25 Best Bedpage Alternatives – Free Classified Ad Posting Websites

Bedpage - Best Classified Ad Posting Websites

This article will learn about the best Bedpage alternatives and the best classified Ad posting websites. Bedpage is a popular classified ad posting website, similar to Craigslist, OLX, Oddle.com, etc. Bedpage is a clone of Backpage.com that offers unique and customized listing solutions to startups, product sellers, and service providers worldwide.

It is a suitable option for Backpage.com and falls under the Business and Commerce category. Also read article on how to To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies Automatically?

However, if you are searching for Bedpage alternatives, I have highlighted the top Bedpage alternatives below, including websites and software programs that can work on any OS platform, including Ethereum, iOS, and Android. The most significant thing is that the alternatives I’ve given are mainly free or freemium, such as Craigslist, freemium, and FreeAdsTime.org, which is free.

Why Do We Need Bedpage alternatives?

Despite being a leading online marketplace where you can access a plethora of listing services (for free) and constantly improving itself by introducing new features, Bedpage is still relatively new in the market and may not always fit your expectations. So, in the following section.

Bedpage Alternatives For Free Ad Posting

This article is about the best Bedpage alternatives to post free classified ads to sell faster than ever. I’ve compiled a list of 25 alternatives to Bedpage for you to consider. So without ado lets start;

1. OLX.com

OLX Ad posting

Olx may not yet be on par with Craigslist in terms of popularity, but it would be silly to doubt its appeal. This website was created in 2006. As a result, it is not only one of the oldest but also has served millions of satisfied users and is still doing so. Olx is a well-known ad post platform that is very beneficial to sellers seeking genuine buyers to sell used items. It is at the top of our list of best Bedpage alternatives list to post free ads.

However, Olx offers more than just a marketplace for buying and selling secondhand products. The platform also displays ads for many fresh new products at a meager price. The website promises to provide ads where you may acquire things for 70% cheaper than the original site’s price. However, Olx is not the direct seller; the buyer must contact the designated seller to purchase the item.

2. Adpost

adpost best Bedpage alternatives

Adpost is the only one that enables ad posting. It offers free classifieds and ad search, as well as the ability to post your adverts. The advantage of this website is that it provides all of the necessary operations and features, just like other similar classified ad suppliers. You can consider adpost as the best of best bedpage alternatives sites.

Adpost alerts its users of any ad or post that meets their preferences. To use the auto-notification option, create an account on Adpost and enable the auto-notification system.

That’s the end of it. Furthermore, posting ads on this platform is simple. You are free to post an unlimited number of ads. Adpost is a free classified ad posting system. Adpost’s classified ad system is free. You can get services for free if you want to. Alternatively, you may select a premium service, the price of which is set by the priority ranking need.

3. Classified Ads

classified ads

If you are searching for free classified ads? how you can neglect this best bedpage alternatives site? Classified Ads.com is one of the most popular classified ad websites. You may create and publish ads here, as well as find what you were searching for elsewhere, all for free. Like Bedpage and other comparable websites, Classified Ads is an entirely free platform to browse ad postings and openly communicate with the seller throughout a purchase.

This one-of-a-kind platform was created by specialists and features all necessary characteristics, services, and tools to provide users with a quick browsing experience. With a simple, user-friendly design and over ten categories of ads such as pets, items for sale, vehicles, personal, and so on, each category contains dozens of other options, allowing for endless browsing. Enter the name of the service/item or anything else you’re looking for into the search box, and you’ll get the results straight away.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is currently the most well-known and widely used platform for selling, promoting, advertising, and purchasing products. Here, the communication system is quick and responsive. As a result, you may quickly find any buyer or seller in your location or neighborhood. This platform and Olx are pretty similar, with the former offering nearly all of the same tools and features as the latter but with extra sophisticated services. With no doubt it is among the best bedpage alternatives websites.

This platform allows you to trade quickly and indefinitely. It provides a one-stop shop for all marketers and buyers looking to sell or buy everyday items and services. Facebook Marketplace offers a plethora of categories to browse through. Furthermore, you may search through each type indefinitely for free to find the products you’re looking for.

5. Freeadstime.org

freeadstime Best Classified Ad Posting Websites

Freeadstime.org is a simple alternative to Bedpage, with a simple application process. It offers free ad posting and has a comparable degree of popularity to Craigslist. In addition, the Freeadstime interface is quite similar to Craigslist’s.

