Fix NOX Player No Sound Issue

Fix NOX Player No Sound Issue

This article will explain how to fix Nox Player no sound issue in easy steps. Many users have reported NOX Player No Sound issues while playing games for various unknown reasons. Several gamers have reported this common problem, and today in this article, I have compiled a list of the best possible solutions (that have worked for other affected users) to solve the problem.

NoxPlayer is the ideal Android emulator for playing mobile games on a Windows PC or laptop. Hundreds of thousands of users use Android emulators to play various Android games on their computers.

However, many gamers have recently reported that there is suddenly no sound on the NOX player while playing their favorite game on their PC. There are times when the NOX Player mic stops working, and you can’t hear any audio from the game even though you can play it.

Fortunately, many users could fix the problem; however, before diving into the fixes, you must understand what is causing the problem. Also check how to fix Discord Screen Share No Audio.

Let us get started…

Common Causes of NOX Sound Not Working

Here, we listed some of the most common causes of the problem; now, let’s look at some of the most common culprits.

• Windows sound is muted.

• Outdated Sound Drivers

• An out-of-date or corrupted NOX Player application

• Your PC speakers aren’t working properly

• Hardware acceleration is enabled

• Game audio is muted

• If you use headphones, make sure they’re working properly.

Now, You are well aware of the causes of the lack of sound. When it comes to the NOX player issue, it’s time to start using the fixes provided:

How Do I Fix Nox No Sound On Windows 10?

Many users claim that their NOX android emulator suddenly loses sound while playing the game. While many gamers resolve this No sound issue by implementing the solutions listed below.

For your convenience, I’ve divided the solutions into two sections. One is for primary methods, and the other is for advanced solutions; make sure to follow them both. Also check how to fix an Audio Renderer Error in Windows 10.

Primary Steps to Troubleshoot Nox Player No Sound in Windows 10

Let’s go over some of the primary methods before moving on to the advanced solutions. Many gamers have solved the NOX player sound not working on Windows 10 by using the simple methods listed below. Let’s get started.

Restart The Game

In the first method for resolving the NOX no sound issue; you can restart the game. Restarting the game is the best and simplest way to solve any game-related problem.

If possible, restart your computer/laptop and close all open windows. Many users fix the no audio problem by restarting their computers without looking for other solutions.

As a result, I suggested restarting both your game and your Windows PC. If you don’t know how to restart your computer, follow the steps below.

• To begin, click the Windows Start button.

• Next, press the Power button.

• A pop-up message appears, and you must select the restart option to restart your Windows PC.

Check if the sound problem has been fixed after restarting the Windows PC. If it’s still not resolved, move on to the next possible fix.

Check The Sound On Your Device & NOX Emulator

We keep our output sound mute on the Windows PC desktop to avoid annoying notification sounds.

So, if we play any game on Discord, there will be no sound on the NOX player. If you want to enable the sound on the NOX player, then follow the steps below:

• First, check the System volume; if it is low, adjust it accordingly.

• Now, open the NOX player and check the volume button on the Toolbar to see if it is turned on or not; if it is turned off, turn it on to increase the volume.

• Next, make that the current emulator is not muted in the multi-instance manager.

• To do so, click the NOX multi-instance manager option.

• Then, in the menu bar, click the three dots.

• A drop-down menu will appear; click Extence multi-instance.

• Now, check whether the checkbox next to “turn off the NOX emulator’s sound” is enabled or not. If it is enabled, disable it off.

NOX Player No Sound Windows 10

• In the system settings, you can change the NOX’s speaker.

NOX emulator

• Now, check sure that the sound is turned on in the Volume Mixer. Increase the volume to your liking.

If this method does not work for you, it could be corrupted or damaged speakers or headphones.

Check Your System’s Speakers

In this third method, I recommend that you check whether or not your PC / laptop speakers are working properly, as well as the volume level. If your speakers are damaged, you may not hear any sound at all, even when using the applications.

