How to Disable Facebook Stories Feed

How to Disable Facebook Stories Feed

This article is about how to remove story on facebook and how to disable facebook stories feed on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Facebook Inc. operates the online social media and social networking service Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg co-founded the company with Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Initially, the creators intended for Facebook membership to be limited to Harvard undergraduates. Membership grew throughout time to include Ivy League colleges, MIT, and other higher education institutions in and around Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Then there are some more universities, and finally, high school pupils.

Since 2006, however, anybody who claims to be 13 or older has been permitted to become a registered member of Facebook. The Facebook service is available from practically every Internet-connected device. Either through its official website or its mobile apps, which are accessible for various devices and platforms. Facebook’s “Stories” feature was added sometime in 2017.

This new ‘your story’ feature allows you to contribute media assets such as photos, videos, and GIFs, among other things. The feature was inspired by Snapchat and was added to allow friends to post photos and videos of their real-time’ everyday activities. When a buddy shares a story, it rises to the top of your news feed.

In this article you will know about how to disable facebook stories feed on iPhone, iPad, and Android. When you share a story, it shows in your friend’s news feed as well. Some Facebook users find this feature irritating and feel compelled to disable it. Suppose you’re wary of accidentally tapping the symbols at the top of your screen while attempting to check alerts or something else. In that case, there’s some good news: you can now Disable Facebook Stories Feed on both Android, iPhone, and iOS devices. Although Facebook’s default app does not permit suppressing stories in the newsfeed, it is possible to use various third-party apps, depending on your platform.

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You may improve your Facebook experience by using one of the third-party apps listed below. Given that the primary app has minimal controls. The “Friendly for Facebook” app may be used to disable stories for iPhone and iPad users. On Android, you may accomplish it with the “Swipe for Facebook” app. These apps are free and are available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Pros and Cons for Swipe for Facebook App


There is a built-in Messenger.

Switch between tabs with ease.

Login to numerous accounts is possible.

Various topics are featured.


Photos are not automatically tagged with friends.

There is no night mode available.

Messages cannot be deleted individually.


Why you should start using Swipe right away

• Facebook & Messenger in a single app

• Messenger Chatheads – access your conversations while using other application.

• PIP Videos – watch videos while browsing your News Fee.

• Facebook Widgets – let your alerts and messages linger on your home screen.

• Sort your news feed by Most Recent

• Mark all alerts as read

• Use Swipe’s bookmarks to save what matters most

• Gorgeous Material Design themes with hand-picked color palettes

• Automatic day/night theming

• Intuitive layouts with top and bottom bar choices

• Use filters and quiet hours to take control of your alerts.

• Download photographs and videos.

• PIN and Fingerprint Lock allow you to control your privacy.

• There are 30 different languages available!


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How to disable Off Facebook’s Stories Feed on iPhone and iPad (iOS)

To disable “Stories” on Facebook for iOS, go to the iOS App Store and download “Friendly for Facebook.” This app has many useful functions such as hiding “people you may know,” hiding and highlighting posts by keywords, disabling Facebook adverts, changing app colors, and so on.

Open the app when it has been downloaded.

How to Disable Facebook Stories Feed on Android Devices

• In the upper-right corner of the main page, click the gear symbol.

• Click on “Filters.”

Hide Stories

• To prevent Stories from displaying, enable the toggle next to “Hide Stories.”

You will no longer see stories in your newsfeed due to this.

How to disable Off Facebook Stories Feed on Android

To disable Facebook “Stories” on your Android smartphone, download “Swipe for Facebook” from Google’s Play store.

Tap the three vertical dots to open it in the upper-right corner if you’ve already installed the app.

install Swipe for facebook

• Select “Settings.”

Swipe for Facebook app

• To remove Stories from your feed, enable the toggle next to “Hide Facebook Stories.”

Please remember that these are third-party apps that are not under the authority of Facebook or us.  Installing a third-party Facebook client, on the other hand, will provide you access to a slew of new features. These apps consume significantly fewer resources than the vast official Facebook app, yet they both provide a plethora of additional features.

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