25 Best Kodi Skins 100% Working Updated 2022

Best Kodi Skins

In this article you will know about the best Kodi skins you must try in 2022. All the Kodi skin links are updated and 100% working. Kodi is a free media player that was designed for home entertainment. It was once called Xbox Media Center (XBMC) since it was mainly for the Microsoft Xbox. Kodi has continued to grow since then. It can play media files in different formats, supports practically every central platform, and can be readily modified to meet the demands of an individual.

Skins for Kodi are files that can change Kodi’s visual appearance (UI). Kodi skins not only make aesthetic modifications, but they may completely transform Kodi by reorganizing menus altering backgrounds and themes. So, if you want to spice up Kodi on your device, it’s time to switch Kodi skins.

How to Change the Skin on Kodi

To change the skin of Kodi, follow the instructions outlined below:

1. Launch Kodi, navigate to Settings (gear-shaped icon), and then click on Interface Settings.

2. Click Skin from the left-hand menu. Choose Skin selections from the Look and Feel category on the right side.

3. A box will pop up with the two default Kodi skins (for Kodi Krypton), Estouchy, and Estuary. Click the Receive More option on the right to get more Kodi skins.

4. Click on the Kodi skin of your choice to observe how the appearance of Kodi changes.

The Best Kodi Skins

Now that you know how to change Kodi skins let’s speak about the best Kodi skins for your devices.

1. Aeon Nox

Aeon Nox Kodi skin

Aeon Nox is one of the most excellent and most recommended Kodi skins. It has a simple interface with a wide variety of adjustable settings. As a result, you may experiment with its colors, themes, and fonts. It also lets you redesign the main menu.

Furthermore, the skin is lightweight, with a download file size of around 10 MB. Results in, it works well with all devices and does not cause them to hang. As a result, it appeals to both expert and new Kodi users. Aeon Nox LEGO, Aeon NoQ, Aeon Nox 5: Destiny, Aeon Nox 5: Dragon and Aeon Nox Silvo are more popular versions of this skin among users.

2. Amber

Amber kodi skin

Amber is another lightweight and highly configurable Kodi skin with many features and offers well on all devices. It has an easy-to-read interface, bright and clear writing, and smooth menu navigation even on slower devices.

Its home shelf is horizontal by default, with the fundamental categories visible. If horizontal menus do not implore to you, a vertical menu is an option. It helps you to customize practically anything, such as a home shelf, home menu, backdrop, and so on – this is why it is one of the most delicate Kodi skins.

3. ReFocus

ReFocus kodi skin

ReFocus is a feature-rich skin with a beautiful design. It is highly customizable, allowing users to personalize home products. It has touch support, artwork downloader, skin widgets, and other features. This Kodi skin is an excellent choice for users that use Kodi on touchscreen devices. It also keeps track of the movies and TV series you’ve viewed and makes suggestions based on your preferences.

4. Mimic

Mimic kodi skin

Mimic is one of the most excellent Kodi skins with a flat look. It means that there are no gradients or flashy effects in this skin; instead, you will see the color blue in its many tones with no backdrop image. It also has many modifying options and allows you to change the hue to suit your aesthetic preferences.

This skin works on various devices, including phones and tablets, thanks to its built-in touchscreen compatibility. Furthermore, it offers an additional benefit in fan art, which may be used to update the home page. Depending on your requirements, you may also view the items in a horizontal or vertical list.

5. Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova kodi skin

Black Glass Nova is another well-liked Kodi skin due to its ease of use and numerous features and customization choices. Kodi’s menu displays as a horizontal bar with big thumbnails by default.

You will see images of what each content category represents when you navigate left or right across various content categories. In addition, sub-menus will appear at the bottom of the screen as you scroll through the main menu. The notable feature is the ability to view your material in some ways.

