How to Fix Discord Not Opening Error on Windows

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This article is about how to fix Discord not opening on windows and what are the best ways to resolve the Discord Not Opening Error? Everyone in the world has distinct preferences and habits, and everyone is looking for someone who matches their energy and shares their interests.

People may now chat with one another and find people who share their interests thanks to social media.

This article will discuss one such platform, “Discord.” In addition, we will discuss a typical platform error known as Discord Won’t Open Error. We will also discuss how to resolve this error later in the article.

How to Fix the Discord Not Opening Error

Discord is an online platform and application that allows people with similar interests to connect and build communities. This community is mainly a hub for gamers that focus on games and play them together.

There are also educational centers on this application, such as robotics, development, etc. Discord provides a variety of services to its users.

These are the following:

  1. An audio call
  2. Video conference
  3. Chat
  4. Join a channel
  5. Create a channel
  6. Share gameplay, and so forth.

Discord Won’t Open On My Computer

There are many possible reasons for the Discord not opening error, some of which are discussed below:

1. A game is now running on your device
It’s possible that a game was running in the background, preventing Discord from opening.

2. Files that are damaged or missing
Because corrupted or damaged files are one of the most common reasons for system failure, damaged or infected files may also be a reason.

3. Another program is obstructing discord
It’s conceivable that the game’s rights are set to open it from being accessed via Discord or that another software is utilizing resources and stopping Discord from opening.

4. Windows-related Problems
There are several bugs and errors in Windows that might be why the Discord won’t open errors.


General Repairs

There are specific general tests that can fix Discord Not Opening issue; thus, it is advised that you do these checks first before using any methods to fix your error.

1. Update System
One method for resolving the Discord not opening error is to update the system to the most recent version. The steps to update the system may be found at the link below.

2. Update Drivers

Drivers in the system are one of the underlying reasons the Discord won’t open error since a defect in the driver produces such errors. Just update your drivers to the most recent version to fix similar errors.

3. Perform an anti-virus scan

Malware on the system might be the root reason the Discord won’t open error. It is advised that you check your system with a competent antivirus so that the source of the error may be identified and deleted.

4. Set the date and time Automatic

Because Discord connects to its internet server, a Discord won’t open an error if the system’s date and time are incorrect.

To adjust the date and time automatically, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Navigate to settings and choose “Time & language“.

Discord Not Opening

2. Toggle the “Set time automatically” slider to the “On” position.

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Set time automatically

Methods to Resolve the Discord Won’t Open Error

There are multiple ways to fix the Discord not opening error; some of them are listed below:

1. Close Discord in Task Manager and relaunch it

If the Discord application does not open, it is preferable to close it using the task manager and relaunch it.

To shutdown Discord using task manager, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Right-click on the taskbar and click “Task Manager.”

Task Manager

2. Right-click on the Discord option and select “End Task.”

End Task

2. Execute System File Scan

It is recommended to run System File Scan to fix ‘Discord Not Opening’ Error.


3. Delete Local and App Data

When an application is installed on a system, it generates cache data, saved in the system as app data and local app data. The Discord not opening error can be resolved by clearing this cache memory.

To remove app data and local app data, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Press “Windows + R” from the keyboard to open a dialogue box. Now, as indicated in the image below, type “%appdata%” and click “OK.”

Remove Discord Appdata

2. A folder will open; now, click on the “discord” folder and press the delete button to delete all the files. Please see the image below.

3. Press “Windows + R” from the keyboard to open a dialogue box. Now, as indicated in the image below, type “%localappdata%” and click “OK.”

dialog box

4. A folder will now open; click on the “Discord” folder and press the delete button to delete all the files.


4. Attempt to Login Using a Browser

Discord is an internet platform that also provides its users with an application to access its features. As a result, if the user cannot access the application, they can switch to Discord’s browser mode to access the account. Go to the Discord website and search for the button labeled “Open Discord in your browser,” then click it.

5.Turn off Proxies

Proxies are an additional layer of security or check in the system. It is conceivable that the proxies do not enable Discord to open for various reasons.

