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craigslist alternatives

This post is about the best Craigslist alternatives for classified buying and selling. If you’re looking for Craigslist alternatives, keep reading about the Best Craigslist Alternatives where you can buy or sell stuff, find a job, and get laid. In this post, you will learn about websites where you may sell or buy cars and homes, find connections, and much more.


Everyone is engaged in buying and selling products online. And it is still a part of our lives now. However, as it saves our valuable time and ensures both quantity and quality in all circumstances, there may be some challenges.






Official Website : https://seattle.craigslist.org


If a problem arises, there will be a solution. And finding a solution takes time. So, I believe you have noticed that the topic is about online advertising and marketing on “Craigslist.” It has many alternatives depending on its nature. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.


If you’re searching for Craigslist alternatives where you may Buy/Sell Junk, even household items, and a variety of other things online, you’ve come to the proper stuff. There are over 20 sites similar to Craigslist. I’m sure you’ve heard of Craigslist, the top, and most popular classifieds site. Continue reading about the best Craigslist alternatives for Selling/Buying everything online with Secure Payments.


Craigslist is one of the top classifieds websites. Why? Because it has incredible features such as location identification and much more, such as a clean UI and user-friendly navigation. If you go to the Craigslist site, you will undoubtedly like it. Furthermore, you may make money with Craigslist and save options such as creating Craigslist jobs and many more with this fantastic site for Classifieds Buying/Selling.


Craigslist is defined as a list of specialized, certified, and determined websites that are used for advertising based on various streams such as jobs for job seekers, housing for those looking to buy a home, and sales related to multiple streams such as electronics, clothes, shoes, furniture, and so on are advertised in sites, various services such as providing medicine to people, security to societies, and so on.


Founder of Craigslist

Founder of Craigslist

Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, began serving the public in 1995, and it is related to related streams. Later it became a service related to the web, and after it evolved into a larger size, they went into various streams with their friends involved in different places, which meant other streams in 1996. Initially based and serviced in the Bay Area of San Francisco, it eventually moved to cities in both the United States and Canada in the year 2000. As of the present, it has expanded to over 65 countries.


How to Install the Craigslist App on Your Device


You are acquainted with your devices, such as Windows, Apple, or Android. Do the following.


  • Open the app store accessible on your smartphone, which may be the Apple Store, Google Play, or something else.
  • Type Craigslist into the search box, and the app Craigslist will appear; click on it.
  • Then, as described on that page, install the program.
  • Once the process is completed, allow the device to access as needed.
  • Then you may enjoy the other applications that are accessible in it.

As previously said, it is accessible on all devices, including Apple, Android, and Windows. Everything is contained inside it. Then it is simple to download and install the Craigslist app.


What is Craigslist Alternatives?

craigslist seattle-tacoma


Craigslist is a classified site where you can sell or buy your old stuff, used stuff, and anything else you want to sell or buy. Craigslist ranked first in online selling and buying owing to its killer features and simplistic design. On the other hand, people seldom find a single source and continuously look for alternatives. So, in this post, I will provide you with websites similar to Craigslist, where you may sell all of your old items.


All of the sites I’ve listed here will assist you in selling the junk you’re looking to sell. Most places have more features than Craigslist, which improves user accessibility. Craigslist personals were recently removed after the US Senate enacted legislation to combat online sex trafficking. The central objective of this Bill is to hold “FOSTA” websites accountable for illegalities performed via their internet pages.


Best Craigslist Alternatives For Classifieds Buying/Selling

Only you can choose which option is best for your needs if you read each one thoroughly. Whatever I provide in this list has a comprehensive list of features and categories. So choose the best one for Classifieds Buying Selling based on your needs.






AdPost is a worldwide online classifieds network that accepts classified advertisements from persons in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Hong Kong. It is among the best Craigslist alternatives for best Classifieds ads Buying and Selling.






Adoos is a site engaged in the development of user communities. Their consumers come from all around the world. It began with the less, which was 6 when it started. Then it grew into the huge one. This site is mainly focused on community development. It is a site that does not advertise in sales; instead, it builds and promotes many businesses’ advertising as their customers come from both locally and worldwide. It is one of the greatest Craigslist alternatives for buying and selling classified advertising.






Adlandpro Pro is the title granted to the specialist in that profession. It is the most excellent Craigslist replacement app. It allows the user to advertise the first 20 adverts for four weeks. The only thing that counts is that you provide your personal information to access the site. Then come the ones you began posting, which will remain for the following four weeks. When it comes to purchasing and selling classified advertisements, it is among the most effective Craigslist alternatives.


When you update the advertising you’ve uploaded, they stay up for a more extended time. Your advertisements will be disseminated throughout 56k+ certified sites. And in terms of streams, it works for car sales, book sales, promotions for all reasons, online lessons, animal sales, and all company forms.