Before proceeding with the Advanced solution, make that your PC/laptop speakers are in good working order.

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Check the headphones or earbuds you’re using as well.

If your headphones, earbuds, and speakers are in good condition and working properly, but you still have a sound problem, try the advanced solutions listed below. Also check the best iOS Emulator to Run iOS Apps on Windows 10.

Advanced Solutions to NOX Player Sound Problems

Remove Problematic Application

If you even have the same problem after using the preliminary methods, it could be due to a problem with the application. To resolve the NOX sound not working issue, I recommend that you remove all unwanted Problematic Applications from your PC.

To remove Problematic Application from your device, follow the instructions outlined below:

• To open, press the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys simultaneously to launch Task Manager.

• Now, select all of the applications you do not want to run in conjunction with the NOX android emulator.

• Now, right-click on Processes and click the End Task option.

• You can also remove any Processes that are incompatible with your Emulator.

• After that, run the game to see if the error has been fixed.

You can use Revo Uninstaller, a powerful software, in addition to the manual solutions. You can use this software to uninstall or remove all problematic applications without leaving any residual or registry data.

Update The NOX Player

If you use an older version of the NOX player, you may encounter a variety of issues, including no sound on the NOX player.

Several gamers have resolved this issue by updating the NOX player to the most recent version. To fix this error, you can also update your NOX player to the most recent version.

To do so, follow the instructions outlined below:

• You can download the latest version of the NOX player from the NOX player’s official website.

• After downloading the most recent version, install it on your computer or laptop.

• Now run NOX Player and open the game to see if the problem has been fixed. If the problem persists, proceed to the next solution.

Update The Audio Drivers

In this second solution, I suggest that you update your audio drivers. Excessive use of expired or outdated drivers corrupts PCs, reduces performance, and prevents apps from functioning properly.

Due to expired or corrupted device drivers on your PC, you may experience no audio while playing your favorite Android games on the NOX Player Android emulator.To fix this issue, you must update the device drivers to the most recent version.

Because it is a sound-related issue, you must ensure that your audio drivers are up to date.
Please follow the instructions below:

• To begin, press the Windows and R keys simultaneously.

• A Run command will appear; now, type or copy and paste devmgmt.msc and press OK.


• The Device Manager Main Window will appear.

• Next, double-click to increase the Audio Outputs and Inputs.

• Now, click on Audio inputs and outputs and select the drive.

Audio inputs and outputs

• Right-click on the drive and select Update Driver. Now a window appears with instructions on where to go; you will now be able to automatically search for the update driver software option.

automatically for update driver software

• Then you must install it on your laptop/PC.

After completing the update process, you must check whether or not your sound issue has been resolved.

In addition, if you do not want to use the manual solution, you can use Driver Easy to easily update your drivers without wasting any time.

Configure Sound Settings Of Game

If your game’s audio settings are incorrectly configured, you may experience NOX player sound not working Windows 10.

First, check if the sound is not muted in the application’s game settings. To avoid these no sound issues, open your game’s sound settings and make the necessary changes.

Disable The Hardware Acceleration

The majority of the time Turning on sound card hardware acceleration may lead to NOX android emulator no sound issues.

If you want to disable this function on your sound card, follow the steps below:

• To begin, click the Windows Start button.

• Type Control into the Windows search box and click on it.

• In the panel’s search box, type Display.

• Select Change Display Settings.

• Next, in the following section, click on Advanced Display Settings.

• From the new wizard that appears on the screen, select the Troubleshoot tab.

• Next, select Change Settings.

• Next, go to the Hardware Acceleration Section and change the Pointer Full To None setting.

• When you’ve finished all of the steps, click the Save button to save all of your changes.

Finally, restart your computer and start your game. Check to see if the audio is audible, and if not, proceed to the next solution.

Uninstall And Reinstall NOX Player

If none of the above solutions work for you and you are still experiencing this NOX player no sound issue, reinstall the NOX Player.

