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Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives

In this article you will know about the best Cartoon Crazy alternatives and similar sites. We all like cartoons. Today’s technology can stream a cartoon for your kids or take you on a tour of your history. There are various online cartoon streaming platforms that you may visit. One such platform is Cartoon Crazy. 

What makes this platform distinctive is that you may watch all of your favorite cartoons on it for free and without signing up for the website. But even the moon has black areas, and this platform is no exception.

The platform contains several problems that push it to the negative side of the spectrum. But, don’t worry; the internet has provided us with alternative media via which we may still be satisfied. This page provides an overview of such platforms. Below is a list of platforms, such as cartooncrazy.net (https://ww1.cartooncrazy.uno), where you may watch cartoons and anime online indefinitely.

Top CartoonCrazy Alternatives

This article will helps you finding the best Cartoon Crazy alternatives to watch free cartoons online. So without ado lets start,

1. Kissanime

AnimeFLV alternatives

Kissanime is an excellent alternative to cartoon crazy  for various reasons. One reason is that you can stream as much anime as you want for free. A large number of complete episodes have been published on the website. You may stream the episodes online or download them if you like. Furthermore, everything would be in HD resolution.

Don’t worry; you’ll be able to watch all of the anime in English. What else should you expect from a cartoon website? Just so you know, the website’s stuff interface is so fantastic that you will not only find what you are searching for, but you will also receive recommendations for new anime. So watch the kissanime and see everything for yourself. It is the undeniable and most satisfactory anime streaming service to watch anime for free.

Visit the website at http://kissanime.ac/.

2. Gogoanime

Gogo Anime

Gogoanime, another source of limitless anime entertainment, allows you to stream from its vast library of anime and manga. Whatever you’re searching for, whether it’s Naruto, Dragonball Z, or the One-Piece, you’ll find it here. It might be the most excellent platform for romance comedy anime, harem anime, or any other type of anime. It is among the best CartoonCrazy alternatives sites.

For that faultless experience, the website features the whole episode. What’s more, the streaming speed is improved in the box. As a result, you may stream all of the material at a high rate. Isn’t it amazing?

Visit the website at https://www3.gogoanime.in/.

3. Animeheaven.ru

Another anime website, animeheaven, is heaven for anime fans. The website is divided into categories, allowing you to search for anime by category. In addition, the anime may be shared, downloaded, and streamed for free. You have to create an account to get started. 

The website’s search box is driven by a great search engine that provides you with all of the relevant possibilities you search for. So you can watch cartoon anywhere you want, on whatever device you want. We add it in the list of our best CartoonCrazy alternatives websites.

Visit the website at http://animeheaven.ru/.

4. Animeland


Like other CartoonCrazy alternatives sites, Animeland provides libraries containing whole anime episodes. In addition, the website features an online video player to stream all of the anime you desire. The website’s user interface is so brilliant that you won’t feel out of place here.

When it comes to stream speed, you have complete control over the website’s stream speed when streaming. The stream speed, on the other hand, would change atomically dependent on your connection speed. 

Visit the website at http://animeland.tv/.

5. Watchdub

Watchdub is a fantastic website for watching dubbed anime. Because all of the anime is created in Japanese, the website contains stuff that has been dubbed into English. However, things don’t stop there; if you want subtitles, you can also have those. Which make it the best CartoonCrazy alternatives to try in 2022.

The website features an online player and the ability to view subtitles. Not only is the website suitable for computers, but it is also compatible with mobile devices.

Visit the website at http://www.watchdub.co/.

6. Netflix

Netflix alternatives

Netflix, the world’s largest online content streaming website, has everything. All of the content is present in HD resolution and with subtitles in the language of your choice. Furthermore, the website is available as a mobile phone application. Read how to change Netflix plan. How can we neglect Netflix in the list of best CartoonCrazy alternatives sites.

Simply since Netflix is not free, you must obtain a low-cost membership through the website. So, go ahead and test the world’s most popular online streaming platform right now.

Visit Netflix’s website at https://www.netflix.com/.

7. Putlocker.vc

Putlocker alternatives sites

The website offers various well-known animations and anime collections for free thats why we put it in the list of best CartoonCrazy alternatives; Putlocker has a tiny library of animation; nevertheless, if your anime title is famous, there is a good possibility that it will be streamed. However, I wouldn’t say I like its user experience since it frequently displays annoying advertisements that drive you to dangerous sites. In addition, users may be perplexed as to where they must click to play a video clip. Read how to block annoying ads.

