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We’ll talk about CRM Software, the review covers this business app, from features to pricing plans and Monday workflows. In our opinion, is the most excellent customizable customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The project and task management tools for are the most important, but we also look at Monday CRM.’s most noticeable feature is its vast customization features, which allow the team and sales managers to make the software. CRM Software is ideal for firms with particular sales processes and close-knit departmental contacts, from bespoke labels and goods to completely configurable dashboards, templates, workflows, forms, quotes, and widgets.

What is CRM Software?

It’s a platform that integrates all your departments, from marketing to sales to customer support, and organizes their notes, actions, and KPIs into one system. As a result, every user gets easy access to the real-time customer data they require. This article is about CRM Software, So lets start the topic.

Why Did We Select the Best CRM Software

CRM Software Monday is a process management application that works well as an essential customer relationship management (CRM) solution, owing to its extensive library of ready-made templates for almost every conventional CRM workflow. In addition to core CRM features like sales pipeline and contact management, workflow automation, and email sync, CRM Software gives sales teams and managers the ability to customize almost every aspect of the CRM, as well as connect to multiple integrations and the native API, to ensure the CRM meets the specific needs of the business. helps it simple to fit your CRM workplace to your particular demands. For example, your team members may create custom workflows to automate repetitive processes like sending notification emails, moving deals through pipelines, and altering contact statuses.

Feature List of CRM Software

Best CRM Software key features are as follows:

1. Task management and project tracking

It is bread and butter for CRM software regarding Monday project tracking and task management. Several functions are available, including visual task, project, and time tracking user interface choices. In addition, calendar view, Gantt chart, maps, workloads, and other features are available. Many points are awarded for usability since project boards work on a visually appealing drag and drop method. The Monday task manager also includes templates from customer support tickets to sales pipeline management.

2. Many dashboards at CRM software

Because of its numerous dashboards, the UI shines at project and task management. There are various configurable templates from which to start creating your own Monday dashboard. You may also configure alerts for dashboard updates. dashboards provide a variety of views for basic information, but you may also delve down into workloads and automation boards.

3. Due date Dependencies

CRM software includes dependency columns that help to manage dependent jobs. You may connect these tasks using dates or a timeline. Furthermore, dependencies may be implemented using automation, so one reliant task will only begin after the first is accomplished.

4. Resource management inside the platform resource management includes many essential tools. This section of the platform assists you in planning the procurement and storage of resources, as well as how they will be distributed for the production of goods and services. Resource management, like everything else on, takes place on a visual drag and drop dashboard for an easy bird’s eye view of accounts and procedures. CRM Software Monday is the best resource management available in the market.

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5. Board design templates

When you first sign up with CRM software Monday, you will have access to over 200 ready-made board templates for various reasons. Among them are marketing plans, social media plans, content calendars, blog planning, CRM templates, bespoke onboarding templates, and board templates for startups, small enterprises, HR departments, sales teams, and IT support help desks. The templates are always user-friendly and may be easily customized.

6. Budget monitoring

Tracking your budgets and money is critical for startups, small enterprises, and large corporate operations. provides tools and templates that make budgeting accessible to anyone other than accountants. For example, one of the budget monitoring templates includes columns that compare what was budgeted and what was spent to indicate the difference and fast sums using Monday com budget tracking.

7. Boards that may be shared

You may need to work on a task or project with persons who aren’t team members and may be from outside your business. It is the goal of sharing boards, and makes it simple.

8. Organize your docs features a new feature called Monday work docs, a full-fledged document management system, as of writing this in 2022.
You may create docs and work on them with other team members.

9.’s numerous integrations

Even though may be used as a whole stack of work tools and apps, the platform allows you to integrate with any software you already use. Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, Drive, Gmail, and other tools are among the most popular Monday integrations.

10. App evaluation for iOS and Android

They have Apple iPhone and iPad apps and Android apps for various smartphones and tablets. The mobile apps make it easy to interact with your team, exchange and edit files and update project workbooks. Everything is updated in real-time, and the apps also work offline. The Monday app review receives high marks.

CRM Pricing at

CRM Software offers a variety of low-cost service options, with pricing beginning at $30 per month for three users. There is also a restricted free plan available for up to two users. All premium options include an unlimited number of contacts, pipelines, dashboards, documents, mobile apps, and access to over 200 templates.

The plan’s cost increases depending on the number of users (minimum of three) and the plan tier, and you may select between monthly and annual paying. To get a feel for the software, join a 14-day free trial.

When invoiced yearly, the fees stated below are for three “seats” (users).

  • Free: This plan includes up to two users, lead capture web forms, up to 1,000 contacts, 500MB of file storage, a Kanban view, and one data visualization dashboard.
  • Basic: This plan is $30 a month and includes everything in the Free plan plus unlimited read-only viewers, contacts, and customized pipelines, as well as 5GB of file storage.
  • Standard: This plan includes everything in Basic plus two-way email sync with Gmail and Outlook; quotes and invoices; Gantt, timeline, and calendar data views; guest access; up to 250 automation and 250 integrations per month; and 20GB of file storage for $42 per month.
  • Pro: For $72 per month, this plan includes everything in Standard plus private boards, sales forecasting and CRM analytics, time tracking, chart and workload views, email monitoring, up to 25,000 automation and 25,000 integrations per month, and 100GB of file storage.
  • Enterprise: This plan includes everything in Pro plus enterprise-grade security, extensive CRM reporting, lead scoring, team quotas, up to 250,000 automation and 250,000 integrations per month, and 1TB of file storage.
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Other Best CRM Software

Some other best CRM software you should try for your business growth.

  • Zoho CRM for business growth
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud customization
  • Bitrix24 is a multi-channel communication system.
  • Pipedrive for its ease of use
  • Ontraport for online transaction automation

CRM Software Monday FAQs

Is CRM Software free? provide a free version of its platform. It can accommodate up to two users.’s free edition includes limitless boards and docs. The free plan also includes access to the template collection, which has over 200 templates. is it a CRM Software?

CRM Software Monday offers numerous features that make it an excellent CRM platform (customer relationship management). It also allows you to manage your contacts and sales funnel. It also lets you track marketing activity, manage client projects, and provide customer assistance.

Is a CRM Software or a project management tool? started as a project management solution but has now evolved into a suite of targeted solutions, including a sales CRM, marketing, and software management platforms. In addition, the platforms may be linked together to provide a comprehensive company management solution.

Is CRM Software suitable for a single user? offers a restricted free plan that allows for up to two users.
It is appropriate for entrepreneurs and ultra-small teams who want primary contact and deal management features and have a limited database. Those interested in extensive CRM capabilities, sales analytics, workflow automation, and integrations can opt for one of the subscription options. However, the minimum number of users permitted on a paid plan is three, increasing the minimum monthly cost to $30 when paid annually.

Conclusion is recommended for;

  • Businesses that want broad customization options to fit their sales procedures.
  • Sales teams want to manage the entire client lifecycle in one location.
  • Businesses that require their CRM to handle several languages. is not recommended for;

  • Companies seeking comprehensive CRM tools and features in a free solution.
Overall, if you want an easy-to-customize CRM with all of the features and integrations at a reasonable price, CRM Software is a terrific option that is free to test. It is useful for businesses of all sizes, although it is helpful to small to medium-sized enterprises. Its code-free automation and user-friendly UI set it apart from other CRMs. In addition, it is an excellent solution for interacting and cooperating with different departments within your firms, such as legal, IT, and security teams.

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