30+ Cool Wallpaper Apps For Android and Desktop

Cool wallpapers

In this post you will discover the best aesthetic wallpapers for your Android Phones and PC. You’ll discover cool wallpapers, cute wallpapers, anime wallpapers, baddie wallpapers, and much more. So without ado check out our list of cool wallpapers.

Best Cool and Aesthetic Wallpapers


1. AutoWall


Autowall Screen


AutoWall is an open-source wallpaper application that enables you to create desktop wallpapers from videos, gifs, and webs. The app allows users to create their live wallpaper by picking a video, gif, or webpage from their gallery. It then generates a live window wallpaper that displays the specified media. It also has many preset wallpapers and an integrated web browser that enables users to surf any website and choose an image or video from the browsing page to use as a live wallpaper. The app also allows the user to set the frequency of the video loop.


2. Aesthetic Wallpaper – Cute Girls


Aesthetic Wallpaper - Cute Girly Wallpaper


Aesthetic Wallpaper is a free offline wallpaper app with beautiful backgrounds for girls. We hope you enjoy our material and will share it with your friends. You can discover a plethora of girlie wallpapers such as black aesthetic photos, panda images, kawaii, adorable cuisine, and butterfly wallpapers that will undoubtedly look great on your phone’s home screen or lock screen, or tablet. Download it for free and use it to look at these fantastic pictures when you’re not at home.  It is simple; just select your favorite image and swipe left or right. You can also share your favorite photographs on social media or use them as a lock and home screen.


3. Aesthetic Wallpapers – Cute wallpapers


Aesthetic Wallpapers


If you enjoy abstract art and want to create some fantastic aesthetic pictures and vaporwave backgrounds, this app is for you. We created stylish wallpapers for any guy and girl that enjoys mystery and wants to make their phone seem significant. Now you can customize your phone with hundreds of the ’80s, vaporwave, aesthetic, vintage, and phrases.


4. +100000 Anime Wallpaper


100000 Anime Wallpaper


+100000 Anime Wallpaper contains all wallpapers from all prominent anime websites. Have more anime people such as anime guys, girls, lovely baby wallpaper with fan art, gorgeous anime background, and anime wall HD. They will update the photographs on a daily basis when new animation is published.


5. Baddie Wallpapers HD

Baddie Wallpapers HD


All wallpapers in this app are indeed the property of their respective owners and are used in accordance with Fair Usage standards. Any prospective owners do not support this picture, and it is just used for aesthetic purposes. It is an unauthorized fan-created application. No violation of intellectual property rights is intended, and any request to remove one of the images/logos/names will be fulfilled.


6. Lively Wallpaper


lively wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper is a Windows application that turns any GIF, game, or video into animated wallpapers that bring your home screen to life. Select a picture from your gallery or the internet to make it into wallpaper. If it’s a GIF, the app will convert it to a looping video so you can use it as a moving background on your home screen. If you don’t have a GIF, you may capture a short video clip using your phone’s camera, which Lively Wallpaper will then turn into an animated wallpaper. The app’s UI is incredibly simple to use. The user merely has to choose from GIFs, Games, and Videos. Following that, students may design the region that they want to animate. Then, it works it easy to make the live-action video into a static image that may be used as wallpaper on your phone.


7. RePaper


Free Grim Reaper Wallpaper HD


rePaper is a weather-based wallpaper altering application that may select a weather condition and use the matching image as your wallpaper. The application also contains a set of wallpapers that change in response to the weather. It’s a fresh twist on the dynamic wallpaper idea, pushing it to new heights regarding personalization, information, and convenience. It will change the weather and tone of the wallpaper depending on whether it is raining, snowing, or sand storming outside.


8. AwesomeWallpaper




AwesomeWallpaper is a wallpaper application for everybody who uses Windows. Its built-in graphics, animations, and videos play every 15 minutes on your desktop to prevent your screen from becoming stale. In addition, This tool has powerful features in that it overlays PC hardware and current status information on the wallpaper, which is completely customizable.


9. Push Video Wallpaper


Live wallpapers for Windows


Push Video Wallpaper is an application that lets you use videos and animated gifs as your wallpaper. You may also select to play the whole or a portion of a YouTube video, a unique feature among its competitors. In addition, you may adjust the playback on the lock screen and in the notification center. Video speed and transitions may also be set to one of two options: one or random. It also has a background playing option on the lock screen that serves as a screensaver. You may also create a playlist of video clips that will be played in shuffle or order.