Putlocker has around 5 million visitors every month and is a popular CartoonCrazy alternative in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Visit the website at https://putlocker.vc/.

8. Animedao


Animedao has proven handy for anime fans who like to watch complete and ongoing collections from a single site. One notable feature that distinguishes this streaming website is the room to check light tales and Manga collections. So no doubt it is also one of the best CartoonCrazy alternatives site.

Visit the website at https://animedao.to/.

9. Chia-anime

AnimeFLV Free Online

Chia Anime is popular among enthusiasts who want to watch free movies, videos, and television shows. It guarantees you enhanced dubbing as well as subbing in English. As a reason, it has become the preferred language for English-loving followers. If you like Cartoon Crazy site you must visit Chia anime it is similar to CartoonCrazy.

Furthermore, this site is appropriate for people of all ages. However, please take in mind that it features some advertisements. With several advertisements on your screen, you may discover it aggravating at times.

Visit the website at https://chia-anime.su/.

10. 9anime

free anime streaming sites

9anime is the best place to watch an anime film or collection and will consider as best CartoonCrazy alternatives among other sites in the list. It is a well-known system, and you may receive a variety of capabilities to watch cartoon online lists with a few simple clicks. In addition, it offers the most outstanding anime quality you can view in HD on the internet for anyone to watch.

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You may also create an account on this website and enjoy watching all of your favorite anime or animations without any pop-ups or advertisements. You can also stream videos like Cartoon crazy alternatives. Newly released videos that join the upload session are added to the daily episodes list for each day.

Visit the website at https://9anime.to/.

11. Anime Toon

Anime Toon

Anime Toon is one of the most well-known websites with an extensive collection of animated cartoon series and films that you can watch online for free. They also provide a variety of computer animation categories such as activity, humor, adventure, criminal activity, and the most acceptable Cartoon crazy alternatives.

It has over a hundred computer animation applications and watches all computer animation and videos on this website. Aside from that, you may also look at the anime section of our website.

Visit the website at http://www.animetoon.ga/.

12. Hulu Anime

Logged Into Hulu For Free

Here is another platform where you may watch and download amazing animations for free. Hulu is a privacy-protected system that has been lawfully authorized for international persons to offer fresh cartoon and anime-related video clips and films. Cartoon crazy alternatives allow you to search for all of your favorite computer animation or videos and also download or stream them for free to watch anime. Read how to get Hulu account cookies for free.

It provides you with a completely free trial period of only one week if you choose to continue using it after that. Aside from that, it offers a great collection of computer animation videos, collections, and movies.

Visit the website at https://www.hulu.com/.

13. Disney Junior

Disney Junior is a great place to enjoy anime online for free. The website’s layout is quite simple, as is the interface, which is likewise simple and easy to grasp. In addition, you can watch Disney cartoons online, including Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, etc. So if you want to enjoy some classic animes with your child, Disney Junior is the place to go.

However, this site has been prohibited in many countries, yet it is still available in India. So, if you’re unable to access Disney Junior, you may always use a VPN. Disney Junior’s unique One may quickly explore and discover their favorite animes. You may also watch it online because there are no bothersome advertisements when you watch it online.

Visit the website at https://disneynow.com/all-shows/disney-junior/.

14. Nick Toons


Nick Toons is the most convenient place to watch cartoons online for free. Here you will find all of your favorite shows such as Jimmy, Sponge Bob Shoes, Avatar, and many more. The system is accessible to everyone, and clients have no problems watching shows.

It is one of the top free streaming sites to watch cartoons online. On this website, visitors from all around the world enjoy watching animations.

Visit the website at http://www.nick.com.au/.

15. ToonJet

Toonjet alternatives

It is one of the best CartoonCrazy alternative websites on the internet. If you’re searching for a superb online resource to find classic cartoon collections, Toon Jet is the place to go. Timeless cartoon shows may be viewed for free online right here.

Several popular cartoon series such as Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes and Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, and others may be found here. Aside from that, you do not need to join to view any of your favorite cartoons shows CartoonCrazy, on this Website.

Visit the website at https://www.toonjet.com/.

16. WatchFree

watchfree Movies alternatives

This site ensures that you get your daily dosage of new movies because the collection is constantly updated. Moreover, WatchFree acts so that no matter what kind of animes or episodes you pick, it always has the greatest collections for all users.