Ads Globe



It is a well-known site that is well-known for its service. It provides free service all across the world. As you may be aware, the applications mentioned above are only accessible in the United States, but this is available in every country. It tracks your location and offers services close to you. So that you may use the service as soon as possible. Ads Globe works with many streams such as travel, domestic animal sales, real estate concerns, automobile sales, etc. It is the most reliable Craigslist alternatives for buying and selling.

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Ad Toad



Ad toad is a site that provides first-class service to its consumers. The product may be sold at no cost. You may advertise anything you want on a list and then quickly sell the matter. In a method that makes the consumer happy. How can we forget Toad in the list of best Craigslist alternatives.


The services provided in numerous areas include medical and social services, houseware materials, innerwear, and personal items, including everything on this website. Of course, everything is the same, but the essential factor is client happiness.





Like other best Craigslist alternatives, It is the best choice to visit today. In general, all sites will enable you to submit images of products, and then the selling and buying procedure will begin; however, you may upload a video of the product or advertising on this site’s back page. Later on, a component will deal with customer sites; this feature distinguishes this site from all others. The following consumer will then go for the review.


The consumer will provide feedback afterward, which will benefit future customers. For example, if the vendor displays incorrect pictures, this will be corrected when the film is uploaded.




BooKoo Platform for selling and buying items in your local region is expanding. It is now accessible in all areas and has over 3 million users. There is no need to mention that it is one of the best Craigslist alternatives on this list.


Classified Ads



The classified Ads site is entirely free to use and provides offers on anything you may put up for sale. So it was essential, clear, and uncomplicated. Of course it is one of the top Craigslist alternatives to post ads.





It is the first and primary website that is so large that they are certified and separated into a large community. Because it was created in the United States, it is only available to users in the United States. Suppose you want to sell or buy items inside the country. It has a unique function that it provides. It is the safest site for local buying and selling and also among the best Craigslist alternatives.


As previously stated, it is solely for US citizens due to the laws and limitations imposed by the US government about exports. It is, nonetheless, well-known for its deals. So enjoy the service if you are from the United States.


City News


It allows users to place advertisements in nations all over the globe as it does for inhabitants of the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and others. However, there are specific fees associated with upgrading your ad if you are interested. Here you can find free classified ads, online games, translator and many more activities that’s why we put it in the list of best Craigslist alternatives.


Boats and accessories, business investors, connecting people, automobiles, arts and collections from history, Antiques, astrology, religious materials, and so on are some of the streams that are not accessible on the various sites. This city news also includes medical services relating to surgical proposals.


Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook MarketPlace


One of the top Craigslist alternatives on this list is Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace makes buying and selling secondhand items in your neighborhood even simpler. Because the platform is part of Facebook, you do not need to register a new account.





It is the fastest-growing forthcoming app that only accepts certified services and advertisements. FreeAdsTime.org offers all services in over 10,000 places worldwide. It will provide you with a wide variety of instruments for dealing with vehicle-related equipment and operate as a middleman for all actions in all streams. If you want to post free ads this site is for you as it is the best among other Craigslist alternatives.


FreeAdstime.org offers the service from anywhere at no cost; all that is required is to join up with your stuff, after which you may advertise your goods and see the advertisements placed by others. It is divided into numerous sections.





It is an app and one of the better alternatives for searching for products that we want to buy while also selling products from your shop. Both buying and selling will take place in the exact location. Gumtree is an app with a vast user base that enables you to sell your products in your local market. It is accessible in three versions: Android, Apple, and Windows. If you are looking for the most reliable app for buying and selling this Craigslist alternatives app is for you.




This site is certified for offering a job to the unemployed and suitable transformation by selling automobiles, homes to those searching for residences, and other types of advertisements with no fee. When it comes to search, Geebo has the most sophisticated technology. It does not display unnecessary stuff; instead, it takes you to the precise location. Therefore, advertising on this site will be beneficial. It is the famous Craigslist alternatives for classified ads.




Of course Hoobly is one of the best Craigslist alternatives. Hoobly is a website that does not need an account to visit. Because there are no limits, users may contact the vendor directly. It is a regional site where they may benefit more than others. It has a wide variety of sites. In particular, inhabitants of Michigan and Florida are more likely to use it than residents of other states. It specifies that a regional site user from various states may see the site, and only those users from those states enjoy the extra features.




Video Ad Serving Template

Vast works with a worldwide search engine and will deliver you advertisements posted by people. Furthermore, the submitted advertising will be visible for a more extended time, and individuals worldwide will contact you from diverse locations. As a result, it is distinct from the other sites.




Kijiji is Canada’s most popular online classifieds site. It comprises real estate, jobs, automobiles, and professional services. You just need to visit the site you will find it as a best Craigslist alternatives.