On the other hand, the homepage includes a list of all the cities where Freeadstime services are offered. As a result, you must put your location if you are joining as a voluntary buyer. If you sign up as a seller, you will post ads without posting to purchase the premium service or create a new account. It should be noted that making an account is not required but is an alternative. You may post your ads in as little as 5 minutes. So, if you’re seeking the most user-friendly ad posting platform, Freeadstime will not disappoint.

6. H1Ad.com

h1ad Free classified Ads

H1Ad is all about allowing anybody to post their ad listings, and each post is given equal weight in terms of making them as apparent to potential viewers as feasible. If you’re a seller, your post should inform people about the products/services you’re selling. This website features an add-on that lets you post photographs of your business, and all of these benefits are completely free! Visit H1Ad today as it is also the famous bedpage alternatives site.

7. Classifiedsfactor.com

classifiedsfactor Bedpage alternatives

As the bedpage alternatives sites, Classifiedsfactor has done an outstanding job of providing its users with a very comprehensive classified ad website that is also easy to use. On the Classifiedsfactors homepage, the methods to browse any product or service are graphically presented. In addition, it lets you select your chosen item for search and your location on a single page.

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This website is distinct from other similar online classified advertising websites. You can freely search for things that other businesses are offering. You may also advertise, promote, and sell your products by submitting a single open ad post. Ad posting is the simplest step here, and you need to follow a couple of directions to create your ad. However, you must first open a free account to post an ad.

8. Wallclassifieds.com

Wallclassifieds Free Classified Ads

Wall Classifieds is yet another excellent platform for internet traders. It is, however, more than just a digital marketplace. If you are a seller, Wall Classifieds will enable you to promote your business’s services and products, particularly within your local neighborhood. This website has a cleaner visual experience because it is still in its early phases. When you browse Wall Classifieds, you will see a list in a dropdown style containing all categories’ details. It is, however, not easily accessible on the homepage. Instead, you must scroll down to find the listing.

Set your country name underneath any of your selected post category/s if you wish to limit the search results to your country. Ad posting on this platform is simple and quick, with a step-by-step process. How can we miss Wall Classifieds as the best bedpage alternatives site.

9. Giganticlist.com

giganticlist best Bedpage alternatives

The motto for Giganticlist is “Easy to Buy, Easy to Sell.” But here’s the catch: when you get on the Giganticlist homepage, the first thing you notice is “Publish Your Ad,” positioned on the right side. This Bedpage alternative promotes your ad in a straightforward manner. The good thing is that you will not be required to create an account in order to post your ad listing. Most of user suggest it as the best bedpage alternatives site.

You will be able to post photographs, offer your business information, and list your products and services, making your ad appear more genuine and your interactions with buyers easier and faster. While this alternative features both free and paid ad posting options, you should use the latter if you want to increase ad visibility and reach out to your target client audience.

10. AdvertiseEra.com


AdvertiseEra seldom gets the attention it deserves. This Bedpage alternative offers what buyers and sellers often attempt to find and search for on the internet. In addition, the website is now available for a broader list of cities. It’s one of the most popular Bedpage alternatives. Try out this website today and see if you can find the services you’ve been seeking for so long.

11. Oodle.com

oodle Bedpage alternatives

Oodle is one such ad posting service, with the most relevant and recent advertisements shown straight on its homepage. However, you must manually set your current location and country to receive better search results. This option may be found in the upper right corner of the homepage. It will limit your search and provide you with information on only the details in your region that match your criteria. However, It is well known as one of the most extensively used Bedpage alternatives.

To lessen the danger of fraud and establish confidence between buyers and sellers, To post your ads on Oodle, you must first have an active Facebook account. This ad platform, however, is not wholly affiliated with Facebook. It’s simply that the user interfaces of both of these systems are quite alike. It should be mentioned that it is not a Facebook property. 

12. Geebo

geebo best olx alternatives

It’s most recognized for being one of the most widely used Bedpage alternatives. Geebo is a free digital ad platform that offers classified ads for real estate, local artists, employment, autos, rental apartments, houses for sale, and other ads. Regularly, the site posts a plethora of advertisements to help its users easily find what they are seeking within any given category.