To disable the proxies in the system and fix Discord Not Opening error in your computer, follow the steps outlined below:

1.Go to Settings and select “Network & Internet.”

2. Now, go to “Proxy” and uncheck “Automatically detect settings” and “Use a proxy server.”


6. Reset DNS

When a user accesses a website, DNS requests that the material be shown, and a temporary file, known as cache, is produced in response. When there are a lot of cache files cached in memory, it impacts how the Internet works.

So, to clear the DNS cache memory from your system, follow the steps outlined below.

1. From your keyboard, press “Windows + R” and search for “cmd” Now, press “Enter,” and the command prompt will appear.

2. Next, type “ipconfig/flushdns” to clear the DNS cache.


7. Keep an eye out for Discord Update

There is a possibility that Discord won’t open an error due to bugs in the earlier version of the software. It is suggested that you seek the most recent and updated version of the software. Visit the Discord website and download the most recent version, as indicated below. Users should download the version corresponding to their operating system (Windows/Mac).


8. Disconnect Discord from Command Prompt

Windows gives its users the ability to terminate or access any program via the Command Prompt, which serves as the CUI (Command User Interface) and allows users to access any files.

To terminate Discord from the command prompt, follow the steps outlined below:

1. On the keyboard, press “Windows + R” to open a dialogue box, as seen in the image below. Open search field type “cmd” to open the Command Prompt and press “OK“.

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2. Now, as seen in the image below, type “taskkill /F /IM Discord.exe.”

Close Discord from Command Prompt

Windows will detect all Discord files running in the background and terminate their processes.


9. Exit Background Apps

When a user runs any software or application, its image is active in memory. This process is also available on mobile phones and web browsers, although under different names. They are referred to as recent tabs; however, they are referred to as current windows in mobile phones.

Background programs are a feature seen on computers.

These applications operate in the background and do different duties such as searching for updates and scanning the machine.

These background applications might be the reason for the Discord not opening in Windows error.


To fix this error, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Navigate to Settings and select “Privacy,” as indicated in the image below.

2. From the list of available options, click “Background applications.”

3. Next, toggle the switch labeled “turn apps to run in the background” to the off position.

By following the steps outlined above, the user may quickly stop background applications that devour system speed and efficient time that might be utilized more effectively.


Questions and Answers


1. Why is Discord all black?

Answer: A black screen on Discord can occur for various reasons.

Here are a few examples:

  • There are several background applications running.
  • Hardware incompatible with Discord; the hardware must be either old or damaged.
  • Software bugs and errors; in such circumstances, the user must seek substitute software or updates.
  • Bugs in drivers or Windows, thus users must read about these bugs and take cautious actions to fix them.
  • Excessive cache; clearing the cache would resolve this problem.


2. How do I fix a corrupt Discord?

Answer: The simplest approach to fix damaged Discord files is to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Launch task manager, right-click Discord, and select End Task.
  • Press Windows + R to search for and type %appdata% and %localappdata%.
  • A new window will appear; now, search for Discord and press the Delete key on your keyboard.


3. Why am I unable to delete Discord files?

Answer: The user can delete the Discord files by following the steps outlined below.

  • Navigate to Start > Settings > System > Apps and Features.
  • Find Discord, then click Delete and confirm the deletion.


4. How can I delete the cache on my PC Discord?

Answer: To clear the Discord cache, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open Discord, and you’ll see how much storage the program is presently taking in the Discord menu.
  • Tap Storage to access the Storage menu
  • • To clear the cache, click Clear Cache.


5. How can I fix Discord’s black screen?

Answer: There are several ways to fix Discord dark mode; some of them are as follows:

  • Install the latest Graphics Driver.
  • Discontinue Background Applications.
  • Turn on/off Hardware Acceleration.
  • Enable compatibility mode in Discord.
  • Delete the Discord cache.
  • Disable Discord Cache.
  • Update Discord.

Several applications enable people to interact with one another and share their expertise and interests on a particular issue. Discord is one such application that we discussed in this article. We began by discussing what Discord is, then moved on to the Discord Not Opening on Windows, and then, in the last section of the article, we detailed the reasons for this error and how to fix it.

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