15 Best Evite Alternatives To Invite Guests For Wedding, Birthday Or Party

Evite Alternatives

In this post, you will learn about Evite and the finest Evite alternatives for inviting guests to weddings, birthday parties, and other events. Evite is described as Free online invitations, free ecards, birthday invitations, party invitations, birthday ecards, party ideas — Evite has everything you need to throw a great party. More than ten alternatives to Evite, websites, and apps for various platforms, including iPhone, Android, iPad, and SaaS.

What is Evite?

It is one of the best and free services introduced online in 1998; it is a free service. It was co-founded by Al Lieb and Selina Tobaccowala and bought in 2001.

Its rapid rise can be attributed to its free service and pop-cultural allusions. People may use this free service to send invitations for many occasions, making it easier than conventional invitations ( I am not saying our usual request is terrible or something like that, but it takes some time).

You have all the details for that ceremony or, in other terms, Party by using or sending an invite using evite. Then input the E-mail addresses and phone numbers of all the people or guests you wish to invite to the Party, and then click the “Finish and Send” button.

Nowadays, Evite is losing popularity since the producers are not keeping enough content and are not increasing the user experience on their products compared to current rivals.

How to Login Evite Account?

evite login

Account Login Page for Evite. Log in to your Evite account to send an email or text invitation, RSVP, change your guests, add a co-host, and more.

Alternatives to Evite

You may find many of them while looking for them on the internet, but I haven’t found any good ones, so here are the top ten best Evite Alternatives that you can use.

Alternatives to Evite for Online Invitations

Let us begin with the fantastic service with an evite alternative. As I already stated, I browse through several sites to invite people. You don’t have to waste time requesting more items. You may browse these websites quickly and trust the natural process.


guestboard co alternatives

There are times when you need to do more than show up for a big group event. Guestboard helps keep your group up to date, connected, and organized.

You should stop the endless email chains or Groupme threads that make it so easy for important information to get lost “up the scroll.” It’s easy for any group to use Guestboard’s forum-based message board to keep track of their discussion topics while also taking advantage of other features like a detailed schedule and a shared photo wall.

Create your unique event invitation today, and you’ll be able to plan your next big event with ease. Let your wedding guests meet before the big day so they can figure out how to get there together and find out who else is there. Is it possible to go camping with a big group? Use Guestboard to plan carpools, set the itinerary, and figure out who’s bringing what to the party.

2. IveTime

ivetime Alternatives

To make this work, get your friends to install IveTime as well – it’s a social app. We only require your phone number to connect you with your friends (just like WhatsApp). Please don’t be concerned about that. And the location is simply required to recommend a suitable venue. Try out IveTime!

3. Punchbowl

Punchbowl alternatives

It was founded in 2006, acquired popularity similar to Evite, and is the best platform. It became well-known after being named one of PC World’s “25 Web Sites to Watch” and winning the MTX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) award for serviceability.

Punchbowl is exceptionally user-friendly and easy to use. Its free service allows you to send invites to up to 100 guests every event, and you can also send digital cards to up to 10 recipients per month, with adverts on the invites.

This excellent website aids in the planning of the event and the distribution of RSVP cards, which can be tracked and the distribution of updates to guests via the site. In addition, it is one of the most well-known options for sending internet invitations.

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4. Online RSVP


‘Elegant & simple Online RSVP for your Wedding & other Events,’ says Online-RSVP.com. Create an online invitation, select from hundreds of gorgeous RSVP options, and keep track of your visitors reactions.
There are more than ten Online-RSVP.com alternatives available for a range of platforms, including Online / Web-based, iPhone, Android, SaaS, and Android Tablet. Eventbrite, which is free, is the best alternative. Guestboard, Joy, RSVP Keeper, and Wedivite are some more fantastic applications like Online-RSVP.com.

5. Pingg

pingg alternatives sites

If you want a basic design, this is the one for you. If you’re going to use this free service, you may send an invite to a list of up to 75 people. It also offers valuable features such as selling tickets to third-party events and collecting donations.

As you are aware, these free services will include adverts. However, one of the best sites like Evite is quitting this commercial part. If the site get down due to any reason, consider other Evite alternatives as Pingg alternatives.

One of the fantastic advantages provided by Pingg is the ability to upload your photographs and designs, which are used during invites. In addition, you can follow the event and send updates to the guests.

6. Paperless Post

paperlesspost alternatives

It’s one of the best Evite alternatives for online invitations. It was founded in 2009, has an iOS app, and many customization are accessible on the website.

Because the paperless post is connected with well-known fashion designers (Kelly Wearstler, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and many others), it will aid in getting the new design on invitations.

