How To Disable Samsung Pay Swipe Up Gesture On Samsung Galaxy Phones Easy Steps

This article is about Samsung Galaxy phones, and the topic is, How to disable the Samsung Pay Swipe Up Gesture in easy steps? Samsung Pay is one of the most effective Google Pay alternatives available. It has MST technology and enables users to pay with Samsung Pay at older terminals. Swipe up from the lock or home screen, choose a card, authenticate yourself, and pay on the move. Unfortunately, the existing technology has a problem with overall implementation. The swipe-up gesture used to open Samsung Pay interferes with the Android operating system’s swipe-up navigation gesture.

When users attempt to utilize the swipe gesture to return to the home screen or open the multitasking menu, they inadvertently open the Samsung Pay interface. It is infuriating because you are more likely to utilize the navigation gesture regularly than the Samsung Pay app.

The Samsung Pay shortcut through the swipe up gesture is given for your ease so that you do not have to look for the app in the App drawer to check out at the store quickly. Therefore, if you are already available on the Google Pay ecosystem, Samsung Pay may be a pointless add-on for you. Continue reading to learn how to disable Samsung Pay swipe up gestures on Samsung Galaxy phones and use navigation gestures as intended.

Disable the Samsung Pay Swipe Up Gesture from the Home Screen

Using the trick below, you may continue to use Samsung Pay on your phone while removing the obnoxious swipe up gesture from the home and lock screens. So, to disable the Samsung Pay Swipe, Up Gesture follow the steps below;

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1. To open the Samsung Pay app, swipe up from the bottom or use the App drawer option. 

2. Select Settings from the hamburger menu in the upper left corner.

disable the annoying swipe up gesture from the home screen

3. Go to the Payment menu and select Quick access.

4. Disable the toggle access to Samsung Pay from the Lock screen, Home screen, and Screen off.

Disable Samsung Pay Swipe Up Gesture

That’s all. You have properly disabled the Samsung Pay swipe gesture in all locations on your phone. But, unfortunately, you also lose easy access to the service due to this.

For easy access during payment, we recommend putting the app icon on the Home screen. 

Return to the Navigation Buttons

Using this trick, you may continue to use the swipe up gesture to access the Samsung Pay service while avoiding interference with navigation motions. Follow the steps outlined below.

1. On your Samsung Galaxy phone, open the Settings app.

2. Select the Display option.

How to open Navigate on Samsung Galaxy phone

3. Select the Navigation bar.

4. Under the Navigation type, select Buttons.

Revert to Navigation Buttons

From now on, users can navigate the OS with navigation buttons and continue to access Samsung Pay with the swipe up gesture from the home and lock screens. As a result, there is no doubt between the two acts.

How to Uninstall Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy Phones

The latest Galaxy phones allow users to delete Samsung Pay entirely from the handset. There are a few causes for this. First, you are already invested in the Google Pay ecosystem and solely use Google’s service to pay at terminals. Another explanation could be that your local bank is not available on Samsung Pay.

So, if you want to disable the Samsung Pay Swipe up gesture or delete Samsung Pay from your Galaxy device, follow the steps outlined below.

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1. Open the Samsung Pay app in the App drawer.

2. From the floating menu, long-press on the app icon and select Uninstall.

3. Confirm your option, and you are free to use your Galaxy phone without Samsung Pay.

How to Reinstall Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Assume your local bank has finally introduced Samsung Pay functionality, and you, like many other users, want to take advantage of the enticing Samsung Rewards program with Samsung Pay.

If you already uninstalled Samsung Pay to disable the Samsung Pay Swipe up gesture, it is time to reinstall it. However, you cannot download the app to the Google Play Store. Samsung Pay is not available through the Google Play Store. To reinstall Samsung Pay, go to the Galaxy Store. Continue reading to learn out how.

1. Open the Galaxy Store app from the App drawer menu.

2. In the search bar, search in Samsung Pay.

How to Reinstall Samsung Pay

3. From the following option, install the app.

After a successful installation, you can begin utilizing the service by setting up bank cards. While you’re at it, use the above trick to disable the swipe up gesture.

Disable Samsung Pay Gesture on Galaxy Phones

You may completely customize the Samsung Pay experience on your Galaxy phone by using the strategies listed above. Depending on your preferences, you can disable the Samsung Pay gesture, delete the app, or continue using the Samsung Pay service using navigation buttons.

So far, how has your experience with Samsung Pay been? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Following that, Samsung provides an alternative to most Google apps on Galaxy phones. To learn about the differences between Samsung and Google apps, read the comparison section below. Read our article on, Why is my Phone not allowing me to make calls?

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