How to Cancel Spotify Subscription on All Devices

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription on All Devices

This post is to learn how to cancel Spotify subscription on a Browser, Laptop, and Mobile device. Spotify has been offering audio and video services for many years. You must subscribe to these services, which are famous for streaming and downloading. Each year, the platform might have a large number of users. At some point, some of them may decide to leave the service. As one of them, you have the option to reject or cancel Spotify subscription.


The platform may provide you with more than one method of unsubscribing. Using a browser, you may cancel subscriptions for premium/non-premium purchases on You may use iTunes or the phone browser on iOS and Android mobile devices. You can also use these methods on a computer with few modifications. It is not the only reason for the cancellation. You can use more methods depending on how you subscribe to the service.


How Can I Cancel My Spotify Subscription?


Spotify subscriptions are available through the company’s website, iTunes, and other channels. After pursuing the action, you can visit the provider’s Contact Us page or contact its support or customer care staff. These ways might be beneficial if you have lost your account’s password. In addition, if you purchased the subscription through iTunes, you could cancel it by entering your Apple ID or other information. This canceling Spotify subscriptions on iPhones and Mac computers are pretty dependable.


Method 1: Using iTunes


iTunes is a media player program that can run on iOS devices such as Apple Macs, iPhones, etc. It can connect you to music and let you gain subscriptions to services like Spotify. Even for cancellation, it can be left open, and apply other instructions. There are two ways to cancel a Spotify subscription through iTunes that employ the same player.


Option 1: Using an iPhone


You can use iTunes on the iPhone to check from Spotify by going to Settings. Tap on your Apple ID once you’ve selected the media player. Subscriptions should be viewable later on. You may choose one for Spotify and then cancel it. You can use the streaming service until the subscription expires.


  • Launch the “Settings” app.
  • Select the following option:
  • iTunes & App Store
  • Select the user’s “Apple ID.”
  • Wait for a new window to appear. Then select “View Apple ID” in it. Select “Subscriptions” from the drop-down option.
  • The display should list all subscribed services. For example, tap “Spotify Subscription” from the list of options.
  • In the final step, click “Cancel Subscription.”

Note: Please note that if you choose this method, you may not be able to cancel Spotify subscription on your iPhone or Mac. They may have subscribed through another platform. They should be reminded to check just that platform for cancellation.


Option 2: Open on a Mac


You may cancel your Spotify subscription using the iTunes player on Mac. You will not need to open the media player to cancel the service. Instead, You will accomplish it through the usage of iTunes indirectly. First, you must check that the service was purchased through the player. Then you may run the App Store on your computer. Navigate to View Information using your credentials or name, and then manage the service.

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  • Run the “App Store” application on the “Apple” computer.
  • Pick one of the following:
  • Sign-in” button o User name at the bottom
  • Navigate to the “View Information” tab.
  • Select the “Subscription” function.
  • Choose “Manage” from this menu.
  • Select “Spotify” as well as the “Edit” tab.
  • Select “Cancel Subscription” from the drop-down button.


Method 2: Cancel without a Password


The audio-streaming platform’s password, like any other, might be lost or forgotten. How to cancel Spotify subscription when you don’t have access to your account may appear difficult or impossible. You have four ways to get in touch with the platform in a situation like this: 

  • If you use the former, you may connect with it on Twitter by using the handle @SpotifyCares. You may express your issue while mentioning the company.
  • Alternatively, go to: The website allows you to send a message to the provider’s staff. You can cancel the service by using the “Send Message” button and waiting for a response.




  • You may cancel your Spotify subscription by sending an email to the given address: [email protected]
  • In addition to the previous, you can register the request by contacting +18009525210. After that, you should be provided advice on canceling the service.

Note: It may be easier and less time-consuming for the company to discontinue the service when the reason is stated. Even if the cause is related to the quality of the service, unavailability due to a change in the user’s location, or expensive fees, giving it might be offered.


