Best Offline Music Player For Android 2021

best music app for offline listening android

If you are looking for a free offline music player for Android, then you are in the right place. Streaming music or videos is convenient, but it also consumes your mobile data. Because data plans and caps are becoming more expensive, now may be the ideal time to return to offline music files. To play the offline music files, you’ll need the best offline music player for Android.

Numerous offline music player for Android can play music files stored on your device on the Google Play Store. This article will discuss the best offline music player for android 2021. You can use these apps to play music files stored on your smartphone without an internet connection.

List of 10 Best Offline Music Apps For Android

Here we list offline music apps and will gradually add more music player app for Android for your convenience. It’s worth noting that many music streaming apps, such as YouTube Music, Spotify, and others, allow you to download music for offline listening. However, we haven’t included any of these apps in our list. Let’s take a look at the best free offline music player apps for Android.


free offline music players

If you’re looking for good offline music apps for Android or offline mp3 apps for your Android smartphone, AIMP might be the best option. The great thing about AIMP is that it scans and lists all music files on your internal and external storage without displaying any advertisements. Aside from that, the music apps that play offline support a variety of music formats and come with a 29-band equalizer.

2. Mi Music

best offline music player for android 2020

It is the default music player app for Xiaomi devices. Mi Music is among the best music player apps. This music player is available on all Xiaomi smartphones, including the entry-level, mid-range, and high-end models. It detects all of your music files stored on your internal storage and SD card automatically. As of now, Xiaomi’s music player supports over 25 different audio file formats. The offline music player app, however, is only compatible with Xiaomi phones.

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3. JetAudio

offline music app android

JetAudio is another top-rated free music apps for android offline to consider on the list. The fact that JetAudio supports almost all major music file formats is a huge plus. In addition, JetAudio provides users with a 10-band equalizer, 32 presets, and support. It is the best music app for offline listening android.

4. Music Player

offline music apps

It is one of the best and most highly rated app to play music offline for Android. The app allows you to quickly and easily find and manage all of your music files. Regarding file compatibility, Music Player supports MP3, midi, wav, flaw raw, aac, and other formats. Music Player also includes a five-band graphical equalizer to help you improve your music even more.

5. Stellio

what is the best offline music app

If someone asks me what is the best offline music app? My answer is Stellio is one of the most sophisticated music player apps for Android. The app is well-known for its powerful sound, theme support, and extensive sound settings. In addition, stellio supports a wide range of popular audio file formats, including FLAC, MP3, CUE, APE, M4A, etc. It also supports Android Wear, allowing you to control music from your smartwatches. It is among the top offline music apps.

6. Lark Player

good offline music apps for android

If you’re looking for a visually appealing and lightweight best music apps for android offline, you should give Lark Player a shot. It’s a music and video player app that changes how you watch videos and listen to music. When it comes to supported file formats, Lark Player supports nearly all popular audio and video formats. In addition, it automatically retrieves audio and video files from your phone or SD card.

7. Impulse Music Player

top offline music apps

Impulse Music Player is a gesture-controlled offline music android player app on the list that is well-known for its user-friendly interface. The Impulse Music Player’s key features include bass boost, virtualizer, gapless playback, crossfade, metadata editing, and so on. However, the gesture control feature is the most impressive of all. It is a free offline music player.

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8. Pulsar Music Player

best mp3 player app android

Pulsar Music Player is yet another best offline music player for android 2021 that is free of advertisements. The music player is well-known for its beautiful user interface, which adheres to all material design guidelines. Aside from that, the music player includes nearly all of the features required to meet your music needs. It is the best offline music apps for Android that is recommended.

9. PlayerPro

best app for playing music offline

The fact that PlayerPro supports plugins is a huge plus. As a result, the plugins can be used to expand the features of the offline music player. Aside from that, PlayerPro allows users to browse and play music files in various ways, including albums, artists, composers, genres, and so on. In addition, the free offline music app android includes a built-in tag editor, multiple audio effects, a 5-band graphic equalizer, and other features.

10. Rocket Player

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Rocket Player is an offline music player app that can be fully customized and is available on the Google Play Store. What do you think? Rocket Player is one of the oldest music player apps available, and it provides users with a plethora of valuable features. The free version of Rocket Player includes features such as a 10-band equalizer, 30 customizable themes, a tag editor, Chromecast support, and more. It is the best music app for offline listening android 2021.

So there you have it: the best app to play music offline for Android. If you know of any other similar apps, please let us know in the comments section below. I hope you found this helpful article! Please forward it to your friends as well. We will add some more good offline music apps for Android.

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