Top 12 Best PSVR Games Available Today

Top 12 Best PSVR games

Does not everyone like a virtual reality game filled with Martians or monsters? Or probably you like or prefer real-world detective thrillers or challenging puzzles? PlayStation VR has all of these & more.

Sony’s VR platform has grown day by day in popularity, so has its variety. Here are the best games available for PSVR.


Best PSVR Games Available Today

1. Batman: Arkham VR

Sure, Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy & Batman: Arkham Origins made you feel like the Dark Knight, but what if you’ll become Batman? Batman: Arkham VR switches the action to the first-person view. You thwart the efforts of Gotham’s most devilish criminals, solving puzzles along the way and removing enemies with a spread of gadgets. Although much shorter than Rocksteady’s other titles, the chance to step into the Caped Crusader’s suit and dawn his cowl is well worth the price of admission. It also expands on some characters’ stories from the other Arkham games.


Best PSVR Games Available Today

2. Doom VFR

There are several AAA first-person games with computer game support, but Doom VFR breaks the mold. Instead of just remaking 2016’s Doom for PlayStation VR, developer id Software created an entirely new game set a brief time after demons overran the UAC Martian facility. As a currently deceased human who has had their consciousness transferred into a human-made brain matrix, it’s up to you to foil the demons’ plans and restore security to the power. Like with the 2016 game, there are many alternative ways to blow demons to smithereens, and a teleportation system allows you to zip around the battlefield and lay down the pain during a hurry.


Best PSVR Games Available Today

3. L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files

L.A. Noire is among the first quirky and compelling games we’ve played, & in L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, you’ll experience the game’s most memorable missions PlayStation VR. Seven cases from the first game are included, and the 3rd person perspective was replaced with a first-person view that is more suited to the platform. No longer merely playing as Cole Phelps, you can feel like you’re the detective in post-war Los Angeles. Just make sure you are careful not to fire at civilians when you start battling it out with criminals.


Best PSVR Games Available Today

4. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek has an incredibly loyal & dedicated fanbase, and with Star Trek: Bridge Crew, they will jump into the chair of a Federation ship and help explore parts unknown. With the Vulcan population checking out a replacement home, it’s up to the U.S.S. Aegis crew to visit the ditch to find a replacement. Played with a gaggle of friends, the sport supports real-time lip-sync to form it appear that the characters are chatting with one another. A recent update now even allows those without PlayStation VR to experience Star Trek: Bridge Crew.


Best PSVR Games Available Today

5. A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman’s Tale is that the quite game that would merely exist in VR. You play as a fisherman puppet named Bob, who must get to the lighthouse before a terrible storm hits — a minimum of that’s the setup. The truth of things is far more amusing & ultimately inventive. When Bob opens the model of his house, he sees himself, reacting to each move he makes. Playing as a puppeteer, you want to guide Bob on his adventure to the lighthouse while manipulating the planet and solving puzzles. The narrative shines, the puzzles are little challenging but approachable, and therefore the act of pulling the proverbial strings in VR makes for a consistently charming and impressive adventure

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Best PSVR Games Available Today

6. Blood & Truth

When PlayStation VR Worlds launched alongside the headset a couple of years ago, one among its most promising inclusions was London Heist, a first-person shooter game inspired by Guy Ritchie films. Blood & Truth expands on the concept during a big way, delivering blockbuster-worthy action and espionage, complete with a budget we rarely see in VR. Blood & Truth isn’t a proof-of-concept technical demo, but a full-fledged action shooter that will only add computer games. Crammed with twists and set-piece moments in between all of the gunplay, it’s among the first robust games on the whole platform, and it’s certainly worth the price of admission.


Best PSVR Games Available Today

7. I Expect You to Die

It does not technically have anything to do with 007 or the Bond franchise, but I Expect You to Die delivers the white-knuckled and tense spy action you’d expect from the series. Armed with special telekinetic abilities, you want to escape certain death using only your wits – and whatever tools you’ll find within the environment. Defuse bombs & stop rooms from flooding before they kill you, and prove your handler wrong. I Expect You to Die’s retro aesthetic seems like it had been pulled directly out of a ‘60s spy film, all with a healthy dose of humor to form each death feel less painful.