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10. BioniX Wallpaper




BioniX Wallpaper is alive and static wallpaper application that customizes your device to your preferences. It comes with dozens of preset themes designed by top artists and designers that you may personalize in any manner you desire. You may also create your designs as well as Custom Themes. BioniX also includes high-quality photographs of natural landscapes for use as backgrounds, Sphericam shots, and virtual reality images.


11. Space Journey 3D


Space Journey


Space Voyage 3D is a collection of animated desktop wallpapers and screensavers that will take you on a journey into outer space, where you will be able to enjoy fresh stunning, and beautiful vistas. In addition, the application includes a gallery of images depicting breathtaking views of the cosmos, including nebulae and galaxies.

All of the pictures are of high quality. Simply changing the wallpaper on your screen will transform it into your universe exploring space. Enjoy the breathtaking vista of deep space and watch planets, stars, nebulas, and other celestial things move.


12. Desktopr




If you don’t want to pay for a web designer or developer, Desktopr is a free Mac app that lets you set any website as your desktop background without having to hire them first. 

A website is only a collection of words, but with the tool, you may change the appearance and feel of your desktop and match the graphics with any website. For example, to add a personal touch to your wallpaper, you may submit your image as the background or use any image from the database.


13. GoodPaper Wallpapers




GoodPaper Wallpapers is a website where you may download wallpapers of cartoon characters, artists, games, words, and themes. You may download wallpapers from any category or the most recent ones. It offers the most current and popular collections of cartoon characters. Great free animated wallpapers are available in many genres, including the finest cartoons, superheroes, video games, movies, and television shows.


14. Ultimate Live Wallpaper


Live Wallpapers Unlimited


Ultimate Live Wallpaper is a compact and lightweight live wallpaper tool with excellent 3D animation effects that interact in real-time with your mouse movements. It is compatible with all screen orientations and features accelerometer support for devices that support it and full 3D realistic animation effects, a high-performance OpenGL rendering backend, 3D graphics effects, transition effects, and mouse interactivity through multi-touch support. Navigate from a plethora of preconfigured 3D animated wallpapers, and set them as live wallpaper with a single tap.


15. RainWallpaper


Rain Wallpaper


RainWallpaper is 3D and 3D customizable, animated, live wallpaper software that lets you have dynamic and configurable live wallpaper on your device. The powerful engine has many options that enable you to show a personalized background that flows along with your home or lock screen. In addition, there are several customization options available for the thousands of built-in cool wallpaper animations. The UI and general performance of the software are rather impressive since it uses less than 1% of the CPU in the background.


16. N0va Desktop – Live Wallpapers


N0va Desktop - Live Wallpapers


Desktop Live Wallpapers is a dynamic wallpaper application that transforms your computer’s desktop into a live animated wallpaper. It is compatible with Windows 7, 32-bit, and 64-bit editions, as well as Windows 8 and beyond. The app comes with many high-quality, vibrant wallpaper packs, and you may alter existing ones to your liking.


17. Wallpaper Engine




Wallpaper Engine is software that lets users apply live wallpapers to their computer displays. When it comes to cool wallpapers, the platform offers a range of options, including the ability for users to add videos, real-time graphics, and audio responsive wallpapers to their devices. As a result, it maintains the system’s performance steady while bringing the computer displays to life.


18. 4K Wallpapers & Amoled HD Backgrounds


4K Wallpapers & Amoled HD Backgrounds


BlackFather Studio created and published Amoled 4K Wallpapers, HD Backgrounds, and a feature-rich customizable app. It is a robust app that includes practically all wallpapers and backgrounds and suits all screen sizes. In addition, the app has a brand new collection of 4K/QHD quality wallpapers that look great on mobile and tablet devices.


19. Live Wallpapers – Walloop

Live Wallpapers - Walloop

WALLOOP is a free Android app that provides the first collection of 4K high-quality live wallpapers and backgrounds with minimal battery usage. In addition, the app has an extensive collection of HD live backgrounds with 3D effects, wallpaper, and moving gorgeous wallpapers.


20. Wallpaper HD +

Wallpaper HD


HD Wallpapers + is an app that offers amazing 3D and high-quality HD wallpapers. The app is designed to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of the lock and home screen. It has a vast collection of top wallpapers, and all of them are specially made to suit all sizes of mobile and tablet Android devices.

