How To Hide Games on PS4 and Reveal Hidden Games

This article is about how to hide games on PS4 and reveal hidden games? A complete guide with step wise instructions. As most PlayStation 4 users, there’s an excellent opportunity your digital game library is a little disordered and messy. As you keep buying, play, and forget about games, your Library goes full of PS4 games that you aren’t currently playing. It’s quite challenging to find the game you want from the game library. Thankfully, the Playstation does provide the feature to hide games on PS4 in your Library that you want.

If you need to protect games you’ve already beaten, or you’re just trying to get a little bit more composed, all it takes is a few easy steps to clean up your PS4 Library. Besides hiding games from your Library, you can also change your activity feed, in case you want to have a bit better privacy while playing.

So, without taking any more time, let’s take a look at how you can hide your games from your PS4 Library and how to hide your activity feed. Read article how to Fix Cannot Start The Application CE-30005-8 Error on PS4

How To Hide Specific Games in PS4?

In this article you will know about how to hide games on PS4? So, your PS4 Library is disordered with tens or even hundreds of video game titles, many of which you aren’t keen on playing at the moment. If only there were a procedure to clean things up a little bit to make it convenient to find the games you do need to play. Also read PS4 Games


Hide Games on PS4

Well, luckily, your PS4 allows you to do exactly that. Just follow these easy steps; you can hide any game you want in your PS4 Library.

Steps To Hiding Games in the Gaming Library

If you don’t need certain games to show when you are listing your gaming library, you can hide them in a few easy steps:

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1. Switch on your PS4 and wait for the Dashboard to load.

2. From your Dashboard, scroll over to your Game Library.

3. In the Library, Click Purchased to see all of the games you’ve purchased on your PS4 account.

4. Go to any game that you need to hide from this menu.

5. Click the Options key on your PS4 controller.

6. Search Do Not Show Content Item in (Purchased Section) and click on it.

Hide Games on PS4

By following these steps, you can hide any game from the Library and show only the games that you want to play. And don’t worry, the games are merely hidden from view to de-clutter your Library and still not deleted.

Note: It only applies to the ‘Purchased’ section of your Library. The game will be shown in the Library If you sort by any other category.

How To Reveal The Hidden Games In Library

If you change your mind about hiding some of the games. You can follow the steps below to display unseen games from Library.

1. Navigate back to your Library.

2. Click Options on your controller.

3. Click Hidden Content Items

Wait for the system processing your request, and you will see all of your hidden games in the Library again.

Note: This option will reveal any games that you have hidden. So, if you only want to unhide any game, you will have to go back and manually hide any other game again.

How To Hide Games in Your Activity Feed

Privacy is important. You should always have control over what data another PS4 user can view about you.

Through activity feed, the other users can find out which games you are playing, your scores, your trophies, and more. By hiding some games, so other users are not allowed to see your activity, you can use this method:

1. Go to your Profile menu.

2. Choose Games.

3. Select any game on the list.

4. Click the Options key on your controller.

5. Select Hidden Games Settings. A new window will pop up.

6. Click Hidden Games for PS4.

7. Select any game that you need to hide from your activity feed.

Note: when you hide any game from your activity feed, you will still be able to see the hidden game from your profile. The only result is that other users who visit your profile will not see any data about the selected games.

How To Hide Activity Log With An Alternative Method

You can also adjust your activity feed by your PlayStation 4 Privacy Settings. To access your Privacy Settings, Scroll to the Settings option at the top right of your PS4 Dashboard. A toolbox icon indicates the Settings menu.

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Privacy Settings are given in the Setting menu the all you need is account login information, which you have to re-enter before customizing these settings. So, be sure to have your PS4 account login information on hand.

Hide Games on PS4

Go to the Privacy Settings menu, scroll down unless you see the Hidden Games option. When you click it, it will take you back to your activity feed. From here, you can choose which games to hide from your activity feed.

How To Display Hidden Activity Feed Games

If you ever want to display your activity feed games, you can do so conveniently. Just follow these three steps:

1. Open your Hidden Games menu. You can use either one of the two methods previously explained in this article.

2. Uncheck all the games that you need to reveal again.

3. Confirm changes.

It will restore all the games you uncheck back to the activity feed. It means that all new details will be visible to anyone. It holds all your past scores and trophies that you earned, your playing time, plus all of your activity while the time the game was invisible.

Indeed, if you want, you can always go back and hide the game from your activity feed again.

When it comes to PS4, Digital clutter can be very irritating. If you continue to buying games, it’s easy for your Library to become messy to select a game to play from a variety of different games. In this article, we discuss the ways to hide your games from view and to hide your activity to increase your privacy.

Whether you can hide your PlayStation 4 games from yourself in your Library, or you can protect them in the activity feed. How do you control, hide, and organize your PS4 games? Leave a comment and let us know. Also read article on SONY Unveiling News About PlayStation 5

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