The site includes both quick and primary navigation, allowing you to view the whole site in minutes. However, some advertisements and popups appear while you view animations; therefore, you need to use adblocker software.

Visit the website at https://1watch-free.cc/category/animation/.

17. 123Movies

123Movies alternatives

It was one of the most popular cartoon streaming websites, but it’s been having many issues recently, and its domain name has been continually changing. So, don’t worry; you may enjoy animations online by visiting their Mirror sites. It features an extensive database to hold additional content such as anime motion pictures and collections.

However, FMovies is still a solid alternative, owing to the wide range of collections and television genres. In addition, you may check the 123Movies catalog by some really common criteria, such as Cartoon crazy alternatives.

Visit the website at https://www11.123movieshub.one/genre/animation/.

18. Cartoons On

Cartoonson may also be one of the best locations to watch cartoons online. It is also one of the most effective websites for streaming cartoons or anime for free on the internet. It is conceivable in a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computer systems, the iPad, etc. Users may swiftly morph into site participants and join this section by following simple actions.

This site provides customers with direct streaming of all animations and online anime testing. Aside from that, The best part of this website is that there aren’t any annoying pop-up advertisements. It includes all of the best anime, such as Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse, and a wide variety of Cartoons.

Visit the website at https://www.cartoonson.net/.

19. FMovies

Fmovies Letmewatchthis Alternatives

Fmovies is another site where you can watch a free online cartoon with a good selection of different types of movies. There is a section dedicated to freshly added motion films on the main web page and an area for short images to come. We can see that Niter is explicitly thinking about new motion pictures. We suggest you to visit this best Cartoon Crazy alternative site.

Aside from movies, Fmovies also has famous cartoons such as Wonder Park, Easter Land, Lucky, and other web content. Animation movies are of excellent quality, and every significant aspect is accurately depicted. Niter’s limitations are that it is overburdened with inclusions. As a result, Fmovies is a perfect choice for watching cartoons online for free.

Visit the website at https://fmovies.to/genre/animation/.

20. KissCartoon

Following without a doubt, KissCartoon is an amazing site. Kiss Cartoon is an amazing choice if you’re looking for a personalized cartoon website. You may watch your favorite cartoons, movies, and TV shows without having to sign up. In addition, this site allows users to view animations online in HD quality for free.

The site contains a significant number of online content, so you will not be bored if you enjoy cartoons or anime on this site. All episodes on the site are free, and they are also grouped logically according to their specialties, providing an excellent client experience. Everyone can use the website since it is easy to load and simple to use. You must try this website using the link below, we consider it the best Cartoon Crazy alternatives.

Visit the website at https://www4.kisscartoon.love/.

21. YouTube

To Download Music From Youtube

YouTube is another platform for online streaming. Youtube is amazing. It cannot be that the new stuff is not available on the online platform. YouTube is used by everyone who likes videos, and the same is true for those who enjoy cartoons. The best source to watch cartoons is Youtube so it is also in the list of CartoonCrazy alternatives sites.

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You may use YouTube not just to view content but also to upload content. You can either stream the cartoons on the channel or make one yourself. Youtube is the home of dubbed, original, or any other cartoon that has been posted by the creator, channel, or ordinary people. It is entirely legal to watch the cartoons directly on the platform.

Furthermore, you may stream the content without even making an account.

22. Justdubs

Justdubs, another dubbed cartoon website, caters to unfamiliar with the Japanese language. You may watch all of the website’s content for free. The website’s user interface is brilliant, and you don’t have to do much to find the cartoon you want to view. We add it in the list of Cartoon Crazy alternatives as you can watch free cartoons and anime on this website.

You may download your favorite cartoon in addition to streaming it. The website includes entire episodes of the cartoon or anime series and HD content. Whatever you select from the website will be in high definition. The website is ad-free, and the website’s stream speed will provide you with everything at a quicker rate—another crazy cartoon alternative.

Visit the website at https://ww4.justdubs.me/.

23. Anime Rhino

It is also the best among the list of CartoonCrazy alternatives. You can find anything in an extensive database of cartoons. In addition, you may stream the entire episode of the TV show online or download them. Read best Soul Anime Alternatives.

There is dubbed content available, as well as HD content. Subtitles are also provided not to worry about understanding Japanese anime and manga. Everything on the website e is legal, and there is no danger in downloading this free content. So go to the website and download some great anime.

