How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Recovery Partition in Windows 10/11

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Windows 10 11 Boot Partition

This article is about how to recover accidentally deleted recovery partition in Windows 10 / 11.

• A recovery partition is a special section kept on hard drives that benefits disk-based solutions, such as a faster recovery process.

• After a system upgrade, you may unintentionally remove your recovery partition or discover that it is missing.

• Other helpful troubleshooting information can be found at the end of this post.

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If you’re having issues with your Windows 10 computer and all of the repairs you’ve attempted haven’t worked, you’re left with only one option: use the operating system’s recovery options or recovery partition.

Recovery partitions, also known as restore partitions, are memory regions on your hard disc that you can utilize to restore your PC to factory settings. So, if your computer keeps hanging or crashing, you can recover your system by accessing the recovery partition.

However, if you mistakenly deleted the recovery partition, you will be unable to do so. First, you must recover the deleted partition. We’ll guide you on exactly how to accomplish that in this article. In Windows 10, how can I restore a deleted recovery partition?

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How can I restore a deleted recovery partition in Windows 10?

In this article you will know about how to recover accidentally deleted Windows 10 boot partition or Windows 11 recovery partition.

Repair Boot Configuration Data

Repair Boot Configuration Data

1. First, Boot your computer from the Windows 10 / 11 installation media.

2. Hold down the Shift + F10 key combination.

3. Open Command Prompt.

4. Enter the bootrec /fixmbr command to repair the Master Boot Record if it is corrupted or damaged, and then press Enter.

5. Now, enter the following two commands, one after the other, and press Enter after each one:

  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd

6. Restart your computer, and the deleted partition should be restored.

Now, Run the BCD (Boot Configuration Data) command in Command Prompt that may help you resolve this issue. In addition, you can use this command to rebuild the BCD and repair startup issues.

If you get the Element not found error when running the first command given above, you need to mark the relevant partition as active; otherwise, you won’t run the other two commands successfully.

Enter the following commands into Command Prompt and press Enter:

  • diskpart
  • select disk 0
  • list partition
  • select partition #

Pick System Reserved or the Windows OS partition and mark it as active for the time being. Enter active in CMD after selecting the partition and pressing Enter.


Use a Third-party Tool to Restore Recovery Partition

Using dedicated software to format your partition may be a more convenient option. In this regard, we recommend that you try AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to recover accidentally deleted windows 11 boot partition or recovery partition.

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It’s a fantastic utility with an exceptionally user-friendly design; all you have to do is select the new partition and select the Format Partition option.

Furthermore, you can be confident that no data will be lost throughout the procedure because of its excellent data protection measures.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional will function smoothly on your device without interfering with your work or requiring a reboot.


Reinstall Windows 10

Restore Accidentally deleted Windows 10

1. Navigate to the Settings page.

2. Select Recovery from the Update & Security menu.

3. Select Reset this PC and press the Get Started button.

You can also restore deleted recovery or boot partitions by reinstalling the operating system.

Don’t forget to back up all of your files before using this method.

The Reset option on the Settings page is the quickest way to reinstall Windows 10.

We hope that at least one of these three techniques has assisted you in restoring or to recover accidentally deleted recovery partition. If you have any more recommendations for resolving this issue, please provide them in the comments section below.

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