Users may perform a quick search on Geebo using the advanced search feature. It is pretty beneficial in locating the demand rapidly. Aside from that, there are dozens of ad categories to choose from, including employment, agricultural equipment, automobiles, goods, construction, items/services, real estate, home rentals, and more!

13. GumTree.com

gumtree alternatives

Gumtree is a good option if you want an ad posting website that appears well-organized. With its uncluttered ad blocks, this Bedpage alternative will blow your mind. The platform is user-friendly and easy to browse. It has a blog-style layout with a pleasant aesthetic design. It is best known as one of the most popular Bedpage alternatives available.

Furthermore, the website offers excellent material and recommendations on how to purchase successfully while saving money. Aside from that, it’s a great ad listing site for advertising your company’s services and products. Aside from offering and selling things, the platform also boasts consumer feedback. Its users have discovered it to be completely genuine. The good news is that, despite just having seven classified ad categories, you can list ads for nearly everything. Furthermore, you will not be required to create a Gumtree account; Instead, you may easily sign in using your Google or Facebook accounts (if you use them). 

14. Findermaster.com

findermaster alternatives

If you are actively seeking a viable Bedpage alternatives on the market, Findermaster.com is a must-visit site. Findermaster offers all of the categories that Bedpage provides, but the former has a more modern style and feel. In reality, it has many of the features that Bedpage lacks.

Findermaster automatically detects your geographic location when you visit the website, making ad searching and browsing much more accessible.

15. Hoobly.com

hoobly alternatives

Hoobly, unlike any other emerging ad website, can recognize your present location without forcing you to set it actively. As a result, the pages showing will be limited to your geographical location. The website offers more relevant options and saves you time by eliminating irrelevant ads from your view. By default, it displays any newly uploaded ad from any category. You can, however, expand your search category by selecting “All Categories.” Hoobly is among the list of best Bedpage alternatives sites.

16. Craigslist.org

Craigslist alternatives

Craigslist is a well-known online ad cum classifieds supplier that features a slew of employment alerts in the form of classified ads. This platform is an excellent location for seeking sales, rental apartments, gigs, houses for sale, desired services, any product, and other opportunities. It is commonly considered as one of the most popular Bedpage alternatives available. The Craigslist interface is organized similarly to a genuine newspaper. It has a similar section for classified ads that displays ads of all sorts, making it easy for users to acquire the whole ad listing on any subject on a single platform.

Craigslist is precisely what I said above. The main difference is that Craigslist is a digital platform where you may find ads and classifieds on any topic for free. Starting at the regional scale and working your way up to the international zone, this website organizes classified ads in any category, including employment, community, for sale, housing, personals, services or items needed, and so on. Craigslist also has a discussion forum to offer your thoughts as message posts or start a long discussion about any topic. Furthermore, you may post classified ads on Craigslist for free!

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17. ClassifiedsGiant

classifiedsgiant alternatives

It is considered to be one of the most popular Bedpage alternatives. ClassifiedsGiant is another classified ad service that enables sellers to reach out to reputable buyers by posting ads for free. Then, both parties might negotiate to finalize the deal. This marketplace features many classified ad categories such as vehicles, employment, pets, rental apartments, services needed, and many more.

ClassifiedsGiant’s user-friendly interface is home to thousands and millions of ads. You may find any of these ads by selecting the appropriate ad category from the list above. These categories, in turn, are offered in a range of additional services and subcategories.

18. AutoTempest


AutoTempest aggregates listings from all major automotive websites onto a single platform. The service assists buyers at every stage of the purchase process and their search for the best or most popular automobile models, using the site’s powerful research tools. You may narrow down your search results by specifying parameters such as automobile model type, gearbox, price, mileage, and so on. If you want to sell you car fast consider AutoTempest as the best bedpage alternatives.

AutoTempest offers an innovative search engine that allows buyers to see the budgets for both new and used cars. This service is given so that people seeking to make a purchase may compare costs and features before deciding. The website also streamlines automobile delivery to other countries and insurance to hide nothing from buyers. So if you are a die-hard automobile enthusiast who enjoys browsing several automotive websites, AutoTempest is the one-stop shop for all your needs.

19. Yakaz


Yakaz is a classified ad search engine that features millions of international and local classified ads. The website is constantly updated, and thousands of other ads are added to its daily database. It is another best Bedpage alternatives in the our list for posting free ads.