What Is the Process for Cancelling My Spotify Premium Subscription? 


Spotify Premium allows you to listen to music without interruptions from advertisements. Downloading playlists and listening to them online or offline can also be beneficial. On the other hand, some users may regard the expense of subscribing to it as prohibitively high. You may choose to discontinue your Spotify Premium membership as a consequence of these and other considerations. The first method is to launch the provider’s website on your desktop or Android phone. On iOS devices, the App Store can assist with straight cancellation. Also read best Spotify alternatives. Read full article to cancel Spotify subscriptions from all devices.


Method 1: Using a Browser


Internet browsers may be used on both PCs and smartphones. Certain websites, with proper optimization, can run seamlessly on both desktop and mobile browsers. For example, Spotify’s website may also be launched through them. The method for canceling your Spotify subscription for premium services on the browser may change depending on the device. You can navigate to Account Overview; however, you can see the Account Page and then cancel the service on mobile.


Option 1: On Your Desktop


On your desktop, go to the music-streaming platform’s website. Choose Account Overview from the drop-down menu. You must carry out Your plan. It should be possible to alter it. You may cancel the premium plan’s subscription from this page. It is possible that the reason for canceling the Spotify Premium subscription must be provided and validated. Please keep in mind that the methods bought here will only work if you have a Spotify subscription.

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  • You can log in to your account using the link: “” to cancel Spotify subscriptions on PC.

How to cancel Spotify subscription


  • Select “Account Overview” from the drop-down menu.
  • You must view “Your Plan.”
  • Select the “Change Plan” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the “Spotify Free” option.
  • Under that, you’ll notice “Cancel Premium.” It is the button you need to press.
  • Continue by pressing “Yes, Cancel.” View the subscription’s end date. You may continue out how long you can use the service.
  • “What’s the Main Reason You Canceled Your Spotify Premium?” Choose one of the following reasons.

Note: Remember that you may still access your playlists using the app even after you cancel your subscription. They can be found in the listening history. However, when you uninstall Spotify, your history may be deleted. Following that, you may not be able to find these playlists. As a result, all access will be lost.


Option 2: On a Mobile


You can use a mobile browser that supports You should see a three-line icon. To use this, go to the Account Page. The user’s plan will be shown in the Account. Next, you can cancel using Change Plan. Finally, you’ll be able to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription.


  • Open your mobile browser and navigate to Spotify’s main website.
  • Sign in by clicking the three-line icon above. Then, press this icon again on the “Account Page.”
  • Choose “Account.”
  • Tap “Your Plan” from the dropdown option.
  • Then press the “Change Plan” option.
  • Spotify Free” should be shown on a new page. You may cancel your premium from its section by clicking “Cancel Premium.”
  • You should be informed of the features/services you may lose if you cancel your Spotify Premium subscription.
  • Confirm this action by selecting “Continue to Cancel.”


Please note that the user may be prompted to press the option twice.


Method 2: In iOS Devices


To cancel Spotify subscriptions On iOS, you may view your subscribed services in the App Store. You may not only check but also terminate services using it. Locate your profile image in this Store. You’ll be sent to Subscriptions if you tap it. Cancel your Spotify subscription in the App Store and confirm.


  • Open your “iPad” or “iPhone” and navigate to the “App Store.”
  • Your display image should show on the right. It should be pressed.
  • Choose “Subscriptions” from the option.
  • Scroll down to “Active” and then select “Spotify.”
  • Find in the direction for “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Select “Confirm” from the drop-down button.


Taking Everything into Consideration Music or media streaming services such as Spotify might be unrivaled. Even yet, if a consumer appears to be dissatisfied, the provider offers cancellation in various ways. This reading concentrated on how to cancel Spotify subscriptions. Whether you possess a computer or a mobile device, you may quickly discontinue the service. Also read article on how to fix Spotify can’t play this right now error.

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