Visit the website at https://www.animerhino.com/.

24. WatchCartoonOnline


Watchcartoononline is an excellent companion for children. The reason for this is the abundance of cartoons, anime, and manga on it. When you use this finest website to watch FREE cartoons, you will forget about cartooncrazy or any other platform. As name says we consider it as best CartoonCrazy alternatives site.

Another advantage of watching cartoons online is downloading a limitless number of anime. Online streaming isn’t the only way you’ll be able to make your kids happy. You can also view their shows when you don’t have Internet access.  Also read how to Activate DisneyNow.

Visit the following website: https://www.watchcartoononline.com/anime/gate/.

25. Masterani

Masterani is yet another famous and exceptional website on the list. It is solely intended for real anime fans. The site exclusively offers free English dubbed anime shows.

With a more extensive selection of anime shows spanning numerous genres, you’ll never grow tired of watching the same shows again and over. In addition, Masterani, like the other connected websites, offers high-definition quality cartoon content. Users recommend it as a best Cartoon Crazy alternatives website.

This user-friendly website is too simple to browse to find your favorite anime show. Every movie’s content and other shows are organized into distinct sections to make it simpler to find what you’re looking for.

Visit the website at https://www.masterani.one/.

26. Otaku Stream

If you’re looking for a cartoon channel that you can watch online without having to download anything, OTAKU Stream is the place to be. This website makes it simple to find your favorite cartoon content. It is so far the best CartoonCrazy alternatives site. If the site is not working due to any reason you may consider other sites on the list as Otaku stream alternatives.

This anime website is a community-driven streaming channel where you may request to watch any anime series or season. You may also leave comments on such videos.

This anime website’s light and dark function allow you to choose the screen setting based on day or night. However, the most fantastic thing about Otaku Stream is its excellent user interface and user experience. It is because it prevents excessive display adverts from displaying on the site.

You are free to sign up for this site using your Twitter or Facebook account. Read how to Watch Anime Online.

Visit the following website: https://otakustream.tv/?ref=cybrhome/.

27. KIM Cartoon

As best Cartoon Crazy alternatives, KIM cartoon is one of the most popular cartoon websites due to its problem-free online cartoon streaming. The advantage of this website is that it provides cartoon shows of many genres such as supernatural, action, adventure, war, and many more.

Online streaming isn’t the only way you’ll be able to make your kids happy. You can also view their shows when you don’t have Internet access. Furthermore, if you seek a particular cartoon episode not currently accessible on our website, you can request it here.

The website is mobile-friendly and user-friendly. As a result, it is easy to browse our site and find your desired cartoon series.

Visit the website at https://kimcartoon.to/.

28. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is the most excellent anime site in terms of flawless online streaming. As the name implies, you will find an extensive collection of anime series on this website. As a result, it is primarily a website for anime fans and also a best Cartoon Crazy alternatives.

You may easily navigate this site to find anime episodes of your choosing. First, visit the website, browse the search dialogue, and type the name of the anime program you wish to watch into the search box.

Overall, it lets you select your favorite anime videos from a list of over 40,000 legal streaming anime clips. In addition, it has a broader selection of anime series and episodes for adults, children, and individuals of all ages.

Visit the website at https://www.anime-planet.com/.

29. ToonOva

If you are looking for best Cartoon Crazy alternatives, ToonOva is an excellent choice if you want a clean user interface with a low frequency of ads. The interface may not be flashy or minimalist, but the streaming quality is what matters most. In that case, ToonOva is doing an excellent job by providing excellent streaming quality, albeit with minor glitches that can be resolved by reloading the page.

Furthermore, a surprise button at the top brings you a random cartoon show, which you can use if you don’t know what to watch. You can also watch Korean dramas, read manga, and watch anime that has been dubbed.

Visit the website at http://www.toonova.net/.

30. Boomerang TV

Boomerang Tv is a children’s website with entertaining activities, games, quizzes, and short cartoon clips. Unfortunately, the site does not have a comprehensive database of all cartoon shows, but it is helpful if you are looking for a site to entertain your children or younger children. It is also the best Cartoon Crazy alternatives to watch free cartoons online.

Visit the website at https://www.boomerangtv.co.uk/.


So, this is our article on Cartoon Crazy alternatives and similar sites. We hope you have selected your favorite Cartoon or anime site from the about list. Share this list with your friends. Also read our article on best Anime Streaming Sites.

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