What Is BIM software? Top15 Best BIM Software Free 2022

BIM software

BIM software solutions boost cooperation, lower design costs and delivery times, and speed up building processes. Here’s a comparison of the best BIM software on the market today.

What is BIM (Building Information Modeling) Software?

BIM Software is the process of creating and managing a set of information for a constructed asset. This is powered by a cloud platform based on an intelligent model. It aids in the administration of information and construction projects throughout their lives.Thus, It uses its best and most required asset- managed digital description using the right technology to provide the greatest of functions. Furthermore, It includes a wealth of 3D model information and other structural data, such as product execution and handover information.

Why should you utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) software?

Building Information Modeling is producing and managing information for a constructed asset. BIM combines structured, multi-disciplinary data to build a digital representation of an asset across its lifespan, from planning and design to construction and operations, using an intelligent model and a cloud platform. Following are some features why we should use BIM software;

1. Savings on expenses

One of the most popular advantages of BIM software is that it delivers construction cost estimates to the user considerably sooner than the actual construction phase. It not only gives the architect an indication of how much the project will cost but also assists them in discovering new ways to minimize expenses and save resources.

2. Shorter project timelines and increased efficiency

Generally, the faster you can finish building a structure, the less money you will have to spend on the job overall. In addition, completing a project on time or earlier stimulates a quick investment because tenants can begin using the area sooner. It is made possible by using BIM software. It contributes to an enhanced workflow, which speeds up the process.

3. Communication has improved

BIM software aids in the development of a better communication system among architects, clients, contractors, and other parties involved in the project being worked on. It centrally stores and distributes all essential information, such as notes, models, and estimates. As a result, anyone involved in a project receives information and can make suggestions in the exact location.

4. Prefabrication and Modular Construction Possibilities

BIM software aids in the creation of detailed production models that may later be constructed off-site. As a result, architects now have far more chances to create modular architectural parts that contain sophisticated tolerance calculations. In addition, it saves contractors a lot of money because they spend less time building items on-site from scratch.

5. Higher Quality Outcomes

BIM software also aids in the creation of more detailed and accurate calculations and models, resulting in a higher quality structure.

BIM Software Features

1. Information is easily accessible

BIM software gives even the most minor project details. Stakeholders who use BMIs contribute discipline-specific information to create comprehensively shared knowledge that can be extracted from a single source. Workers can get the correct information at the right time, giving them a solid foundation for decision-making.

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2. A more involved procedure

BIM software operates in five dimensions, whereas CAD software only provides a three-dimensional solution. As a result, they can produce an exact cost, time, and material estimate even as the design is being developed.

3. A more detailed summary of the project

BIM software models provide a 3D picture of the structure and a detailed perspective of the entire construction process. It covers every part of the construction process. BIM software encompasses everything from the geometrical elements of the design to spatial linkages, from light analysis to service provisions, topographical information to building component attributes.

Realistic views

BIM software enables you to acquire a variety of views, ranging from building models to drawings and blueprints. All of this is based on a single definition of an object and provides the architect with a more thorough and accurate picture of the eventual building.

Top 15 Free BIM Software 2022

1. Revit

Revit is an Autodesk BIM solution that assists you in creating better designs that collaborate across multiple sectors.] Architects, engineers, construction specialists, and contractors may easily discuss and update 3D models and floor plans. It is one of the best BIM software alternatives in this list.

2. Autodesk BIM 360

BIM 360 is a unified BIM platform that offers construction project teams real-time data to assist them in making better decisions. BIM 360 integrates with various technologies to connect your data and workflows. It is among the best BIM software used for construction projects.

3. Graphisoft ARCHICAD

ARCHICAD, a CAD and BIM software program, was built by GRAPHISOFT. ARCHICAD is used by designers, architects, builders, and engineers to collaborate on construction projects. Import and Export; Custom Graphic Labels; Facade Design Tools

4. Vectorworks Architect

Vectorworks Architect from the Nemetschek Group is BIM and 3D modeling software. This can collaborate with other popular programs such as Revit and SketchUp to make communicating easier for project team members. Precision drawing, creativity, and originality

5. Tekla

Tekla is a model-based software suite created for structural engineers and others in the building sector. Designers and engineers can use BIM software to generate 2D drawings and create 3D models that include various construction materials.

6. Allplan

Allplan BIM software allows architects, engineers, and contractors to collaborate more readily during the design and construction phases. This BIM software suite will help civil and structural engineers, designers, and contractors. This solution entails optimizing.

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7. SketchUp

SketchUp, a 3D design software, can assist individuals, professionals, and educators. Model viewing on iOS and Android smartphones is standard, as is an essential online 3D modeler, cloud storage, and community support. Unlimited cloud storage; premium online 3D modeler

8. Viewpoint for Projects

Viewpoint For Projects is a document management solution that enables you to efficiently organize, view, and distribute massive amounts of the project material. In addition, Vista provides a comprehensive set of software tools to assist contractors in synchronizing all aspects of their businesses.

9. Stratusvue System

The StratusVue System comprises three cloud-based software applications: PlansandSpecs Project and Document Management, BIMfx BIM-Enabled Data Closeout and Turnover, and BIMfx BIM-Enabled Data Closeout and Turnover. BidVue offers a quick.

10. CMiC Enterprise Planning

CMiC Enterprise Planning delivers an enterprise perspective, a project view, and a sub-activity view of everything that has to happen in your construction organization now and in the future. In addition, It enables you to benefit from the latest technological breakthroughs in various fields.

11. Project Management Software

Bidtracer’s Project Management Software is fully integrated with the Bid Management Module but can also be utilized independently. For example, keeping track of projects and paperwork is simple and quick with our online building project management software.

12. Procore

Procore is a construction management software system. Procore’s cloud-based project management tools can help construction professionals ensure that high-quality projects are completed on time and within budget. Procore is a program that blends classic and new technologies.

13. Fusion 360 Manage

Cloud-based 360° Fusion Manage is a location where individuals may collaborate to create things. It includes CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB applications. Design, engineering, electronics, and manufacturing may occur in the exact location. This application is aimed at industrial designers.

14. InEight

Like other best BIM software, InEight has project management software that has been used in the field for the owners, contractors, engineers, and architects that are constructing the world. It is trusted by over 300,000 users and 750 customers worldwide for real-time analytics that helps with management.

15. 3D Repo

3D Repo is a multi-award-winning digital platform for building information modeling (BIM). It is revolutionizing how construction projects are conceived and delivered by democratizing data, lowering risk, and reducing complexity for everyone. You can consider it as the most reliable BIM software.


BIM technologies are today one of the most important helpers in the design journey of a building, only a few decades after early prototypes. As innovations spread, developers continue to add new functionality to the BIM software that is now available.

As a result, each project’s best design solution is unique and depends on its scope. However, increased rivalry among businesses developing top BIM software is positioned to make designers’ work more accessible.

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