8 Best Way To Copy Text From Websites That Don’t Allow

Best Way To Copy Text From Websites That Don't Allow

This article will explain how to to copy text from websites that don’t allow? Here we list 8 best ways to copy content from a website using disabled text selection and right clicking. Most bank and financial websites do not enable users to copy text to the clipboard using the mouse or a keyboard shortcut for security reasons.

For example, I recently used Groww, a prominent stock trading website that does not enable me to copy anything to the clipboard, and they are not the only ones. We’ve all come across sites that prohibit visitors from copying text snippets by blocking the right-click menu. A simple Chrome browser extension that lets you copy and paste text on websites that don’t let it would be a helpful solution. Also read, How to copy text from image in Mobile.

How to Copy Text From Websites That Don’t Allow

In this article you will know about how to copy text from websites that don’t allow you to copy content or disable right click feature on their websites.

Chrome and Firefox Extensions

We will discuss extensions for Chrome and Firefox, but keep in mind that any extension that works on Chrome will also work on other Chromium browsers such as Brave and Edge.

1. Download and install the Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy browser for Chrome or Firefox.

Enable Right Click

2. Once installed, navigate to the web page that prevents you from copying and pasting text.

3. Next to the Settings symbol, click the extension icon in the upper right corner.

4. click Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy from the popup menu. A new popup window will emerge. Select the Enable Copy option. You can also use Absolute Mode to compel the removal of any form of protection on the site. However, for the majority of websites, the first option should suffice.

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By using copy paste extension, You should now be able to copy text from the website. On some websites, such as mine, the addon could not highlight the selected text; nonetheless, the copy-paste case functioned normally.

Disable JavaScript in the browser

As I noted earlier, most websites employ JavaScript to prevent text selection and right-clicking. Fortunately, browsers include a feature that allows you to enable or disable JavaScript, and in this case, disable it, save, and reload the page to copy text from websites that don’t allow.

copy content from a website with disabled text selection

Once you’ve finished copying, don’t forget to enable JavaScript because several websites, such as Facebook and others, rely heavily on it, and blocking it will damage these websites.

Copy the source code from the website

A hypertext markup language is used to create websites (HTML). This code can be examined by right-clicking on the website and selecting “View source” if it is not disabled.

This will be complicated and intimidating for novices, and you may need basic HTML abilities.

However, if the site has disabled right-click, simply enter the following into your browser, followed by the site/page URL:

copy content from a website

When you have access to the code, you can quickly obtain the required information and copy and paste it as needed.

Using Inspect Element

I will suggest this method for copying a small amount of text; nonetheless, it is time-consuming. If the website allows right-clicking, but you can’t select the text, right-click on the text and select “Inspect Element.” A tiny window displaying the source codes for the web page will appear.

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The sole duty will be to find the text within the codes, typically carried by the “<p></p>” principle, which you can easily copy. I realize it’s perplexing, but check a look at the video below to help you understand.

inspect element

I realize it’s perplexing, but check a look at the video below to help you understand.

Making Use of Proxy Sites

Rather than deactivating JavaScript in your browser’s settings, some proxy websites will provide you the option to disable JavaScript before visiting a website. Numerous websites provide this service; search for a “free proxy website” on your preferred search engine and begin experimenting.

Convert a website to PDF

In this case, you’ll need to download and install print-to-PDF drivers like PDFCreator. After installing the drivers on your computer, you can easily print that web page to PDF, from which you can copy the content you need.

CSS should be disabled user-select property

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, defines how the website looks, such as the colors, fonts, etc.

Using the property, this tool can also disable text selection on a website.


Locate this property on the CSS using the inspect element window. If you find it across, untick it to disable it.

Capture a screenshot of the content.

This is especially beneficial for photos since you may snap a screenshot of the image/s from the restricted website and save it to your PC. Furthermore, utilizing OCR, or “Optical Character Recognition” technology, one can extract all visible text as editable text and copy the text.

This is the simplest and quickest approach to enable copy text from websites that don’t allow. There are, however, alternative options you can attempt, such as accessing the website’s source code, disabling Javascript, copy paste extension, or even taking a screenshot of the website and then extracting text using online OCR conversion applications.

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