How To Copy Text From Image in Mobile

copy text from image

Google Photos makes it simple to copy and paste text from a photo, and it is compatible with iPhone and Android. Aside from the fact that Google has ended its plan by providing free unlimited storage in Google Photos, the app is still updated. Google’s Google Photos app is constantly being improved.

We recently discovered another great feature of Google Photos that allows you to quickly copy and paste text from a photo. The feature is only available on the Android and iOS versions of Google Photos for the time being.

As a result, if you use Google Photos on your Android or iOS device, you can easily copy and paste text from a photo. Google Photos extracts text from images by utilizing the app’s built-in Google Lens feature.

Steps to Copy Text from Image With Your Phone

However, if you want to try out the new Google Photo feature, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through copying and pasting text from a photo using your phone. Let’s go check it out.

Step 1. First, open Google Photos on your Android or iOS device and select a photo with text.

Step 2: You should now see a floating bar that says Copy Text. To extract text from an image, select that option.

Step 3: If you do not see the option, tap on the Lens icon in the bottom toolbar.

Step 4: Google Lens will now open and detect the visible text. You can choose which part of the text you want to see.

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Step 5: After selecting the text, select the Copy Text option.

You have completed your task. The text will be copied to the clipboard immediately. After that, you can copy and paste it wherever you want. Google Photos is the best copy text from image to paste and read.

That’s all! You have completed your task. That’s how you can make use of your Android/iOS device to copy and paste font from a photo.


1. How to copy text from screenshot android / iOS?

Android, iOS

2. How to copy text from image using Google lens?

Step 1. Log in to your Google account using any browser on the Google Photos website.

Step 2. Find a photo with text and double-click it to enlarge it.

Step 3.From the pop-up box, select “copy text from image.” This box will only appear when Google Lens detects text.

Step 4. Copy/paste the desired content from the text pane.

3. Easy Ways to Copy Text from Image on Android, iPhone, and PC

1. Using Google Photos Android, iOS

copy text from image

2. Using Google Keep Android, iOS

best things to copy and paste

3. Convert Image to Text Online (Android, iOS, PC)
Open your browser to visit : Onlineocr

text photo to email

So, in this article, we’ll show you how to copy and paste text from a photo using your phone. I hope you found best discord copy paste! Please forward it to your friends as well. If you have any questions about this, please leave them in the comments section below.

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