How to Apply for a Canada Visa and What are the Canada Visa Process Requirements

How to Apply for a Canada Visa

How to Apply for a Canada Visa and What are the Canada Visa Process Requirements? The General Visa Application Form Process is the title of this article. The whole Canada Visa process requirements are discussed in depth here. Canada is a lovely country with gorgeous, magnificent terrain, tasty foods, and it’s the ideal spot for epic expeditions and adventures, as well as a perfect option for immigrants who want to work and live permanently.

Most users have been searching for the phrases on the internet are the Canada Visa application process. Read the full article on the Canadian Visitor Visa | How To Apply For a Canadian Visitor Visa which you should read in detail if you fall into this category.

Canadian Visitor Visa

You may be dreaming about this location right now, but you lack the finances to make your wish come true. Canada Visa Requirements | General visa application form process guide and how to structure it looks like here if you want to be in Canada this year.

People worldwide, mainly Nigerian nationals and residents of other interested countries, want accurate information regarding the entire procedure for applying for a permanent visa to Canada. It is why we gathered the most reliable material on this topic and are now sharing it with our readers. We are confident that this data material will dispel all of your concerns regarding correctly applying for the 2019 Canada Visa process requirements.

This article contains a guide that will significantly assist you in finishing out your Canada Visa Process structure.

The Canada visa process technique isn’t as rigid as in some countries, so it’s much simpler to travel to Canada; nonetheless, if you need to have a virtually accessible Canada visa event, then this guide is for you.

• Even though there are certain elements to examine and give serious thought to, you are on an expressway to Canada once you pass through this step.

• This Canada visa form can be applied for by anybody Single, Married, Widowed, or Divorced and meets the Canada Visa eligibility conditions.

• Every year, the application registration for the Canada Visa Process is available, and eligible candidates can register on the official website,

Let’s get started with our guide to the most efficient way to travel to dreamland Canada via the Canada visa process from Nigeria and other countries. If you are serious about moving to Canada, I recommend reading this guide.

Let’s start with an overview of the types of Visas you can apply for from your home country (Making Nigeria AS a Reference) Towards Canada.

The following are the several types of Canadian visas that anyone may apply for from their native country:

1. Form for a Farmworker Visa in Canada
2. Form for a Pilgrimage Visa in Canada
3. Diplomat Canadian Visa Application Form
4. Transit Canadian Visa Application Form
5. Students Canada Visa form
6. Skilled workers Canada Visa form
7. Tourist Canada Visa form
8. Visitor Canada Visa form
9. Business Canada Visa form

Since you’ve considered almost all of the many types of visas available, let’s apply to complete the Visa process structure. Please keep in mind that each of the visas listed above has its own set of documentation requirements.

Hello, I don’t believe you’ll be visiting Canada this year via the Canadian visa official process website. If you don’t have an international passport/Travel passport, this is the first and most important condition to begin your Canada visa process structure.

Canadian visa lottery scam!

Some people may approach you masquerading as agents for the Canadian visa lottery and request that you pay them a fee to obtain a quick way to Canada for you; please ignore these people since they are just interested in robbing you of your money. On that note, the Canadian Government issued an official statement on the Canadian visa lottery scam, as stated and written above.

DISCLAIMER for Canada Visa: Canada does not have a Canadian Visa Lottery. (Some websites promoting the 2019/2020 Canada Visa Lottery Application are redirecting foreign visitors to our website,

Please note that has nothing to do with such websites, which are deceptive since the Government of Canada does not grant visas through a lottery system, and the claimed application structure does not exist. is owned and operated by the Canadian immigration law firm Campbell, Cohen, a private company with over 40 years of expertise assisting clients seeking to come to Canada.

If you wish to know if you are qualified for any of the more than 80 Canadian migration programs, we welcome you to fill out our free online assessment structure.)

Having taken note of the above remark, candidates should be wary of internet fraudsters/scams.

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How to Fill Out and Submit a Canada Visa Application Form Online


1. Determine whether you are eligible to apply for a Canada visa form online

Before you start filling out the necessary structures, you should find out if you can apply for a visa online or not. Click on this connection link and accurately answer all of the questions.
You will be asked about your citizenship, age, family background, and work history, among other things. After completing all questions and being confirmed qualified to apply for a Canadian visa online, you will be issued a “personal reference number” that will be required to register an account and visa. Save this code with caution and carefully follow the instructions.

2. Complete the online Canada Visa Form structure

Numerous structures must be filled out on the same page that describes the steps for presenting an online visa, such as

online Canada Visa Form

Temporary Visit Visa Form IMM5257, which you may download here.

IMM5707 family information structure is also available for download here.

Document checklists that may be downloaded and submitted while applying for a visa can also be downloaded here.