This website allows you to send free cards to a maximum of two thousand email addresses. By using -Flyer-, you may share your events on platforms such as social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, as well as SMS, email, and other methods.

It also allows you to customize free cards, such as pictures or your design.

7. Purpletrail

purpletrail alternatives

Compared to Evite (which is free), it is one of the best paid online invitations. You may find various cards linked to your event here, or you can create your custom card based on your game.

Some categories have specific topics. It has an app easily accessible through the Apple App Store.

You can engage with your guests, and they can recommend other places and times for your event. This site is simple to navigate, and in service to accessing any of the services offered by PurpleTrail, you must first join up.

You may post photographs that remain at a suitable size and are extremely easy to follow reactions. This website also assists you in creating customized plans.

8. Minted

minted weddings

Marian Naficy founded it in April 2007. If you’re searching for lovely wedding cards, check out “minted,” a website specializing in wedding invitations.

They have far too many collections for various ceremonies.

You may complete your work in less than 10 minutes if you use this website.

This website has its designers; you may work with them to create your design or gain ideas from them. In addition, you may buy presents, calendars, stationery, and other items by visiting this website.

9. Shindigg

shindigg alternatives

The proprietor of this website is Trisha Logan, and she works as the creative director for product development. It is another excellent website on this list of Evite alternatives.

This website allows you to create and manage your event in your unique style. For example, you are making an event page on this website shindig and modifying it with text, photographs, videos, and animations.

You must complete all of the details or information on the event page before you can send the invitation via social media (Facebook, for example) and email.

This website offers you the opportunity to earn money by selling tickets on shindigg. Furthermore, this website logs all transactions since you have no problems using it, making our job more manageable.

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10. GreenVelope


The most exquisite electronic invitation service is based on the feeling of opening a “traditional” paper invitation.

It has an appealing design that you may customize and offers it easy to send invitations straight to friends and family.

Its invitation cards are offered for a variety of occasions like evite baby shower, evite invitations and evite birthday.

It also enables you to add music, location (through Google Maps), animations, photos, and other features. While making and sending, it is a paid service.

Their membership plan is available on their official website.

Allows you to send RSVPs that are readily trackable and send a single invitation to a family by grouping them.

11. Sendomatic


This website may be used for any event, whether personal or commercial. It offers a completely personalized design option, or you may select from their board of gorgeous designs.

These websites provide both free and paid services; the free service allows them to send invitations to a maximum of ten people.

You must go via paid; this implies you either pay for a single event or acquire a subscription for endless activities.

You may also send and monitor RSVPs and sell tickets via Sendomatic, and these cards (invitation cards) are ad-free.

12. Facebook

Facebook event

As we all know, Facebook can be used for various purposes, including sending invitations to people. However, invites are less user-friendly and efficient when compared to other Evite alternatives.

The majority of the time, these invites go unacknowledged. First, you must create an account, then create an event on Facebook, and last, go to the event and click “Invite.”

You may send an invite to friends by entering or using their names, email addresses, or cell phone numbers. Another option is to touch on those people’s profiles and then click “Send Invites.” It is easy and free to send invitations using Facebook.

13. Joy


Joy is a free, easy-to-use wedding home like evite invitations. Manage guests, RSVPs, and other details all in one location. Most essential, preserve the joy of your particular day for future generations. You get your own stunning website and app with Joy. It’s a fun and easy way to communicate all of the important details of your wedding with your loved ones. It is the best Evite invitations alternatives.

14. Wedivite

wedivite alternatives

Wedivite is a free digital wedding invitation platform that allows wedding guests to RSVP, propose wedding music, obtain turn-by-turn instructions to the event, collaborate on a social wedding album, send greetings and gifts, and much more. You should test it right now because it is the best wedding evite invitation.

15. ChurchInviter

churchinviter alternatives

Church Invitations makes it simple to include invitations and ecards on your church website! With so many options, it’s simple to see why so many churches use it to send christian ecards! It is among the best Evite alternatives.


FAQ Evite Alternatives

Many people have concerns regarding the Evite alternatives. As a result, below are some commonly asked questions by users about evite alternatives.

1. Do I have to pay to use evite alternatives?

Ans: You did not pay anything. You must pay if you want to buy; otherwise, you must cancel your membership and explore the other evite alternatives.

2. Where can I find evite alternatives?

Ans: Well, the simplest approach to find evite alternatives is to come here daily.

3. Is it safe to use the free evite alternatives?

Ans: Yes, evite alternatives are entirely safe to use and have no hazards.

Finally, we have information on the best Evite alternatives. You’ll get a sense of these sites; evite is still widely used worldwide. You may quickly send invitations to your loved ones using the methods described above. These websites listed above may be of assistance to you. Read article on how to use Corrlinks to Email Your Family.

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