How to Fix an iPhone That Is Stuck on the Apple Logo

How to Fix an iPhone That Is Stuck on the Apple Logo

In this post you will learn how to fix an iPhone that is stuck on the Apple Logo. Here you find the best solutions on iPhone stuck on Apple Logo. The iPhone is the most well-known and popular smart phone that runs on the iOS operating system. At the moment, there are several iOS versions of the iPhone available. This is a frequent problem that all iOS users face.Typically, when you restore your iPhone or update it, The Apple logo just hangs up, and your iPhone does not restart. Apple developers are working on new features and updating existing ones.

Despite the fact that many iPhone users continue to complain about the typical issue of being stuck on the Apple Logo, When you open an iPhone, the Apple logo becomes stuck or freezes. This is a fairly frequent yet vexing issue that may cost you a lot of time if you don’t take issue with it right away.

The question now is what caused it and how to fix it. Although resolving this issue is not a major concern, Everyone has a smartphone, and Google is the best place to get technical help.

Hare in the instructional below Technedo will discuss different solutions to the iPhone user’s problem. If you like, you may attempt a step-by-step solution to solve this issue.

Primary Solution

The first solution is to restart your iPhone if it is stuck on the Apple logo. In most circumstances, the problem may be resolved by restarting your iPhone. The process varies depending on your device. Follow the steps for your specific device.

Reboot your iPhone 7 (iPhone 4, 5, and 6) If your iPhone is more than 7 years old, Hold [side bottom + home bottom] for five to ten seconds to hard reset your device.

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Reboot the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus For the users of iPhone 7 and 7+, press [power bottom + volume down bottom] at the same time. Perform the steps for a total of five seconds.

Reboot the iPhone 8 and subsequent models To force a hard reboot of the current version of the iPhone, press [volume up + volume down + the side bottom] for a few seconds and then release it.

Secondary Solution Using Recovery Modes

Another effective technique to solve the issue is to use the recovery mode. If the hard reboot mode described above does not work on your device, try this additional approach. When you try to use recovery again, connect your iPhone to iTunes or update your current iOS version to iOS 12.4.5 to back up your files and storage.

This process is more visible than the principal solution method. If your iPhone’s Apple logo is still stuck, try DFU Mode or Device Firmware. Update more, which is the final stage in resolving the problem.

Tertery Solution By Device Firmware Update Mode

Have you tried the following two steps and still have a problem starting up your iPhone?

In DFU mode, your iPhone is connected to iTunes without the boot loader being connected.

The most important thing about the process is that you can restore your iPhone at any time.


1. An internet-connected computer

2. USB cord

3. Faulty device

Steps for Attempting DFU Mode

1. Using the USB data cable, connect your iPhone to your PC.

2. Open iTunes on your computer.

3. Turn off your iPhone. If the off-screen solder is not working, turn off your iPhone by holding down the power button until the screen turns dark.


For iPhone 6S and earlier, hold [Side bottom + Home bottom] for a few seconds, and for iPhone 7 and later, hold [Power bottom + volume down bottom] for five seconds before releasing.

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4. Your screen will now be dark and blank; don’t worry, your device is now in DFU Mode, but it may still display the Apple logo. Which impetus are you noting in DFU mode? So go back and do the previous step.

5. Once in DFU mode, a new window will open on your iTunes tab.

• Reset your iPhone to its factory default settings.

• Load a backup of your data, then choose one of the options below to resolve the primary stuck issue with the Apple logo:

Solution by Installing ReiBoot by Tenorshare on your iPhone

This solution process may be pricey if the tools from Tenorshare ($55.95) are used. How do the following steps work?

1. Download and install Tenorshare for Mac or Windows.

2. Begin Tenorshare

3. Now, using a USB cord, connect your PC to your iPhone.

4. Now, choose “Fix All iOS Stuck” from the drop-down menu.

5. Finally, press “Fix Now” or “Fix Now (All iO 11 Stuck)”.

6. That’s all there is to it.

It might be tough to determine the true cause of the iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, which is a widespread problem among Apple customers. However, in most situations, the stuck Apple logo is caused by using a beta version of iOS or updating to a new iOS version. Try each of the aforementioned methods one at a time for a solution. We believe that any of the methods listed above will work with your device. If none of the following methods work, seek technical assistance from the Apple Store. Also read article on;

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