• The “VFS Statement,” which authorizes VFS to process your visa, may be downloaded here.

3. Submit all essential documents for the Canada Visa process

In addition to completing the visa process structure, you should also complete many photocopies or scanned documents.

• Travel Passport (particularly on the identity page)
• Travel history (visa and stamp of entrance in other countries) used for as long as ten years
• Photocopy or output results of authorization to remain, study, or work abroad (assuming any)
• Photocopies or sweeps of significant US visas (assuming any)
• Cash proof that you can fund your excursions, such as the most recent four months’ financial balance, a work or business certificate, proof of asset ownership, or other supporting documents that may be found here.
• Color images with dimensions of 35mm x 45mm or 420 540 pixels in JPEG format and file size of 240kb
• Proof of travel, such as itineraries, airline tickets, or documentation of hotel reservations

4. Sign up/log in to present An Online Application


To obtain the “key,” you must first register, then create an account to present an application, pay the visa fee, and check the status of the visa application.
You can create an account using “Sign-In Partner” or “GCKey.”
Choose the “GCKey” option if you are a Nigerian citizen.

login To Present An Online Application

Sign in to your account after receiving your username and secret password phrase and selecting “Visitor visa, study or work permit,” then go to the following stage.

Enter the “personal reference code” you obtained before, and transfer the structures and supporting documents you filled up and prepared ahead of time.

For GCKey Contact Us

Canada and the United States

Text Telephone (TTY/TDD)

Outside Canada and the United States

Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you by phone, year round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information have a look on GCKey FAQs

5. make the Canada Visa Form Payment

After the system has checked and received all of your documents, you will be sent to the visa payment page, which is CAD 100.
When your payment is approved, you will receive a payment confirmation.

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6. Go to VFS Global

After that, bring a payment confirmation, identification, and a 3.5 – 4.5cm picture to the VFS Global Nigeria. After completion, you will follow an email with a unique number to track the status of your application online within two working days.

Present a VISA on paper

If you apply for a Canada visa Form 2019 on paper, the chance is essentially the same. Continue to fill out structures online, prepare supporting documents as stated above, make payments online, and visit the VFS Global visa application facility. The distinction is that if you apply for a visa online, you don’t have to print the structure one by one. If you submit on paper, you should print all of the structures on white, non-glossy paper with a laser printer.

If you do not handle your visa application personally, you must also complete the IMM5467E structure, which permits others to take your visa.

Payment of Canadian visa costs as a Draft Bank is no longer accepted for additional data information. Acceptable Canada Visa Fee payments, are only made online. Complete data information is available here (for Nigerians only/other countries,

Contact Cohen Immigration Law

How you can contact with Canada Visa Cohen Immigration Law firm to answer your questions? If you have any questions about Canadian immigration, please contact us by phone or email.
Contact numbers: +1 (514) 937-9445 or Toll-free (Canada & US) +1 (888) 947-9445

Contact Cohen Immigration Law


Documentation for the Canada Visa answer Process – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What documents are necessary for the visa application process in Canada?

The requirements paperwork is determined by the reason for your visit to Canada. Please visit the Official Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website for further information and guidance on the piece of my visa application paperwork.

Can it be that the visa officer asked that I attach additional documents or data?

Yes, the visa office may request that you present further documentation.
The most recent data will be produced in the online application following the system and followed by an email to ensure you receive the guidance. You will then be asked to present further documents to the visa application office, which will be transmitted to the visa office on your behalf.

As a student, I must travel to Canada.

What are the financial requirements?

The financial requirements for students are determined, among other things, by the duration of remaining in Canada. We suggest that you consult with the Canadian Immigration Service, Refugee, and Citizenship website for the most up-to-date data and ensure that your documents meet these requirements when presenting a Canada Application Form.

How to apply Out a Canada Visa Application Form

People can choose from a variety of visa application structures. Some foreigners want to migrate to Canada. There is also a work permit visa, and for students, there is a well-known Canada Study visa.

The application is completed online; to access the structure, go to the online registration portal. The process is outlined below.

• Go to the official website at

• make your visa type evaluation process structure

• Provide your contact data information

• Provide your profile

• Your net worth, making sure you don’t overestimate or underestimate

• Your language aptitudes test

• Your work history

• Canadian Job Offer

• Family and Friends in Canada

• Then click the Submit Structure button.

Fill in the essential data and transfer every required document; once finished, present the structure and ensure that your details are protected.

Ensure that the URL/Link you’re using to access the entry is correct (

Any other website claiming is most likely a ruse; be wary!

Is there anything more I should say? Travel to Canada to experience its beauty and be reminded of how wonderful the world can be. Begin planning your vacation days in Canada.

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