20. USFreeads

usfreeads post free Ads

If you are looking for best Bedpage alternatives, USFreeads is the ideal digital platform for seeing a plethora of ad postings; in fact, you may also publish your business ads. Additionally, this ad posting site is a key platform for interested buyers and trusted sellers where both parties may connect and negotiate before purchasing/selling the required products and services.

The distinctive characteristic of USFreeads is that it features hundreds of ads and classifieds that are entirely free! Real estate, jobs, automobiles, business opportunities, pets and animals, home & garden, collectibles, announcements, sports, hobbies & leisure, toys, games, jewelry & watches, wanted ads, electronics, and a range of other categories are available.

21. Recycler

recycler alternatives

As the name implies, Recycler is used by persons who wish to sell or use old products/items. These pre-owned items can be from any category, and the platform functions similarly to any comparable classified ad provider. The only distinguishing feature is that it only deals with used items. It is one of the most popular Bedpage alternatives.

If you want to sell your used items or buy a product at a lower price, Recycler is the perfect option for you. Cars and automobiles, real estate, rental houses and apartments, pets, room for sale, mobile homes, and more categories are available for posting or finding classified ads.

22. Doublelist


The Doublelist.com app is a web-based alternative to Bedpage that is also free. This software allows users to enjoy and connect inside a specific marketplace. If you don’t want to use Craigslist, try using Doublelist, which has all the necessary features and services. It is one of the best alternatives to Bedpage out there.

The Doublelist website is available in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and the Netherlands. Furthermore, the application is supported in these countries’ main cities. So if you’re searching for a simple and entirely free service that gives you access to many personal ads and allows you to list your own, Doublelist is the platform for you.

23. DomesticSale


It’s one of the greatest alternatives to Bedpage currently available. DomesticSale is the ultimate hassle-free and trash-free classified ad platform, ensuring that users receive spam-free ads. Furthermore, this website establishes trust among users regarding the legitimacy of the ads submitted in this approach. We think it’s the best alternative to Bedpage on our list to post free ads.

Anyone in the world can open a new marketplace on DomesticSale. This website’s classifieds and ads category include cars and trucks, resumes, sales and services, event calendars, employment opportunities, vacation rentals, secure stores, and many more.

24. Krrb


Krrb functions as an online trading platform in a communication route between interested sellers and reliable buyers, with transactions taking place through ads and classifieds. This trading platform is exceptional in that it offers both international and local classified ads. It’s one of the best Bedpage alternatives out there now. 

Krrb is an online local classified provider that brings people from all over the world together on a single platform. This website is simple to use, and you can find any specific ad in its massive classifieds database. Posting ads on Krrb is as easy as searching for them in the ads database. All you should do is open a new account, and then you may post ads for free. 

25. eBay Classifieds


eBay Classifieds, often known as Kijiji, is an online classified marketplace hosted by eBay, the business’s largest online retailer. eBay Classifieds saves its worldwide users time searching for local ads in any ad category. It also offers free ad posting. It is one of the greatest Bedpage alternatives.

You can see ads and place services on eBay Classifieds for free. It has a very simple and comprehensive system for selling, buying, and trading locally and internationally. Explore this platform at least once to browse through its job advertisements and find the right one for you! Alos read what are the Best Market Research Software.


Why is Bedpage not working? 

Some of the most typical causes of Bedpage.com not working on your computer. 

Maybe your browser cache and internet cookies are full

The cache of your PC DNS is full

Issue with the modem or computer connectivity

Is it safe to use Bedpage?

It is generally not recommended to use Bedpage because some users consider it an un-authentic classified website with illegitimate services. According to them, it is more like a scam used by those who want to fraud people in the name of an excellent alternative to Backpage.

Which is the best alternative to Bedpage?

There are many top alternatives to Bedpage, out of which, Craigslist is one of the most sought for being free classified ad posting websites. In addition, Facebook Marketplace is another exclusively trending platform with way more possibilities than Bedpage.

Every alternative is unique in its way to stun you with its groundbreaking applications. However, the above list should be sufficiently workable for you to find a replacement for Bedpage that could satisfy your needs. I have provided links to each of them, so start surfing through to find your best fit. Also read article on best TaskRabbit Alternatives for Freelancers and Businesses.

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