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21. AmoledWalls


AmoledWalls - Wallpaper [S10 hole punch Walls]


Amoled Walls is a feature-rich app that provides almost every kind and size of the wallpaper, including dark, whimsical, and colorful themes. It also lets you make your personalized cool wallpapers, making it create out from the crowd. The app consists of 5000 high-quality 4K wallpapers and backgrounds divided into dozens of categories such as Anime, games, Nature, cars, and many more.


22. Best Wallpapers 4K

Best Wallpapers 4K - WallPick

The Best Wallpapers QHD is an Android app that provides free high-resolution images. It is a simple and user-friendly app created for individuals who wish to make their screen more fascinating and appealing. The app is divided into more than 30 categories, each with its wallpapers and backgrounds.


23. HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds)


HD Wallpapers


HDL HD Wallpapers is a feature-rich customizing app that aims to provide people worldwide with great HD cute wallpapers. The app puts your screen to life by delivering you unique, high-quality wallpapers.


24. Kappboom




Kappboom – Nice Wallpapers and Background Wallpapers is an excellent wallpaper app that offers you access to over 20 million high-quality cute wallpapers. A professional artist team creates and selects all of its wallpapers. The app is memory-optimized, quick, and fluid, and it offers all of the essential features and functions for free.


25. Girly Wallpapers & Backgrounds


Girly Wallpapers & Backgrounds


Tick & Tick Apps created and published Girly Wallpapers and Backgrounds. It is a free female cool wallpaper and background app that offers only stuff for girls and teenagers. Each background and wallpaper in the app is one-of-a-kind, made by a female artist from across the world, and practically all wallpapers are available.


26. 4K Wallpapers


4K Wallpapers (Ultra HD Backgrounds)


4K Wallpapers (Ultra HD Backgrounds) is a free Android app that offers over 3000 free high-quality cool wallpapers for mobile phones and tablets. It was produced by a group of artists and offered wallpapers for various kinds of Android users. All of the wallpapers on the app are divided into categories, and each category has its background and wallpapers to see and share.


27. PAPERS Wallpapers


PAPERS Wallpapers


4K, HD Walls & Backgrounds is a free Android customization app that includes a fantastic and one-of-a-kind collection of HD backgrounds and cool wallpapers that will make your device stand out with unique 4K content. Each wallpaper on the app is designed by one of the world’s finest artists and is updated regularly with new backgrounds, so you’ll receive new wallpapers every day.


28. WallPixel

WallPixel - 4K HD Wallpapers

WallPixel 4K HD & AMOLED Wallpapers is a high-end customizing app with many beautiful wallpapers and backgrounds. It is also the finest automatic wallpaper change application for Ultra HD and 4K aesthetic wallpaper in full quality without cropping.


29. AMOLED Wallpapers 4K


AMOLED Wallpapers 4K - Auto Wallpaper Changer


The AMOLED Wallpapers 4K and HD app is a free app that offers a collection of 4K and HD cute wallpapers for your smart devices. The app exclusively offers battery-friendly and high-quality wallpapers that look great on all screen sizes. In addition, it adds a new dark wallpaper portion that looks great on-screen and saves power consumption, resulting in decreased power consumption and an increase in screen time of more than 15%.


30. 7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds


Wallpapers & Backgrounds


The app consists of over 120 000 wallpapers and backgrounds divided into more than 65 categories, including Nature, Technology, Video games, Martial Design, and many more. Each category includes a plethora of options, and you may select one from each without any restrictions. Hope you will find here all stuff of cool Wallpapers.


31. Wallp


WalP - Stock HD Wallpapers


Wallp – Stock HD Wallpapers is a free Android app with an extensive collection of HD stock Cool wallpapers that are constantly updated with new wallpapers. A professional artist team designed the wallpapers in this app to style your phone and make it appear like a different kind of device.


32. Art Vector Wallpaper


wallpaper vector


SOC Media JSC designed Art Vector Wallpaper – HD Quality 4K Cool Wallpapers, a leading app with thousands of high-quality wallpapers with vector wallpaper templates. In addition, you can select from a broad choice of pictures for your device. The app is specifically developed for users who want to vector wallpapers or backgrounds or who are seeking a fun method to pimp up your device with vector wallpapers and backgrounds.


33. Muzei




Muzei is a live wallpaper application that updates users’ screens with great artwork every day. It gives users a first-rate interactive experience while using their cellphones. The app returns to the background, blurring or dimming the artwork and focusing on the icons and widgets. You can find here Cool Wallpapers you are looking for.


So this is our post on best Cool and Aesthetic wallpapers for your mobiles and computers. Also check 4K wallpapers.

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