How to Fix Chrome Won’t Open in Windows

How to Fix Chrome Wont Open in Windows 10 11

This article will explain how to fix Chrome won’t open in Windows 10/11? A complete guide with step-wise instructions to resolve this issue. If your Google Chrome browser won’t open, launch, or load online pages, the odds are that either the Chrome files are corrupted or a plugin is consuming many resources. It could result in the message – Google Chrome has stopped working. Surprisingly, it may also be visible in the Task Manager, but there will be no activity on the Taskbar.

 Google Chrome has stopped working.

Google Chrome has stopped working Error

Fix Chrome won’t open on Windows.

If the Google Chrome browser fails to launch or begin, or if it has stopped working, here are some solutions:

1. Kill Chrome in Task Manager.

2. Check to see whether your antivirus is blocking Chrome.

3. Remove a User Profile in Chrome

4. Start Chrome in Safe Mode.

5. Launch the Chrome Cleanup Tool.

6. Reset or reinstall ChromeUncheck Register this Program for Restart.


Chrome Browser Not Opening

Use Task Manager to kill Chrome

Chrome browser not opening

If Chrome won’t open, its process may be operating in the background, but you don’t see any browser windows. You will need to force close Chrome and relaunch it in this instance.

• Select Task Manager from the context menu when you right-click on the Taskbar. If the Task Manager does not reply, press Alt + Ctrl + Del and choose Task Manager.

• Look for “Google Chrome” or “chrome.exe” under “Processes.”

• By right-clicking, select End Process from the context menu. 

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• Try restarting the program.

Check your antivirus software whether it is blocking Chrome

Sometimes, a security program will block Chrome due to false positives, preventing it from launching correctly. You can either disable or uninstall such apps to see whether Chrome will open. This may also fix Chrome won’t open in Windows 11 issue.

Delete User Profile in Chrome

Open the Run Prompt window and input the following:

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data


Press the Enter key.

Look for the folder titled ‘Default folder.’

As a backup, copy it to another drive, and then delete this folder. 

How to Delete User Profile in Chrome

Launch Chrome and navigate to Settings > Advanced > Reset Confirmation.

You may need to sign in with your Google account again. Unfortunately, your entire data set will be lost.

Start Chrome in Safe Mode

Launch to see if Chrome can be launched in Safe Mode. Chrome Extensions will be disabled as a result of this. This is to see whether any of the installed extensions are causing issues. If it launches, you must manually identify the offender and uninstall that extension to fix Chrome won’t open in Windows 10 / 11.

Chrome Wont Open in Windows

Launch the Chrome Cleanup Tool

Because your browser would not open, you will have to try Chrome in Safe Mode. Now, if you can launch Chrome in Safe Mode, type and press Enter



This will launch Chrome’s built-in Malware Scanner & Cleanup Tool. It assists you in removing unwanted adverts, pop-ups, spyware, Unusual Startup pages, toolbars, and anything else that degrades the user experience by crashing websites by overloading them with memory requests.

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Reinstall or Reset Chrome

You can either reset the Chrome browser or reinstall Chrome. Make sure to delete the user profile and any other files from the following locations:



CCleaner should be run and then reinstalled.

Uncheck Register this Program for Restart

As indicated by commenters below, unchecking the Register this Program for Restart option benefited them.

Google Chrome is sometimes unable to open due to several causes, including a malware virus or incompatible applications on your machine. Even when firewall and antivirus software can help safeguard your computer, you may have configured these applications to block specific types of Internet connections, even Google Chrome. We hope one of these solutions will fix Chrome won’t open in Windows10 / 11. Read our article on Google Chrome Components Page.

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