How to Fix Snapchat Not Sending Snaps

How to Fix Snapchat Not Sending Snaps

This article will explain how to fix Snapchat not sending snaps issue? Even if Instagram and Twitter dominate the social media space, you can’t deny Snapchat’s influence on users. It’s popular among young people, and users enjoy the platform’s vanishing messages, tales, and snaps. The issue arises when you continue to receive errors while sending a snap. Here’s how to repair Snapchat not sending snaps on iPhone and Android.

How to Fix Snapchat Not Sending Snaps

In this article you will know about how to fix Snapchat not sending snaps. It can be caused by a variety of circumstances. We’ll go over both the iOS and Android platforms in this section. Let’s begin with the most obvious reason. Also check, How to enable dark mode in Snapchat.

The Recipient has unfriended you

Snapchat, like any other social media app, allows users to unfriend someone from their friend’s list.

Consider the following scenario: you are friends with someone on Snapchat, and they have unfriended you for whatever reason. You can technically send the other person a snap, but they will not receive it until they add you back to their friend list.

You may check your current friend’s list by visiting your profile > My Friends.

Grant Permissions That Are Necessary

To send snaps, Snapchat makes use of the built-in mobile camera. To access your phone’s camera, you must provide the app with the necessary permissions. This is how.

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Long-press the Snapchat app icon on Android to open the app details menu. Enable Camera for Snapchat from the Permissions menu.

Fix Snapchat Not Sending Snaps

Apple users can open the Settings app and scroll down to Snapchat.  Enable Camera from the menu below, and Snapchat will now open the Camera viewfinder to send snaps.

Ways to Fix Snapchat

Enable Snapchat Mobile Data (iPhone)

Snapchat can tax your mobile data with its stories, snaps, and other data-intensive features. You may have turned off the mobile data toggle in the Snapchat Settings menu on your iPhone. In that case, the app will be unable to send snaps. It must be enabled from the Settings menu. This is how.

1. open the iPhone Settings app.

2. Scroll down to Snapchat.

3. Tap on it and select the Mobile data to toggle from the appears menu.

Enable Mobile Data for Snapchat

Check Snapchat Servers

If Snapchat’s servers are having a bad day (which they occasionally do), you will encounter various errors throughout the app. Users will be unable to send or receive snaps, messages, or add stories, among other things.

You may look for Snapchat on Downdetector. If you detect significant indignation spikes, it proves Snapchat’s issue.

You are not required to do anything. Allow Snapchat to resolve the issue on their end. The official Snapchat account on Twitter is where you can check the most recent Snapchat changes.

Forcing Snapchat to close (Android)

Despite Snapchat’s increasing emphasis on the Android platform, it is well known that the app performs better on iPhone than on Android.

If you are experiencing issues with the Snapchat Android app, you can force close all operations and reload the app. Here’s what you should do.

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Force Close Snapchat

Long-press the Snapchat symbol to open up the app details menu. Tap Force stop and attempt again to send the snap.

Empty Snapchat Cache

Snapchat collects cache in the background, just like any other Android app, to enhance loading times and other stored data. Overburdening such cache data can lead to situations like Snapchat not sending snaps.

1. Long-tap the Snapchat icon to open up the app info menu.

How to Clear Snapchat Cache

2. Tap to Storage and cache and select Clear cache.

How to Clear cache Snapchat

You may notice higher loading times in the future while Snapchat loads everything from scratch. However, the ability to send snaps should be operational as of now. It’s a cost-benefit analysis.

Clear Cache option Snapchat

Go to Snapchat Settings > Account Actions and select Clear Cache on iPhone.

Check Snapchat for updates

Snapchat’s app is routinely updated with new features and bug fixes. Snapchat not sending snaps could be due to an outdated app built on your phone. You should update Snapchat to the current App Store or Google Play Store and resume sending snaps.

Finally, send Snaps on Snapchat. Are you attempting to send snaps over a sluggish Wi-Fi connection? This could lead to Snapchat not sending snaps. If someone blocks you, you will also be unable to send snaps. Also check, How to delete Snapchat account and reactivate.

Hope you will fix Snapchat not sending snaps issue by using above mentioned methods. Please share your experience with us.

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