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We live in a world loaded with marvelous inventions and technical innovations. In this universe of accelerated growth, technology has improved our living standards and our spare time preferences. The once filled playgrounds now find themselves empty due to a growing attachment and fondness of children towards computer games. They have become the most dominant source of entertainment and hence take much of the kids’ time and imagination. Gaming has evolved into a wildly competitive sport with numerous technicalities and the use of the latest gadgets. These gadgets represent the great available in the market and improve gamers’ unleash their skills on the PC screen.

One gadget is the mouse or the gaming mouse, as is known in the gaming fraternity. This small periphery designed to fit into your palm is one of the most important ones if you desire to demonstrate your considerable gaming skills. The gaming mouse is an input or output device that enables you to control the characters in the gameplay.

As mentioned earlier, gaming has evolved into a competitive fixture, using the latest technology. Similar to other components of a gaming computer, the mouse holds equal importance. Additionally, the delay in reaction times due to your mouse performance can be the difference between an early death in a game or a victorious end.

Thus, given the nature of this revered device, we look at the best gaming mice in the market. As is the case with all items today, gaming mice even come with many alternatives available. Here, we will have a selection of the top available in the market and a roundup of their specs and features that make them standout performers.


Best Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Wireless Mouse

They often say change is good; it represents constant innovation; however, consistency can sometimes be as right as innovation. The Logitech G502 marks its arrival with a series of design features that reek of consistency when it comes to flexibility. The design has not changed much to it’s wired sibling and boasts the same formidable and loved design. When it comes to the internal dynamics, although there has been a marked changed in the philosophy of the mouse, it includes a new low-latency feature designed explicitly for the wireless version and the latest wireless charging feature. This new feature enables the mouse to be charged when in contact with a Powerplay wireless charging pad.

If the price is not the problem, gamers recommend Logitech’s wireless monster of a mouse. It probably charges some extra quid for the ensemble, but it surely makes up for design, performance, and panache. The grip is excellent, with some improvements made in the earlier model, which lacked the present mobility. Moreover, the buttons allow the smooth operation of the mouse, and the design features mix and match the best gaming mouse and regular mouse features to give both worlds the best.

The numbers speak for itself; with a 1000Hz report rate, a new Hero 16K sensor, and the ability to reach 16000 DPI & 400 inches/second is a remarkable feat. It allows 16g additional weight to enhance and increase the mouse’s importance if needed for better resistance. Gamers using the device have found the mouse similar and even better to its wired sibling.

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Best Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder v2

When it comes to gaming, wired mice frequently take the lead in cutting edge performance. The Razer Deth Adder version 2 offers such characteristics that enable it to be called the champion amongst the wired gaming mouse fraternity. Consistency and smart performance was the crucial key for our first contender, and functionality and simplicity is the mantra for our second one.

It is all about ergonomics with the DeathAdder as it offers smooth functioning of the mouse in your hands. The palm can rest comfortably and cozy on the mouse and can use it for hours at a stretch with a top-notch performance that enables quick reflexive maneuvers. Furthermore, the mouse under your palm feels a natural part of the gaming ecosystem. Its ergonomic design offers the best placement of your palm and resting fingers, including the thumb.

The incredible part of the ergonomics on this device is the resting place for your thumb. The thumb can rest on a natural indent on the side of the mouse, making it a natural position to be in a while sleeping. This feature enables maximum efficiency in the palm movements when the gaming gets intense.

Besides the ergonomic design, the numbers even back up the Razer mouse’s claim to be perfect in the business. The optical sensor found on the mouse is Razer’s very own Focus Plus, which enables 20,000 DPI and 650 inches travel/second speed. Switching between the DPI settings is easy, as you can manage that by pressing the buttons adjacent to the scroll wheel.

Furthermore, you can create up to five profiles for different users, depending on their customizable DPI settings. This feature allows you to share the mouse’s usage with your friends or family without tweaking the settings each time. Additionally, in the longevity department, Razer claims that the mouse can withstand 70 million clicks in its lifetime. It makes the mouse an ideal candidate for your gaming needs.


Best Gaming Mouse

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE gaming mouse offers a more affordable solution to your wireless gaming mouse requirements. The mouse has various features that even trumps the Logitech G502 and that too at a whopping 50$ less. The mouse provides ergonomic gameplay possible with a high arc design that allows your palms to relax during long gaming sessions.

The Corsair Dark Core gaming mouse comes with the capability of wireless charging and also supports Type-C cables. It undoubtedly switched from the 2.4Ghz frequency mode through a dongle or Bluetooth. The battery on this variant is perfect enough while not up to the mark of its Logitech competitor. Some additional features make the ergonomics even more appealing.

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One of the best features is removing a small magnetic wing attached to the right side of the mouse and let you rest your finger on while playing. Furthermore, it has a similar rough textured finish around the sides that make for a better grip for the thumb. The Corsair Dark Core even boasts PTFE feet that are smooth and allow for the mouse’s effortless gliding over the mouse pad.

Moreover, in the specs department, the Corsair Dark Core RGB provides an optical sensor with 18000 DPI capabilities, a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery that can last 36 hours without lighting. The inbuilt hyper-polling technology enables the mouse to communicate with your computer at a frequency of up to 2000Hz, making it two times faster than regular gaming mice.


SteelSeries Rival 710

Talking about speed, consistency, high performance, and a crisp aesthetic, the SteelSeries 710 has it all. With a straightforward ergonomic design, the mouse provides top of the line performance specs at your disposal. The mouse can be considered expensive in the wired category, but it more than makes it with the impressive spec sheet it possesses.

Some users don’t prefer a lightweight construction; for such users, this is the ideal device. Its features include a 12,000 DPI, a Haptic display, an OLED display RGB lighting, and a customizable weight option, all of which makes this mouse a powerful device. The 710 is one of the more giant mice on the markets, making it a dan favorite to its gaming audience who want more grip and better ergonomics.

The mouse can bear 60 million clicks on the reliability front before it shows signs of any deterioration. Moreover, the durability of the mouse increased due to the swappable nature of the components involved in its construction. And these swappable components make the mouse a highly customizable one. The haptic engine enables you to program the mouse for various gameplays.


There is an abundance of features to look for in a gaming mouse. We have just touched upon some to make you well acquainted with the gaming mouse features and to allow you to choose your companion for gaming. These features include the lag time, frequency, DPI, customizability, and weight change abilities.

Altogether, after careful consideration, we can safely assume that all of the mice presented in the guidance are the top performers of their respective genres. To pick one mouse as the top pick, we recommend the Logitech 502 wireless mouse for its all-around performance. Logitech has been manufacturing high-quality mice, and their devices represent the cutting edge technology they bring to the table.

The Logitech device offers quality at a price, although, hence if you’re looking for cheaper options in the wireless category, opt for the corsair one. Similarly, if you are wondering about buying a wired mouse, choose for the DeathAdder for its impressive ergonomics and under the hood performance.

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