Remove all junk files associated with the NOX Android Emulator before uninstalling the NOX player from the PC.

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• Hold Windows + R key to open the Run command.

• Now, in the search box, type Control and press Enter.

• Select the Program and Features tab.

• Next, click the Uninstall Program option.

• Next, select the NOX application and right-click on it.

• Select the Uninstall option to uninstall the application.

• delete all junk/related files from the PC/laptop. As discussed in the fourth solution, you can use Revo Uninstaller. This powerful application quickly and completely removes the app, including any junk files, from the PC/laptop.

• Go to the official site and download and install the most recent version of the NOX player. After that, your NOX player no sound windows 10 issue will be resolved automatically.

NOX Player No Sound Related Problems And Their Fixes

Aside from the problem, gamers face a slew of issues when starting the application or playing their favorite games.
Here are some of the most common NOX android emulator problems:

1 – NOX Player Sound Not Working On Discord

When you are playing your favorite game on Discord, the game suddenly stops making sounds, which is a very annoying problem. If you are facing the same problem, follow the following solutions:

• To open, launch the NOX player.

• Navigate to the Discord settings.

• Next, click the Video & Voice icon.

• If your sound is disabled, adjust the volume to your liking.

• You can also install the most recent sound drivers for your Windows PC.

2 – NOX Player Crashes On Startup

If your NOX Player crashes and lags during the initial stage of launching the game, you only have one option.

Uninstall the NOX player application and delete all related folders from your computer.
Then, on your PC, reinstall the NOX player.
But, this time, keep in mind that your virtual memory should be at least 16GB in order to prevent this issue in the future.

3 – NOX Player Audio Delay

If you are experiencing NOX player audio delay, it could be a temporary glitch or that you are running an older version of the NOX player on your Windows PC.
You can fix both situations on your own, so follow the steps below:

For temporary issues, restart your Windows PC, and your problem will be resolved. However, if this problem persists, you must update to the most recent version of your NOX player based on the configuration of your Windows PC.

4 – NOX Player Sound Stuttering

If your audio on the NOX player is stuttering, it is easily resolved.
You need to follow the steps outlined below:

• Start the Game.exe program.

[Note: Try to avoid running the NOX.exe file to avoid causing this type of issue again.]

5 – NOX Player Continues to Restart

If your NOX player keeps restarting, it could be a temporary lag. According to the players, the game loads up to 90% when starting the NOX player and then restarts. It’s very inconvenient to have to restart your computer over and over. To prevent this problem, you must follow the steps below:

• Check to see if your NOX player is up to date. An older version of the NOX player can lead to a variety of issues.

• Check to see if your device drivers are up to date; if not, update them.

• If you still get an error after updating. After that, reinstall NOX.

6 – NOX Player Slow Download

The download process is prolonged due to an unstable or poor internet connection. It is suggested that you check your internet connection and connect your Windows PC to a fast and stable network.

Also, check if there is a problem with the router. If you are still experiencing this issue, please try the preliminary fixes listed below to resolve the slow download issue in NOX Player.

7 – Nox Player Is Slowly Working

This is a more common problem than not hearing NOX player sounds. Slow NOX player is similar to any other slow application. As a result, you must consider it and act accordingly. Here’s how I suggested it:

• Delete all caches associated with the application. Many cache files on your device can start your PC to slow down and lag.

• By going to the settings option, you can clear all the cache files of the NOX player application.

• Now, go to the NOX player and select Clare data to remove all unwanted cache from the PC.

Tips To Avoid Nox Player No Sound

• Verify that the sound on your Windows PC is not muted.

• Check to see if your sound drivers have been updated.

• Verify that your Windows PC meets the APPs’ Minimum Requirements.


This article will go over all of the possible solutions to the NOX player no sound problem. Following all of the primary methods and Advanced Solutions, I hope your NOX player sound not working Windows 10 issue is entirely resolved.

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