Best PSVR Games Available Today

8. Firewall Zero Hour

Excluding the superb Rigs: Mechanized Combat League, there aren’t many competitive multiplayer shooters on PlayStation VR that employment well. First Contact Entertainment’s Firewall hour not only fills this void but does it with brilliant tactical gameplay that fans of Rainbow Six Siege will instantly love. With multiple playable characters and customizable weapons, you’ll outfit yourself with the precise gear you would like to require into battle. Everybody in your squad must play a task to succeed. With the superb PlayStation VR Aim Controller in your hands, you feel even closer to the action.


Best PSVR Games Available Today

9. Farpoint

PSVR wasn’t the most straightforward place to travel for first-person shooters at launch; Impulse Gear’s Farpoint has made it our go-to headset for the genre. On the way to review a mystery near Jupiter, an explosion sends you and your team barreling toward a scorched desert planet crammed with hostile aliens. Separated from your crew members, you want to fight your way through waves of enemies to reunite with your friends and shake the earth in one piece.

While Farpoint makes a robust case for first-person shooters in VR, the PSVR Aim controller, a gun-shaped VR peripheral that you can purchase bundled with the sport, could be well worth the investment for Farpoint alone. With the Aim, the game’s fast, frantic, & responsive combat causes you to desire you’re really within the thick of things on this alien world. While the story is underwhelming and, therefore, the environments are repetitive and somewhat bland, the action itself makes Farpoint a must-play PSVR experience.

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Best PSVR Games Available Today

10. Superhot VR

Serving as a kind of expansion to an already innovative title, Superhot VR tasks players with devising strategies to eliminate rooms full hostile enemies with pistols, shotguns, knives, bottles — whatever you’ll get your hands on. Within the original, time stopped whenever you probably did, causing enemies to stagnate as you calculate your next move. Moreover, in VR, Superhot employs the stop-time mechanic with the PlayStation Move controllers, which act as your hands. The VR version remains a fast-paced 1st person shooter with stress on strategy, but in VR, Superhot‘s inherent tension ramps up. Will, you are trying and choose the kill together with your next movement, or come up with a less direct approach? The selection is yours.

Navigating Superhot‘s confined rooms, sifting past, & dismembering enemies has never been as satisfying as it is in VR. While the gameplay loop can get a little frustrating due to the PSVR’s limited camera tracking capabilities, Superhot VR nonetheless offers a unique experience for PSVR owners. For that cause, it earns a spot on our list.


Best PSVR Games Available Today

11. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

At its best, a VR game can desire the first intense thrill ride you have ever been on, & Until Dawn: Rush of Blood understands this. The horror-shooter sends you onto a horrible rollercoaster crammed with monsters, and you want to make quick use of your pistols, shotguns, and other weapons to survive. The sport includes multiple pathways, so you’ll still replay it as you’re employed your high the leaderboards, and round the Halloween season, it’s the right game to point out to friends who aren’t conversant in PlayStation VR. Just don’t play it too on the brink of bedtime.


Best PSVR Games Available Today

12. The Exorcist: Legion

An episodic game supported the favored movie of a similar name, The Exorcist: Legion places you within the shoes of a Boston homicide detective who investigates a disturbing murder of a neighborhood priest. Each episode tells a replacement a part of the terrifying story, expanding its scope throughout, introducing you to new & terrifying horrors each step of the way. So far, three of the 5 episodes are available for PSVR.
Beware, this is often probably the first frightening experience available on the platform. Crammed with jump scares and nerve-wracking creepiness, you’ll need to take a couple of breaks before completing each episode. Moreover, The Exorcist: Legion is one of the more enjoyable video games that supported a movie franchise. Horror fans should pick this one up instantly.

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