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Because this skin has a lot of minute details, we recommend using it on a large-screen device. Otherwise, you might not receive the most excellent results from the Kodi interface. Furthermore, because this Skin is relatively light, it can be downloaded and installed rapidly.

6. Arctic: Zephyr

Arctic Zephyr kodi skin

Arctic: Zephyr is a minimalistic skin with a simple and clean appearance. It is one of the best Kodi skins since it is valuable and appealing. Kodi’s menu appears as a big, bottom-positioned bar showcasing the major content categories in its default settings. If you like, you may also add your shortcuts here.

This skin offers an option of viewing modes, each with a well-designed layout. This skin, however, does not provide the usage of a mouse and does not support touch. However, it still works well with the Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV devices since it efficiently gathers information on tiny screen space.

7. Titan

Titan Kodi Skin

Titan is one of the Kodi skins with a simple yet effective design. Its layout and information flow set it apart from other Kodi skins. This skin allows you to find all your information in one location, making TV show/movie selection a breeze. In addition, its easy interface makes it a simple choice for tiny devices.

8. Confluence

Confluence kodi Skin

Confluence is Kodi Jarvis’ default skin and one of the most popular skins to date. Its simple yet elegant and effective interface distinguishes it as one of the most fantastic Kodi skins. This skin has a horizontal menu. To view the media contents, you must navigate from left to right. However, the fact that it looks gorgeous makes an effort worthwhile. In addition, users prefer to use this skin when it comes to Android devices. It is also Raspberry Pi compatible.

9. Pellucid

Pellucid kodi Skin

With its simple and beautiful interface, Pellucid is the Kodi skin for you if simplicity appeals to you. Its menu is on the left side, and the home menu features images at the bottom of the screen. We recommend Pellucid to Kodi users who want to watch live streaming on their Kodi media center since the quality is second to none. Unfortunately, pellucid is presently only accessible in Kodi Krypton and cannot be used in Kodi Jarvis.

10. Metropolis

Metropolis kodi Skin

Metropolis skin has a modern and vintage feel to it. Its text and icons are easy to read and comprehend. In addition, it suggests a variety of themes that are easy to customize. The default layout may be altered in a few ways, and alternative viewing choices can be selected. You can, for example, sort vertically or horizontally.

This skin offers a lot of information about your media assets. For example, in the TV Shows category, you can see the number of episodes that have been saved and the number of episodes that have yet to be seen. At the bottom, you can also see your newly added files. Custom logos for TV series are another distinguishing element.

11. Eminence

Eminence kodi Skin

Eminence features a simple user interface. This skin works quickly, although it is not as configurable as other Kodi skins. Nevertheless, its operation is far smoother than that of any skin, and we recommend it to users who have many Kodi add-ons loaded in their media center.

The backdrop of this skin is black, with white icons. When these icons are chosen, they turn a light blue color. Eminence is easy to scroll because of menu items with descriptive wording. There are also several little icons at the bottom of the screen.

12. Nebula

Nebula kodi Skin

Nebula was built primarily to provide Smart TV users with a pleasant streaming experience. It is a simple skin with many rich features such as touch support, other fanart, personalized home items, live TV, and so on. This skin has a lot of customization possibilities and works well with HD TV displays.

This skin is highly recommended for music enthusiasts. You may also use Nebula to customize your Fire Stick gadget.

13. AppTV

AppTV kodi Skin

AppTV is just a redesigned version of Apple TV. This skin offers a lightning-fast interface. Users may also customize it to their choice. We would recommend this skin to Apple users because it has a similar appearance and feels to Apple TV. In addition, its layout and icons are identical to those of Apple TV.

14. Ace

Ace kodi Skin

Ace is yet another popular Apple iOS skin. Itoffers a light skin with a lot of features and customization options. It is also one of the most responsive Kodi skins. Unfortunately, ace does not support Live TV, even though it works great with all devices. Apart from that, it is an excellent Kodi Skin for all Kodi versions.

