How to Fix Cannot Start The Application CE-30005-8 Error on PS4

How to Fix Cannot Start The Application CE-30005-8 Error on PS4

This article will explains how to fix cannot start the application CE-30005-8 error on your PS4. A complete guide with pictures to solve this problem easily. This error indicates that either the game’s disc or your PS4 console hard drive is corrupted (e.g., if a PS4 update is installed and you try to install a game through the disc, then it may show the error at hand).

If the user tries to install a game from the disc, he receives the following issue message:

Cannot Start The Application (CE-30005-8)

CE 30005 8 Error Solution

Several customers received the same error number when attaching an external drive to the PS4. The error code was also displayed when creating a backup of the PS4 console.

You can fix the error number CE 30005 8 on PS4 by attempting the solutions listed below, but first check that your PS4 has sufficient storage space (e.g., if the game needs 20GB space, then make sure your PS4 has 40GB space available). Also, see if replacing the cable that links the PS4 to the hard drive resolves the problem. If the issue is with an external device, see if formatting the drive in the exFat file system on the PC and creating a single MBR partition for the entire drive resolves the problem.

Whether the problem is related to a game’s disc (you can test the disc on other consoles), see if properly cleaning the disc cures the problem. Users have reported the following techniques of cleaning the disc (many tries) to solve the issue:

• Wipe down the disc with a lint-free cloth.

• Clean the disc with clear water and dry it with a lint-free towel.

• Exposing the disc to direct sunshine for ten minutes.

• Use WD40 to clean the disc.

• Polishing the game’s disc.

In this article you will know about how to resolve ‘cannot start the application CE-30005-8’ error on PS4.  Just follow the steps below to fix the error CE 30005 8.

1. Restart the PS4 console, clean the disc, and reconnect the power cable

The PS4 Console may show the error code CE 30005 8 due to a momentary glitch, and restarting the PS4 station may solve the issue.

1. Turn off your PS4 and, once the lights have gone out, disconnect the PS4’s power cable.

Restart the PS4 Console

2. After 2 minutes, reconnect the power cable to the console.

3. In the meantime, remove the disc from the PS4 and clean it with a smooth cloth. Make applying too much pressure.

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4. Restart the console, insert the disc, and verify that the error CE-30005-8 is no longer present.

2. Reinstall the erroneous game

A partial install of the game may allow the PS4 to “believe” that the game is installed, resulting in the error CE-30005-8 even though all the files are not available for operation.
In this case, deleting the partial install and reinstalling the game may be sufficient to solve the issue.

1. Navigate to the Games tab in your PS4’s Library’s left pane from the Home screen.

2. Next, select the issue game (for example, Call of Duty) and press the Options button.

call of duty Ps4

3. Now, select Delete and confirm to delete the troublesome game.

4. After deleting the game, restart your PS4 and see whether reinstalling the game cures the PS4 issue.

3. Update the PS4 System Software to the most recent version

PS4 error number CE-30005-8 can be caused by outdated PS4 system software, and you can fix the “cannot start the application CE 30005 8” issue by updating the PS4 system software.

1. First, uninstall the problematic game as previously described, but do not reinstall it, and make that no disc (DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) is in the PS4’s disc drive.

2. Go to the PS4 Settings menu and launch System Software Update.

Update the System Software of PS4

3. If an update is available, click both the Next and Update buttons.

System Software Update

4. Allow the system software update to install, and then check to see if the PS4 error number CE 30005 8 has been cleared (you may have to reinstall the game).

solves the PS4 issue

5. If the problem persists, see if switching to a different network resolves the PS4 issue.

4. Rebuild the PS4 Console’s Database

If your PS4’s database is corrupt, it may show the error code CE-30005-8. In this case, rebuilding your PS4 console’s database may solve the issue. Before starting, ensure that you have backed up the PS4 console’s critical data and that you have removed any discs from the PS4’s disc drive.

1. To begin, boot your PS4 into Safe Mode and, when prompted, connect the controller to the PS4.

2. Then, scroll down and select Rebuild Database option no. 5.

Rebuild Database

3. Now, confirm that you want to rebuild the database by clicking the OK button and waiting for the rebuild process to finish (this might take some time to complete).

rebuild of the database PS4

4. Once the database has been rebuilt, press the PS button on the controller and select your PS4 account from the interface.

5. Now go to Settings and select Storage.

Storage Ps4

6. Next, go to System Storage and select Saved Data.

7. Now, select the issue game (Red Dead Redemption) and press the Options button.

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System Storage

8. Then, select Delete and repeat the process to remove all of the game’s entries (If there are multiple entries, delete them all one by one).

How to Delete the Red Dead Redemption

9. Install the game and check that the error code CE 30005 is no longer clear.

Enable the console’s debug mode and open Debug Settings if it doesn’t work. Then, go to Game > Add Content Manager > Entitlement Control > Game and uncheck Disabled Entitlement. Then, check if the PS4 error number CE 30005 8 has been cleared.

5. Reset the PlayStation 4 Console

The error CE 30005 8 may be caused by corrupt firmware on your PS4, and initializing it, which will reset the PS4 console to default settings, may solve the PS4 problem.
Before starting, make a backup of the important data to a USB drive (or create an online backup).

1. Go to your PS4’s Settings and select Initialization.

2. Select Initialize PS4 and then click on Full.

3. Then, wait until the PS4 reset procedure is complete, and make sure the PS4 does not power down throughout the process.

4. Once the reset process is complete, check if the error CE 30005 8 has been cleared.

6. Reinstall the PS4 Console’s System Software

If initializing the PS4 does not solve the trick, you will have to reinstall the PS4 console’s System Software. Before starting, make a backup of any important data on the PS4 console (since all PS4 data will be wiped).

1. First, connect a USB flash drive to a desktop computer (Windows, Mac, etc.) and format it in the FAT32 file system.

2. create a new folder on the USB and label it PS4 (name it in all caps).

3. Next, enter the PS4 folder and create a new folder called UPDATE (name it in all caps).

4. Now, on the PC, launch a web browser and navigate to the official PS4 system software download page.

Reinstall the System Software of the PS4 Console

5. Next, download the PS4 Console Reinstallation File and rename it PS4UPDATE.PUP (name it in all caps).

6. Now, copy the renamed file to the USB’s Update folder (made in step 3) and connect the USB device to the PS4 console.

7. Next, boot the PS4 console into safe mode and select option 7 of the Initialize PS4 menu (Reinstall System Software).

Initialize PS4

8. Now, select Update from USB Storage Device and click OK.

9. Once the PS4 console’s System Software has been reinstalled, restart it to see if the error code CE 30005 8 has been cleared.

If none of the solution tricks, you can acquire a new game disc (if the issue is with the disc) or have your PS4 assessed for a hardware issue. Also read our article on, How To Hide Games on PS4 and Reveal Hidden Games.

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