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You may readily comprehend the software by its name. However, I believe you misunderstood; when you search for anything, whether it’s a job, a house, or a vehicle, this app will ask you to access your location to display the needed item based on your area. Perhaps the distance between you and the accessible thing. It is the site where you can buy, sell or trade, It is one of the top Craigslist alternatives.


Lecanto will provide you with excellent service at no cost. That was one of the most outstanding features. It has been in use for some years. The vendor will then contact you directly by alerts and shows once you search.




LetGo enables users to buy and sell almost anything. Secondhand items, like Craigslist, are classified. Most individuals sell their clothing, appliances, and outdated furniture regularly. You should visit Letgo website today as it is the finest bulling and selling platform and also a best Craigslist alternatives on this list.




Because it is a web-based site, it has many users. And since it collects information from local to worldwide levels of newspapers, it has an extensive database that allows you to advertise all over the American and US nations quickly. Because Oodle knows no limitations, there are specific ways to lead you, if necessary, to conquer the issue. This site will make the subjects apparent.




Using a mobile platform, OfferUp makes it simple to purchase and sell products locally. The procedure is simple. Sellers may list items in minutes, and buyers can search through hundreds of items for sale in their region. Visit the website of OfferUp, which is recommended by Technedo, in order to make purchasing and selling more secure. On the list of viable alternatives to Craigslist, this one stands out as the finest option.


Pennysaver USA


Craigslist Newmark, the founder, was a Pennysaver shareholder before launching Craigslist alternatives. It is a regional digital media app. It is an older adult who has been serving for 55 years. If you live in California, you may still search Pennysaver, but it has now become an online site. In a single month, more than 1 million people visit Pennysaver USA. It is involved in the sales of automobiles, foods, careers, meditating, dealing with land-related streams, and providing all forms of services.




You may tell that this site will buy and sell used products by the name alone. However, it deals with a wide range of categories. That is cars, residences, rents, sports equipment, safety jobs, job advertisements, etc. The Recycler app has all of the secondhand items. Because it works with used materials, it sells various products, including Apple devices and luxury cars like Audi and BMW. Things which are no longer in use will be used, in my view.


Social Sell


Social Sell is a free mobile platform software that combines social networking networks with a classified marketplace. Users may see the most recent offerings.




Swappa Geekers, here is the platform for you. It is the ideal application for technology and electronics classifieds. It covers cellphones, cameras, video games, laptop computers, and more.




It is a website that compares all other applications or websites simultaneously and displays the best among them. It will assist you in working precisely. For example, if you are a job seeker, your search will take you to the specific job site that you are searching for. It saves you time.


As previously said, it will be beneficial and safe to use not only for job-related matters but also for houses, cars, etc. There are certain paid services in which dialogue will appear asking for confirmation if you want to use the premium services. It has more complex features than standard services, distinguishing it from other Craigslist alternatives.




It is a portal with significant material since the user number is in the thousands. Because it is massive marketing or advertising platform, you may advertise in all streams such as toys, cars, rental properties, electronics, books, Jews, high-class luxury, animals, sports, exercise equipment, furniture, and so on, among the American people. As stated in the title, it is called US Free Ads. USFreeAds is a platform that is critical in the creation of adverts in all of the streams above. As a result, it is one of the most excellent Craigslist alternatives.


US Today


The most popular and prominent site linked to digital and print media with many searchers is 102+ million, which increased to 2 billion as of 2018. The important thing is that there are a lot of people watching. This media will cover many streams, including automobiles, studies, jobs, streams, marketing, alerts, real estate concerns, transit, games, vacations, and many more.


10 Day Ads


By the name alone, you can tell that it will only allow the Add for 10 days. Yes, you are accurate here; with this ad, you may post the ad, then it will delete after 10 days. Its philosophy is to maintain the site clean and fresh, which implies that once a user views an ad, he cannot see the same ad again. All services are provided for free.


It is vital to selling services online and personnel of sale to the appropriate offices. All procedures are carried out online. It functions as a go-between for the vendor and the customer. It offers children’s necessities, music recordings, clothes, arts, furnishings, autos, applications, and garden items such as plants and equipment, among other things.

According to the feedback provided by consumers from many countries, Craigslist sites are experiencing a problem with scam sites. A solution may exist, but it will take time. If you encounter such a problem, choose the report option, and the cyber centers will handle the situation. However, it is preferable to contact the vendor personally or by phone to get confirmation before purchasing the goods or advertising site.


There are several sites linked to it. However, it is preferable to never provide your credit card or bank information to any website. Because Craigslist will only accept certified sites, there may be relatively few instances of false material on these sites. Some are localized, while others are worldwide; enjoy as you see fit. Also read best Bedpage Alternatives – Free Classified Ad Posting Websites.

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