How to Fix iPhone Alarm Volume is Low or Loud

How to Fix iPhone Alarm Volume is Low or Loud

This article will explain how to fix if iPhone alarm volume is low or loud? A complete guide on How to set alarm volume iPhone. Setting the alarm on an iPhone is simple. But what if the alarm volume is too low and you miss it, or too loud, and you get scared? Several iPhone users are reporting the same problem with alarm sounds that are unusually loud or soft. Is it possible that you are one of them? The solutions in this post will fix an alarm volume that is either low or too loud on an iPhone.

Before we proceed, a few items must be clarified. The Ring/Silent physical switch and the Do Not Disturb mode do not affect the alarm sound. Even if both settings are set, your alarm will continue to ring at the volume you want.

Settings of iPhone Alarm Volume

In this article you will know about the best setting for iPhone alarm volume. Let’s look at some methods to fix alarm volume iPhone.


1. Restart your iPhone

Restart your iPhone to begin the debugging process. A brief flaw or bug may be causing the alarm volume issues, and a restart should fix this.

2. Check the Alarm Volume

Unless ‘Change with buttons’ is enabled in Sound settings, the alarm volume cannot be modified with the volume buttons. So, if you want to change the alarm volume, you should first enable this setting. Alternatively, you can set the alarm volume using the volume slider in the Sound settings.

To do so, open Settings and navigate to Sounds & haptics. To adjust the volume of the alarm, use the slider under Ringer and alerts. Enable the Change with Buttons to toggle if you wish to change the volume using the volume buttons on your iPhone in the future.

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Alarm Volume Settings

3. Change the Alarm Tone

The alarm tone you’ve set may be either low or too loud. So experiment with different alarm tones and see if you notice a difference.

Follow these instructions to change the alarm tone on your iPhone:

1. On your iPhone, open the Clock app and navigate to the Alarm tab.

2. In the top-left corner, tap the Edit button. Tap on the alarm you want to change.

Change Alarm Tone

3. On the next screen, tap Sound and select a different notification tone. To save the changes, click the Save button at the top to set alarm volume iPhone.

alarm volume iPhone

4. Check the Sleep Mode Alarm

Using the Sleep/Wake up feature (formerly known as Bedtime) on your iPhone, it has its alarm volume. You must check that the alarm volume is set to your specifications.
Follow the following steps:

1. Open the Clock app and navigate to the Alarm tab.

2. Tap on the Change button next to the Sleep/Wake up time listed.

Check Sleep Mode Alarm

3. Scroll down to find a volume slider beneath the Alarm settings. It is used to change the volume of the alarm. Press the Done button.

change the alarm volume

You may change the alarm volume for Sleep mode in the Health app > Your schedule. Tap the Edit button next to your schedule. The volume can then be adjusted.

5. Turn the Attention Aware Feature

Several iPhone users have reported that turning off the Attention aware feature resolved the alarm volume is too high or low.

This option is only accessible on iPhone X and subsequent models.

How to Turn off Attention Aware Feature

To turn it, navigate to Settings > Face ID & Attention. Then, turn off the Attention Aware Features toggle.

6. Disable All Other Alarm Apps

Do you have any other alarm apps on your iPhone?
Uninstall them and check to see if they were messing with the alarm volume. They may also affect on your alarm volume iPhone.

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7. Delete the Alarm

If the alarm volume problem is limited to a single alarm, consider rebuilding the alarm from scratch.
To do so, delete the existing alarm and re-create it to fix the issue of iPhone alarm volume is low or loud.

8. Update your Phone

It’s possible that a bug in the software update you installed on your iPhone is messing with the alarm volume to vary.  You’ll need to update your iPhone to fix it.
Navigate to Settings > General > Software update to do so.  Your iPhone will alert you if an update is available. Could you put it in place? The alarm will then be re-created.

Update iPhone

9. Reset Settings

If the alarm volume remains abnormally high, reset all settings on your iPhone. Fortunately, there is a single setting, so it is not a laborious process.

Reset all settings by going to Settings > General > Reset. It will reset all modified settings to their default levels. Find in full what happens when you reset your iPhone’s settings.

The solutions provided above should fix your issue. If this does not happen, check the Bluetooth devices that are linked. If you connect a Bluetooth device (headphones or speakers) to your iPhone, the alarm will often play through both your iPhone’s and the linked device’s speaker. This, however, does not always happen because of a bug.

So, go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth to test if the alarm volume returns to normal.

So, this is our article on how to fix if iPhone alarm volume is low or loud. Hope your problem get resolved after following the above mentioned methods. Read article how to protect the personal data of your iPhone? and how to fix Screenshot not working iPhone.

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