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How to set-up Amazon Prime Video Multiple Users

It’s a shame that it took this extended period to implement, but we are glad it is here.

Finally, Amazon Prime Video has added one of the most useful and excellent streaming video services: creating multiple amazon prime video profiles per account. Wow, right? It’s merely 2020, and Netflix has had this feature for seven years.

Now that Amazon Prime Video finally enables you to create your user lists, you will want to know how to use it. You would not want your kids to mess up your carefully curated period drama recommendations, would you?

It’s pretty straightforward to use, but there’s one thing to keep in mind before searching for the option and getting all frustrated (like I did) when it does not appear. So Amazon is staggering the release of the feature to accounts, so it probably takes some weeks before you see the options pop-up. Just check back every day if you do not see it at first.

Here is how to add other profiles to your Amazon Prime Video account

So the easiest and best way is from the Amazon Prime Video app or your Amazon Fire tablet. Recently, for US users, there’s no way to do it from the desktop version of Amazon Prime Video.

1. Head to the Prime Video app.

2. Click on My Stuff on the bottom edge.

3. Now click on your profile name to bring up the Profile Picker dropdown.

4. Afterward, tap on the + icon to create a new profile.

5. These can be kids or adult profiles, with the latter coming with all the content restrictions you would expect.

6. Then when you sign-in to Amazon Prime Video, you will get a profile picker page, same like every other streaming service ever.

There you go, now the anime-obsessed member of your family will not break your viewing recommendations when all you want to watch is Agatha Christie in a period setting. You are welcome.

So what do you think? Plan on using the new Amazon Prime video feature? Let us know in the comments section below or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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