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15. Bello 8

Bello 8 kodi Skin

Bello 8 is the Bello Kodi skin’s sixth generation. Despite being one of the earliest Kodi skins, Bello has been updated regularly to provide Kodi users with the most significant streaming experience possible. This skin features a black and white color scheme that works well with any picture. In addition, it offers an easy and simple user interface. It contains a horizontal menu with no icons and only text that describes where the items will lead you.

16. SiO2

SiO2 kodi Skin

SiO2 is another Kodi skin that is ideally suited for Apple TV users due to its interface being similar to Apple TV. Although the skin lacks customization features, its ease of use compensates for this shortcoming. It also performs well in terms of speed.

17. Back Row

Back Row Kodi Skin

Back Row bears a remarkable resemblance to iOS and Mac at first glance. BackRow is compatible with all streaming devices, despite its interface and icons being reminiscent of iOS and OS X. This skin, unlike any other, provides a one-of-a-kind home theatre experience. So, if you’re a movie buff, this is the skin for you.

18. Titanium

Titanium Kodi Skin

Titanium is an ancient Kodi skin. It has excellent touch sensitivity and works well with any Android device. It is compatible with all music, video, and program add-ons. In addition, it offers a seamless streaming experience for videos and music.

19. Fuse Neue

Fuse Neue Kodi Skin

If you enjoy watching movies and TV shows, you should try the Fuse Neue Kodi skin. It presents the media material attractively and engagingly, with various images and descriptions. Although this skin does not provide many customization possibilities, it is considered superior to Estuary, Kodi Krypton’s default skin. 

20. Transparency

Transparency Kodi Skin

Transparency is a famous Kodi fan art skin. It means that Kodi users may customize this skin to their liking in the blink of an eye. It supports all of Kodi Jarvis’ features and is well-known for its ease of use. Its key features are a vertical home menu, TV program logos, personalized home items, and so on.

This skin includes a lovely vertical menu with images. The primary colors are black and blue. The settings menu is easy to navigate since each item has a specific graphic with main text explaining what the thing performs. A submenu allows you to find your video add-ons.

21. Eunique


With its vibrant hues, Eunique brings an unmistakable one-of-a-kind experience to users. Furthermore, because this skin has a simple interface, the media contents are accessed from the main menu.

22. Rapier

Rapier Kodi Skin

Rapier is one of the older Kodi skins and works with practically every Kodi version. Because of the numerous customization choices it offers, it is sometimes referred to as an extended version of Kodi skin. In addition, it provides a simple user interface.

23. KOver 2

KOver 2

KOver 2 is an available Kodi skin with a modern appearance. One of its most useful feature is that it delivers information without cluttering the screen. The KOver Designer function, which allows users to customize numerous components of the GUI professionally without having any particular expertise, is the most excellent part of this skin.

This skin is built on KOver Designer, so you may play with the settings after installing it. The auto-build is another eye-catching tool made available to users. It enables users to automatically generate the skin’s view kinds, considerably decreasing the time required to customize the skin.

24. Maximinimalism

Maximinimalism Kodi Skin

If you want a skin with a simple and clean interface that you can customize, go with Maximinimalism. This is a lightweight skin that offers users an easy-to-use dashboard. Many Kodi users strongly recommend this skin, and we also recommend that users give it a try because it is an excellent option.

25. Xperience1080

Xperience1080 Kodi Skin

Xperience 1080 was designed for HD viewing, so users enjoy the most fabulous view possible in HD. It is panel-based, which makes it easy to use. In addition, it offers light skin with good motion. If you possess an Xbox One, you’ll notice that the Xperience 1080 has a similar appearance and feel.

Please keep in mind that all Kodi skins described above may be downloaded through the Official Kodi Website.

These were some of the most delicate Kodi skins. We hope you found this helpful list. If you know of any more good Kodi skins, please feel them to our list in the comments area below. Also read article on best free Live TV App in 2020 Android + iOS

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