How to Fix Battery Drain Issue on Windows 11

How to Fix Battery Drain Issue on Windows 11

This article will explain how to fix battery drain issue in Windows 11? Battery drain is a problem that has persisted through all versions of Windows. Unfortunately, Windows 11 is no exception. In all its magnificence, Windows 11 makes it nearly hard for your laptop to make the day. Fortunately, you can make some tweaks to your Windows 11 laptop’s battery life.

This advice is for you if you’ve been experiencing similar battery problems on your Windows 11 laptop. We’ve compiled a list of troubleshooting steps to fix you in resolving the battery drain issue on Windows 11. So, first check out our article on, how to fix laptop plugged in but not charging.

Use the Power Troubleshooter

Windows 11 includes a troubleshooter for almost every utility. So, if your Windows PC is suffering an odd battery drain, you can start by running the Power troubleshooter.
This is how.

1. In the Taskbar, click the Search icon, type troubleshooter settings, and press Enter.

Fix Battery Drain Issue

2. Navigate to Troubleshooters.

battery drains on your Windows 11 laptop

3. Finally, next to Power, click the Run option.

Battery Drain Issue windows 11


Change the Power Plan

Next, you can experiment with changing your laptop’s default power plan to prioritize longer battery life over performance to see if it helps to fix battery drain issue.

1. Open Settings, press Windows key + I. Then select Power & battery.

How to change power plan Windows 11

2. Scroll down to Power mode and select Best power efficiency from the drop-down option.

Way to Fix Battery Drain Issue


Enable the Battery Saver Feature

If your battery is still draining faster than usual, you can use Windows 11’s, Battery Saver. You can set it to turn on automatically when the battery level falls below a certain threshold, or you can leave it on all the time to extend battery life.

1. To open Settings, press Windows key + I. Then select Power & battery.

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2. Expand Battery Saver and click the Turn on now button. You can define the percentage level below which the battery saver should turn on automatically by using the drop-down menu next to ‘Turn battery saver on automatically at.’

Turn battery saver on automatically


Adjust the Display Settings

A laptop’s display is one of the most power-hungry components. As a result, you can make a few tweaks to your current display settings to drastically minimize battery drain.

Display settings Windows 11

You can start by dimming the screen slightly. To do so, Hold the Windows key + A to open up Quick Settings. Then, next to Brightness, use the slider to dim your screen.

Following that, you may configure custom graphics settings for apps on your PC to improve battery life.
This is how.

1. Open the Start menu, type graphics settings, and press Enter.

2. To modify the app’s graphics settings, click on it and select Options.

3. Finally, select Power saving and press Save.

Darker theme Windows 11

Aside from the options listed above, you can use a darker theme on your Windows 11 laptop to lower the amount of power drawn by your screen.


Modify Video Playback

If you frequently stream YouTube videos or modify movies, you may optimize battery life by changing the Video Playback settings on Windows to fix battery drain issue.
This is how.

1. Open the Start menu then select Settings by clicking on the gear symbol.

2. Navigate to the Apps menu and select Video playback.

Video playback

3. Select Optimize battery life from the drop-down menu next to Battery choices.

Battery options

Similarly, you can select the ‘Play video at a lesser resolution when on battery’ checkbox to save power while streaming videos.


Turn off background Apps

Multitasking is an essential feature of Windows. However, it comes at the expense of less-than-ideal battery life. To reduce battery drain on Windows 11, consider stopping unimportant apps from running in the background. This is how.

1. To open the Settings app, press Windows key + I. Navigate to the System tab and then to Power & battery.

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2. Select Battery usage from the Battery menu.

3. You’ll get a list of all the apps and their battery usage. Locate the unimportant apps consuming a significant portion of the battery, hit the three-dot menu symbol next to it, and select Manage background activity.

4. Under Background apps permissions, select Never.


Turn off Fast Startup

The battery drain problem may also occur if you’ve enabled rapid startup in Windows to decrease slow boot times. Because rapid startup prevents your system from entirely shutting down, you may see a battery drain even while your PC is turned down.

1. Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialogue, type control and press Enter.

2. Select the view type to icons and Power Options.

3.: On the left sidebar, click ‘Choose what the power buttons do.’

4. Because you’ll need administrator privileges to stop the fast startup, click the wording ‘Change settings that are presently unavailable’ at the top.

5. Uncheck the ‘Turn on fast startup (recommended)‘ box and click Save Changes to fix battery drain issue.


Examine the Battery Report

Finally, especially if you’re using an old laptop, you can glance at the Battery Report. This helps you to inspect the health of your battery.

1. Select Windows key + X from the resultant menu and select Windows Terminal (Admin).

2. Type the following command and press Enter.

powercfg /energy


It will inspect the battery on your laptop for roughly 60 seconds and provide a Battery Report. For further information, open the energy-report.html file at the supplied address.

The report will assist you in analyzing the battery’s health and determining whether or not it needs to be replaced.


Reduce Windows Battery Drain

While computers aid in portability, the built-in battery has several restrictions. That is why battery drain can be an issue if you are not near a power source at the time. As a result, you can use the solutions outlined above to fix the battery drain issue with Windows 11.

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