extensions

Several Android browsers work add-ons/extensions, so try a few.

1. Mozilla Firefox Android Browser

For a good reason, Firefox is well-known. Because it is faster, it has always been a close competitor to Chrome, more secure, and more concerned with your privacy. It lacks the backing of the internet behemoth, but that hasn’t stopped it from performing admirably.

Firefox for Android supports Mozilla’s custom add-ons, providing a very similar experience on Android as it does on the desktop. Most Chrome extensions have a Firefox counterpart, so if you have a favorite setup on your laptop or desktop, you can almost exactly replicate it on mobile.

Install Chrome Extensions

2. Kiwi Android Browser

Kiwi Browser is another Chromium-based browser that supports extensions. Kiwi also has built-in ad-blocking and is extremely fast. It’s a small download that installs quickly and starts up quickly. The browser is ideal for general use and, by default, blocks most ads.

After loading, click the three-dot menu icon, then Extensions, and you’ll see a link to the Kiwi Web Store, which is simply another name for the Google Play Store. Choose your extension from the select-down menu, and you’re all set.

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3. Dolphin Android Browser

Dolphin Android Browser

Dolphin Browser is yet another top Android performer that supports add-ons. While recent updates haven’t pushed it as far as it should have, it’s still a solid Android option that supports the desired extensions. Dolphin Browser also includes an ad blocker and works Flash, at least for the time being, as Flash is no longer supported and HTML5 has taken its place. Regardless, if you play any legacy Flash games, Dolphin will play them.

Dolphin works quickly and blocks most ads by default, with only a few slipping through, and it functions as expected. The Dolphin browser is well worth a look.

Android Chrome Extensions Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are typically available from the Chrome Web Store. However, there are none in the Chrome browser’s mobile version. You can’t even use the search function to find your favorite extensions. This is why you need to use different browsers. Some browsers do not support extensions per se, but they provide many of the features you might expect from an extension. Others, on the other hand, include some form of an add-on.

What are Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions work similarly to apps on your phone. Numerous options are available, ranging from saving money with the Honey extension to perfecting your grammar with Grammarly. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, start with the Chrome Web Store’s home page, which lists some of the most popular options. Also check how to fix Google Chrome Black Screen Issue.

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